1 - The Hurricane

Discussion in 'Lore Information' started by Legion, Oct 5, 2017.

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    Apr 12, 2017
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    In progress...

    The town had known for about a week that a hurricane would hit the coastal town of Ashwood Cove. People watched as the weather reports informed them that their area would in fact be hit but this hurricane and that it would hit as a category 4.

    Local officials and emergency services ordered a mandatory evacuation of all homes to move to the high school. Not long after the storm hit, the ocean swelled filling the streets with fast moving water, making travel near impossible. Most heeded the warning and the
    evacuation order and went to the high school while others did not.

    It is no surprise that the power went out for the entire town though. Some places still have intermittent power but that is a rarity. Once the emergency lights came back on in the school, that's when things got interesting. It seems that even the dead do not like staying dead sometimes. A recently deceased member of the community returned seeming in good enough health considering just a few days before he was pronounced dead. Mysterious angel statues seemingly appeared out of nowhere in the gym and in the hallways. People were hit by some unseen force and attacked. The statues called out for some...
    beckoning them to come to them.
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