Andrea Timothy

Discussion in 'Character Biographies' started by Anonymous, Oct 13, 2017.

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    Andrea Timothy
    Biographical Information
    Full NameAndrea Elaine Timothy
    Blood TypeO-
    HometownCharleston, SC
    First AppearedS1E6
    Last AppearedN/A
    Episode of DeathN/A
    Weight134 lbs.
    Hair ColorNatural Blonde
    Eye ColorGreen
    Distinguishing FeaturesScars on her body
    AccentSouth Carolina Accent
    Known Information
    Well Known---
    Slightly KnownSpeaks 4 languages




    Appearance: Andrea stands at 5'5" tall, and weighs around 130 pounds. She's got a fairly feminine figure, though since she wears dresses often, you can see she's also rather athletic from the muscles on her arms and legs. She has slightly tanned skin, but is a woman of Caucasian descent around the age of 22 or 23. Her hair is long and blonde, rather curly and usually has a bounce to it unless she's had it tied up for extended periods of time. Her eyes are a vibrant green shade, and her usual attire includes dresses of various types and colors, and flats or sandals as well. Scars on her body can easily be seen, especially when she's wearing strapless, or thin strapped- dresses. She has injuries on her arms from knives, about 4 to 8 of them collectively on both arms, some deeper looking, some shallow. On her left shoulder blade, you can see she's survived being shot twice in the back, though normally her long hair hides the scars on her back even with her dress choice.

    Personality: Andrea is a very kind, friendly, and upbeat woman, rather open with other people when they talk to her. She seems glad to help when she can,offering assistance if someone needs it. As for revealing parts of her past, she doesn't seem open to that, however, and will often try to change the subject and look very uncomfortable when pressed about it.

    History: Nothing is really known about her history in detail, as she rarely discusses it with anyone aside from small tidbits of information. Even someone she might trust will still not know her full history.

    Nicolas Mircea: Neutral
    Wylla DeRosier: Neutral
    Cooper Briscoe: Noteworthy
    Arina Volkov: Noteworthy

    Viper: Liked
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