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    Age: 30
    Birthplace: Denver, CO
    Ethnicity: Mixed Arab/Spanish

    Height: 6' 3"
    Weight: 190lbs
    Build: Athletic
    Eyes: Green
    Skin: Light Brown
    Hair: Black, short
    Facial Hair: Beard and mustache
    Notable Features: Scar on right bicep from gunshot wound, two scars on lower back from knife wound

    My story began in Denver, Colorado. That's where I was born. I spent two summers there, before my mother moved me to Lexington. My asshole father abandoned us a couple of weeks after I was born. I haven't seen the prick since. We would visit Denver often, my mother and I. That's where all of our family was. We'd make at least one visit a summer. But they'd never come to Lexington. I don't know why. Maybe they though they were too good for it?Typical rich, stuck up Arab families. Whatever.

    Being alone in Lex sucked. It was hard making friends in school. By ten years old, I was out on the streets peddling drugs for a gang called The Syndicate. Yes, really. You see, they thought they were smart using kids to peddle their shit. Who'd suspect a child would be selling drugs, right? Well, it was right, actually. I got away with it for quite some time. Couple years into it, I got my first body. Most people knew not to mess with The Syndicate. Even the kids. But this one motherfucker thought he'd take advantage and well, the look on his face when a twelve year old held a gun to his head spoke for itself. I'll never forget that moment. I swear my balls dropped the moment I pulled that trigger. From that moment on, I started making a name for myself in that town. My mother found out, but she couldn't do anything about it. I did it also for her. So she didn't have to work two jobs and still have to worry about money.
    Eventually, me and the boss, John Donello, starting butting heads. One thing lead to another, and well let's just say The Syndicate didn't last very long after Mr. Donello had his "unfortunate accident." By then, the city knew who I was. My and a few close friends formed our own crew. The L.E.X. Those were the days. Especially when Majid came. I don't know why his family thought it was a good idea to send him here. But I raised that boy into a man. Taught him everything I knew. Me, Majid, Jamal, Tony, and Carl. I loved those guys. I really did. It's a damn shame how things went down. We lost Jamal to infection. He got bit and didn't last very long afterwards. Putting him down hurt. Carl got caught by some cannibal fuckers. Taught me not to trust bandits. Ironic, I know. But I'll be damned if I ever did something like those asshole did. And Tony... the look on your face. I will never, ever forget that night. And Majid. Cubs. You better not die on me, ya hear? I had to make a detour on my way to Louisville. But you're smart. You know how to survive. I'm looking forward to seeing you again, cuz.

    I've been up to some stuff. Joined some amateur raider groups. That's my life. First group, stabbed me in the back. Literally. I don't know why the prick did that. Took care of them though. Second group I used as bait. They were gonna get themselves killed anyway. Might as well help them along that path, right? Worked out in my favor. Been living out in the woods as I make my way to Louisville. Only had three incidents so far. Ha.

    Closing in on Valley Station now. I'll see you soon, Majid.
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    Disliked to Hated to Would Kill
    Distrusted to Neutral to Trusted

    Liked to Admired to Would Save


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