Anderson Parker

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    Anderson Parker
    Biographical Information
    Name:Anderson Parker
    Weight:175 lbs.
    First Episode:S1 E6: Washed Away
    Current Status:Alive

    Anderson Parker
    Anderson is average size and weight, with short brown hair and light brown eyes. He likes to stay clean shaven if possible, as he finds stubble too itchy. He keeps himself in excellent physical shape, but is more lean muscle than bodybuilder muscle. Anderson will usually dress in jeans and either a button up collar shirt, with the sleeves rolled up; or a tank top if he's working or it's too hot. There is a small scar running up and down on his left temple.
    Originally from Louisville, KY, Anderson grew up in extreme poverty, managing to escape it with the help (and continuous prodding) from his best friend growing up. He usually is shy and/or awkward in social settings, barring the influence of alcohol or drugs. In his heart, he wants to be a good person and popular, but has insecurities that leads him to doubt that's possible. He has no family left, and his best friend is save in California or dead.

    He arrived at the Mall during the 'Washed Away' event, and was allowed to stay after he helped Don, Miles and the rest attempt to find a cure at the water plant.

    Commonly known quirks/traits:
    Is a capable fisherman.
    Is a big fan of grape soda.
    Stumbles over his words if he's nervous.
    Can be seen reading most of the time.
    Is really fast.
    Makes 'Dad' jokes to tease the younger folks, even though he is not a Dad.
    Is ok with people calling him 'Andy'.

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    In Love
    Romantic Interest

    Abigail Baker - "I'm sorry for not having time to talk to you and clear the air recently. I'll explain things as soon as I can."

    Api Hale - "Feel like I have a bond with her, especially after she saved my life in that sewer. She's a good friend, but I'm worried about her mental state."

    Billy Matheson - "Sometimes I almost pity you, but then you open your mouth and talk. Everytime I run into you now, I feel like it's going to end with something unpleasant happening."

    Charlotte Emerson - "I don't know you well, but I thought you were going to try to attack me that day. Hope you know it was a misunderstanding now. Was that Nirvana I heard coming from your car?"

    Chelsea Barnes - "I know you think some of the people here are bad, but I really think it's all a misunderstanding. We'll clear it up, but for now, just focus on being a kid."

    Don Jones - "You've seemed amped up lately, but I would be too if I had been shot twice and had that cockroach lurking around. I hope I've made a good enough impression on you."

    Dr. Harper - "I guess we weren't right for each other, but I'm glad we can be friends and spend time together. Even if you did make me carry a severed leg."

    Heaven Adkins - "I just can't help how I feel. You are the most amazing woman I've ever met, and all I want to do is make you smile. I feel so lucky when I'm around you, and I love you so much.

    Lynch - "You're my best friend here and I owe you big time. I know we had a fight, and I'm sorry I didn't understand you at first. I'm happy we patched it up, I just pray you'll understand and see where I'm coming from.

    Maggie Cooper - "Haven't had much chance to interact with you, but you seem nice. I'll make sure not to piss you off though, I like my nose as it is."

    Majid "Cubs" Kubzi - "I'm not quite sure what to make of you, but at the end yesterday, I feel like maybe we all came to an understanding. Good luck out there."

    Matthew Miller - "A bit of a mystery about you, with the helmet always on. I don't see any reason to not trust you, but we'll see..."

    Miles Krueger - "You're ok in my book, and you're doing your best to keep this place safe. I don't understand certain things about you, but hopefully they don't end up coming between us.

    Porcelain Lockwood - "I'm really sorry about what happened to you. We'll find who did it and bring them to justice."

    Sam Thompson - "I like you, you seem cool. Not sure if that feeling is returned, but maybe it's been hard times. Sorry about the dad jokes."

    Thomas Parish - "You're a good kid and make a mean pot of noodles. Look forward to working together."

    Titania - "Really not sure what to make of you at all. You seem like a kind and gentle person, but I'm really not sure what to make of what you said. Maybe we'll meet again."
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