PSA - Harassment Warning (Part 2) With Effect from 12 February 2017

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    So long and thanks for all the fish.

    Temporary closure of the server

    We just want to thank everyone who participated in this lore for all of their support. As we prepare to server for the next lore and prepare all the changes needed for this lore, we hope you will all return and make this next one as great, if not better than this last lore.

  2. Ashwood Cove Lore News
    Notes and Changes
    Notes regarding any changes to the basic information of the lore, lore specific rules and so forth will be posted HERE

    More information to come on the lore itself. Stay tuned.

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    Hello everyone!

    We have been glad that our forum is getting clean again after a mass wave of harassment was cleared away. However, I must still remind that harassment will not be tolerated anywhere in this forum including and not limited to Newdawn forum, shoutbox, discord chat and In-game (OOC).

    We also do have our own indiestone thread that I often look at.

    In addition, we still have the warning system here as described:
    3 warning points = 1 week ban.
    6 warning points = 1 month ban.
    9 warning points and above = Say good bye!

    Feel free to use the "report" button in the bottom left corner of a post if you feel that one player is being abusive to another, or trying to incite a flame war, or etc. The staff are definitely viewing these reports and resolving them.

    Each warning may or may not expire depending on the admin who warned you.

    Your friendly Dialga,
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    Thanks man