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    Api Hale is a supporting character and side antihero first encountered in Season 1, Episode 5, "No Way Out" in AGN's What We Become. She's an original member of the Louisville Migrants, member of the mall group, a welder, and a driver. After leaving Louisville, she ran across the mall group on a quiet night--later accompanying a group of survivors led by Miles Kreuger and Don Jones into a water treatment plant to find a possible cure in Season 1, Episode 6, "Washed Away."

    Api is known for frequently carrying a red, steel-plated Super Rev guitar which she utilizes as a weapon against the Red Eyes. She's also known for her accompanying pet, an African Gray parrot she calls 'Ben,' although the parrot's actual name is unknown. In Seasons 1 and 2, Api Hale has been seen serving as a scout, an auto technician, a mall welder, researcher, and capable melee fighter during times of conflict.

    Api’s encounters with other survivors tend to be sporadic, brief, and sometimes even uncalled for. While jolly, boisterous, and ruthlessly idealistic at times, Api often folds to bouts of extreme paranoia, social anxiety, and self-imposed isolationism. Unpredictable, yet honorable; overzealous, yet insecure; listless, yet sleeplessly obsessive; Api Hale’s odds and ends are suggestively difficult to determine—possibly, even for herself.

    A chronic smoker, habitual liar, narcissist, and semi social outcast, it isn't rare to see the young woman vanish during social hours--only to reappear unexpectedly, mumbling to herself, relaying bits of information to a person or two. Her oddities and anti-social tendencies contrast greatly with her personality during times of trouble, however; she seemingly relishes in violence against the Red Eyes, mirroring her habitual self-grandeur with strokes of utter brutality against them. Despite this, Api has proven to be a surprisingly decent tactician in rare cases.

    Api Hale's off-putting instabilities and contradictions, she appears to be rather loyal to those she seems to trust--even revealing rare instances of self-clarity and playful kindness to them. She's shown to be selfless and giving, at times, to those she doesn't know very well, however--often becoming cold, distant, or even neglectful to those she does form associations with.

    Paradoxically, she's also displayed borderline obsessions over some survivors. While her frequent coined term of, "I know everyone," is an obvious lie, there's a possibility she secretly watches some people very closely from the cusp of social groups. For this reason, the girl may even seem socially predatory at times--forming unnatural, one-sided, attachments at random. Her obsessions don't appear to be romantic in nature, either, as she's hinted at being asexual. Rather, they're presumably formed over obscure qualities, personality traits, or any number of quirks.

    Api sometimes displays manipulative tendencies--tendencies which seem to scale, in complexity, with the nature of her relationships. To passerby, she seemingly spouts off easily disarmed lies and half-truths--while those she's spent time with may find her to be coy, endearing, or even sycophantic. While Api has proven to be reliable and even over-protective to some, she seems to be magnetized by the insecurities and weaknesses of others. She's quick to comfort, nurture, and bond with those who're hurting, but it's possible that Api thrives upon a slight, uncontrollable, sadism. Oddly enough, she seems to go out of her way to avoid the pain of others, when possible: a forceful, uncomfortable, moral decision which seems to cause her incredible discomfort.

    While Api has occasionally been assumed to be a drug abuser, or as someone who simply cracks under the apocalypse's trials, her tenacity for quick-thinking in difficult situations, both consistently and dynamically, might discount this. She's been revealed to be a careful, diligent strategist in deadly encounters--and both her tactical potency and savagery seem to thrive, unbridled, in such situations if her allies encourage them.

    It's possible Api only flounders in social situations, her faults only vanishing around certain people--or in high-adrenaline, violent, scenarios wherein such social graces are abandoned. It's also possible the girl sustains some long-term mental disconnect, living behind a wayward shroud of shoddy lies, desperate attachments, false pride, and a hopeful insecurity around the morally just and clever--only deriving true relief when embracing her social obsessions, her hobbies, or shedding Red Eye blood.
    Api Hale stands at roughly 5'10, weighing about 153 lbs. She has ash-blonde hair which appears to be habitually, and poorly, dyed throughout the apocalypse--as an inch of color can be seen nesting about the roots of her hairline. While Api frequently wears a dark green beanie to hide this, it can be presumed that her natural hair color is light brown. She has a thin scar over her left eye.

    Api has an athletic build, sporting defined forearms and a balanced stance--likely due to some years spent working in automotive repair. Since Season 1, Episode 5, Api was worn a signature, reinforced military jacket which is slightly too large for her--presumably looted, stolen, or otherwise taken from either the infected or the dead. The jacket is joined by a pair of thick military jeans, also green, and a pair of combat boots and tactical gloves.

    It isn't rare to see the young woman sporting a tattered, maroon scarf around her lower face when outside--yet her survival gear tends to be scrapped together out of necessity. In Season 1, Episode 6, the young woman sported a makeshift gasmask in the water treatment plant--also donning a neon orange hazmat suit. Other survival accessories have included a collection of duct tape belts, a welding mask, and double-stitched maintenance gloves.

    Pre-Apoc History:
    Despite Api's history being obscure, it's presumed she's from Louisville, KY, having barely escaped sometime during the initial outbreak with the Louisville Migrants. Between Season 1 and Season 2, Api engaged idle talk with several survivors, giving some insight into her past. While it's unknown whether she's lied about her personal history, it's suggested she went to Dupont High School, then attending University of Louisville for college.

    She allegedly double-majored in mechanical engineering and biology, then leaving because the coursework was 'beneath her'--although it's suggested that she simply failed her classes, dropped out, and simply fabricates her own version of this history.

    Much of her mid to late 20s were spent in Louisville corner bars, playing ska, thrash, and punk for tips, or so it can be assumed through her casual talks with survivors such as Heaven Adkins, Sam Thompson, and Margaret Cooper. Her days spent with Miles Kreuger repairing vehicles revealed that she apparently used to work in a small auto garage--later learning to hotwire and lift vehicles during the initial outbreak.

    The girl seems to be an adroit welder--and even somewhat of an inventor--displayed either by her time with Done Jones, assisting with the mall garage; inventions made for Theo Garcia and Miles Kreuger; or from socializing with Anderson Parker. It's unknown, however, where--or when--she picked up these occupational talents. It's similarly unknown where, or when, Api Hale modified an electric guitar to be an instrument of bloodshed.

    Post-Apoc History:
    While Api has alluded to her parents both being alive, it's unknown whether or not they actually are.She seems to refer to her mother, Toma Hale, with quiet reverence--suggesting that she may, in fact, have been killed either during the initial outbreak or sometime after. She seems to avoid the topic of her father with neuroticism; it's been suggested that, while Maximilian Hale is likely alive, her relationship with him may be estranged.

    No Way Out
    Season 1, Episode 5
    Api first appeared outside the mall on a blustery evening two days before Valley Station encountered a sizeable horde originating from Louisville. The girl reportedly traveled only three miles in front of the Red Eye tidal wave along route I-65 South, only narrowly escaping certain death by taking a series of side roads—entering Valley Station’s neighborhoods before encountering the Mall Group.

    Much of Api’s time during Season 1, Episode 5, “No Way Out,” was spent associating with the mall’s denizens haphazardly—existing on the cusp of social interactions, sharing brief conversations, and being reclusive. While Api would later assist the mall with auto technics, she originally arrived at the mall to syphon gas, out of view, from the parking lot’s junk vehicles; she hotwired one of the sedans on the premises before speeding off—only witnessed by Dr. Harper, who’d been outside at the time.

    It wouldn’t be long, however, before Api Hale would find herself joining the very group she’d attempted to pilfer from. On a return visit to trade for spare goods (duct tape, particularly), she was welcomed into the fold by the kindness of Locke Hawthorne. Soon after, she became friends with Sam Thompson and Margaret Cooper—later having brief encounters with other survivors such as Theo Garcia, Billy Matheson, and Clarence Emerson.

    In due time, Api began helping around the mall where possible—although her own neuroticisms and quirks certainly didn’t do her any favors. It wasn’t until she fashioned a carbon-fiber prosthetic arm for Miles Kreuger that she’d seemingly become more forthcoming and sincere to the mall-folk—yet still succumbing to her anti-social tendencies, and even inexplicable, overt paranoia, from time to time.

    Washed Away
    Season 1, Episode 6
    In Season 1, Episode 6, “Washed Away,” Api took part in the ill-fated return visit to the water treatment facility. The expenditure which claimed the lives of Chris, Moose, Logan, Clarence, and Ivy was one of great mystery, violence, horror, and loss. Of the original eleven who sought out, only six returned.

    Api’s role as a driver quickly evolved into that of a data gatherer, collecting files, CDs, and floppy disks pertaining to an obscure ‘Operation Eden’ which, presumably, preceded the group’s arrival. The water treatment facility appeared to have undergone a failed expedition to reclaim the premises from a Red Eye outbreak—or worse. The facility was in disrepair: its only operator, a lone doctor who’d survived the mysterious onslaught. Together, the group pushed onwards through the locked-down facility—hoping to rescue the doctor who’d alluded to a cure for the Red Eye pandemic. After hours of wary progress through the facility’s restricted access hallways, breakrooms, and horrific remnants of those who’d gone before them, the group met disaster.

    Two large, infected dogs lunged at the group in a first-floor kennel area from a sundered shutter entryway—grappling with Chris Carter and Logan Victor Karths in a struggle for survival. Gunfire rang out, and the infected beasts were slain, but Chris Carter was tragically killed in the chaos. Unbeknownst to the group, Chris’s death foreshadowed the terrors yet to come. As the remaining nine pushed forward, they discovered the curious remains of military personnel; the deaths appeared to have been caused by presumably powerful slashes to the throat—yet by teeth, claws, or some instrument, couldn’t be determined. Chris had earlier procured a broken tactical helmet camera from one of the bodies, but later efforts to restore the electronic would prove futile.

    Led by Miles and Don, the remaining group moved deeper into the facility. They eventually reached an elevator which led to a large storage room—wherein only nine would leave. The path to salvation existed behind one of three security heavy storage security shutters, though each shutter caged a shoulder-to-shoulder mob of infected. Don and Anderson, in turn, navigated the supply room office’s control panel as Api determined the number codes which would unlock the shutters at random. Ivy was to be protected, situated in an office side room alongside Logan—who’d been gravely injured earlier, and whose state was growing worse.

    Gunfire soon exploded across the supply room as the horrific swarm overtook them. Miles, Don, John, Clarence, and Moose vanished into the fray—running and gunning along the walls and centerfold; Api and Thomas bludgeoned and cut down mad-dash Red Eyes from the center out. Piles of bodies soon laid limp in shell-like pulps as the group, miraculously, surpassed all odds and cleared each of the three holding areas—yet a moment’s silence hung as fate’s cruel hand made another sweep. Moose’s body laid among the dead; he was lost to the Red Eyes in brave combat. It would later be revealed that Clarence, too, was gravely injured during acts of bravery; he concealed a bloody bite mark to press onward.

    Powered by adrenaline, fear, and grief, the group’s journey descended into the water treatment facilities sewers, where droves of Red Eyes had accumulated in its recesses. Taking maintenance bridges which safely hung above the infected, the group eventually discovered a construction area—and the maintenance ladder which would bring them to the facility doctor’s control room. The remaining group divided, with Api, Anderson, and Ivy remaining below, in the construction site, to keep watch as the others ascended to meet the mysterious doctor. Many minutes passed, and a gunshot rang out from the control room. The group below scrambled up, discovering that the doctor was dead. She’d either been infected and was spared, had committed suicide, or was killed in an altercation—the only discernable truth being a dark one: There was no cure.

    The group soon located a valve needed to restore power to the complex’s lower levels—allowing the group to push forward and attempt to find an auxiliary exit. They encountered monstrosity in the facility’s depths, however, when a hulking, sentient facility experiment arrived at the sewer’s main bridge. An injured Logan stood off against the horror to buy the group time, heroically, but was lifted and tossed into the infested avenues below by the creature. As Miles unloaded rounds into the creature to stall it, the group escaped into the sewers below via a floor section’s damaged rubble—Miles, himself, soon to follow. The group slashed, bludgeoned, and shot their way through an infested sewer segment in shin-high wastewater, garbage, and rubble. The creature was in hot pursuit. Safety was within arm’s reach as the survivors located another maintenance ladder which ascended to a facility exit—but disaster struck again. The tunnels rumbled and popped with humidity: A water retention door, somewhere, had opened. A flood was coming.

    The group was blasted with a white-capped tidal wave which churned with cinderblock, garbage, and twisted metal. Api tumbled along, failing to keep her head above the crashing waves—taking strikes from unseen rubble which knocked out a tooth and blackened her left eye. The group was washed into a trash deposit depot with one exit: A security gate which began to fold and buckle against the force of a horde attracted to their commotion. As six waterlogged, weary survivors stood to face certain death, two did not. Clarence and Ivy had perished in the rubble-strewn, drowning, waters: their bodies, the only remnant of the bravery and pursuit of life which preceded them.

    The remaining six had come to the end of the line. Battered, drenched, and exhausted, they faced off against the infested sewer’s horde as it collapsed the security fence. Blood, grime, and sweat flung; sprinting masses casted jagged shadows across stained concrete walls. Screams and gunshots pierced the air. The six had survived, drenched in blood, and were soon wading through red water to reach the exit ladder—yet they would come face-to-face, once more, with the facility’s twisted experiment: The looming, muscle-inflated creature of—what Api would refer to as—‘Jotun.’

    The group fled to the exit ladder as the creature bore down upon them—pursuing the only chance of life remaining in their wearied, ammo-expensed, states. As Api limped at the end of the line, Thomas turned to meet her—holding a gasoline-filled glass bottle, stuffed with cloth, in his hand. Api joined him, retrieving a stowed Molotov cocktail of her own. The two stood off against Jotun, one final time, as the others reached the ladder. With screams of rage, Thomas and Api lit the Molotovs and hurled them at the creature. Fire exploded against Jotun, spreading rapidly across the fuel-flooded floor—filling the hallway with smoke. Having held the creature at bay, Thomas and Api returned to the others. The remaining six had reached the ladder—ascending to daylight in a woodland clearing. They had escaped, yet Jotun’s fate in the sewer’s depths, below, was unknown.

    Time Skip
    Season 2 Prologue
    Not Yet Released

    Settling In
    Season 2, Episode 1
    Not Yet Released

    Character Relationships:
    (Note: Some relationships might be misleading, or otherwise uninformative.
    Char relationships are in a very distant third-person limited p.o.v,
    so they might refer to Api a little more, rely on episode examples, and offer
    some insight from a fundamentally tilted and unreliable standpoint.)

    Abigail Baker
    Api seems to enjoy talking to Abigail, often going out of her way to kick back, socialize,
    and chain-smoke cigarettes around
    her--often trying to persuade, and fail, at trying to get

    Abigail to smoke cigarettes herself. While Api seems to be rather easygoing around Abigail,
    she seems to become a little neurotic at a moment's notice around certain subjects--often
    apologizing before departing. Despite the oddity of it, Api's following encounters with
    Abigail normally take place with Api pretending like her quick departure, the time before,

    never happened--followed by some light lie, about herself, to presumably make herself seem

    Anderson Parker
    Api seems to have taken a keen liking to Anderson almost immediately, first meeting in the
    depths of the water treatment facility in Season 1, Episode 6, "Washed Away." She frequently
    goes out of her way to hang around him, often taking part in banter with him before becoming
    oddly quiet--then either departing without saying goodbye, or simply saying, "Gonna hop
    outside for a smoke."

    Api's demeanor around Anderson appears to be one of attempted passive observation, for
    whatever reason, given the odd hovering she sometimes does in social conversations. Despite
    the subtle awkwardness of it, it seems to be done out of a strange semblance of duty to
    Anderson. Api's presence as a social outsider, during Episodes 5 and 6, suggest she seemed
    to identify with Anderson, immediately, in a pseudo lone-wolf existence as the mall's
    residents grieved in tragedy.

    During the time skip, Api and Anderson socialized quite a bit; Api frequently visited him
    while he was recovering from his injuries, and Anderson gave Api a welding mask. While it's
    possible Api's social dedication to Anderson might be powered by a mutual bonding over the
    water treatment facility's horrors--Api's fondness of Anderson seems to have transcended
    this: She seems at incredible ease around him, although her self-aggrandizing lie-stories
    are dished out in heaps whenever the two talk.

    Ben is Api's pet bird, an African Gray parrot which seems surprisingly well-trained--or
    trained enough, at least, to perform basic directional commands, speak a few coined terms,
    and avoid physically pestering people. While the parrot seems to exclusively hang on Api's
    shoulder, it doesn't seem to mind being passed off to others--treating most with bird-like
    indifference unless they have food. While Api calls the parrot 'Ben,' it's suggested that
    this wasn't his given name. She only calls him 'Ben' due to his frequently chirped
    one-liner of different inflections--which is, "Ben!"

    Api's naming of the parrot seems to suggest that she's either adopted him, found him, or
    stole him from his previous owner. Regardless, the parrot appears to refer to Api as its
    natural owner--and Api takes great care of the animal, sometimes even prioritizing his
    safety over that of other humans. The parrot regularly sleeps on a makeshift shoulder pad
    she's sewn into her jacket, especially when she plays guitar. Interestingly, the parrot
    sometimes issues a low-drone, walkie-talkie-sounding laugh of, "Hweh-hweh-hweh. . ." to
    some people. Api's suggested that parrots sometimes mimic human laughs when they're
    nervous--or when they want food--because laughter is associated with an owner's happiness,
    increasing the odds of comfort and food.

    If asked, Api seems to disregard the question about why the parrot's laughter seems
    oddly maniacal.

    Billy Matheson
    Api has only encountered Billy once, but it seems as if the man left a significant
    impression on her. Api seemed at ease and inquisitive when they spoke, although any
    intentions or social graces she had seemingly slipped up when she presumably became a
    little obsessive and showed Billy her Super Rev guitar--which hadn't been cleaned, and
    was stained with gore.

    Billy's negative (and rational) reaction to the guitar seemed to send Api into a
    momentary spiral. As Billy left, Api seemed to rebound from the lapse in self-assuredness
    by vowing to make a prosthetic arm for Miles Krueger out of a bicycle and spare scrap
    metal--muttering, "I'll show him," about Billy. "It'll be the best prosthetic arm anyone
    has ever seen. It'll be the best. What does he know about prosthetic arms?
    It'll be the best."

    The reasoning behind this statement is unknown--as, presumably, Billy hadn't referred
    to a hypothetical prosthetic arm at all. Nor was he even concerned with such a thing.
    Regardless, the carbon-fiber prosthetic arm was crafted. And you know what? It was
    pretty damn good, Billy. Take that, Billy.

    It can be assumed Api will likely try to converse with, or even attempt to impress,
    Billy in the future. It's unknown whether she has a positive or negative opinion of him.

    Chelsea Barnes
    Api has only encountered Chelsea once or twice, but she seems to be rather neutral to
    her--likely discounting and disarming her own social stunts due to Chelsea's age. While
    Api's disposition to Chelsea is unknown, she seemed to show a little encouragement
    to Chelsea when Chelsea shook a Magic 8 Ball to read a good fortune about the
    ill-fated water treatment facility group's future, saying, "See?" to Chelsea
    and Sam Thompson. "We'll be alright. Fate's on our side."

    After The Memorial for Those Who Washed Away, Api stumbled across the Magic 8 Ball
    behind a counter in the clinic. It had been broken, presumably, by being thrown
    against a wall. Api held the broken Magic 8 Ball, for a moment, and cried.

    Chris Carter

    Api only encountered Chris in Season 1, Episode 6, "Washed Away," yet it's suggested that
    his death, and the events surrounding them, had a great impact on her at the water treatment
    facility. As Chris lived his final moments, Api separated herself from the general
    group--sitting in a corner and hugging herself. When Chris died, she seemed to mutter
    incessantly--completely breaking down, and only seemed to collect herself when Moose
    comforted her. It's unknown why Chris's death seemed to shake her in such a way.

    Clarence Emerson
    While Api and Clarence only shared a single extended conversation, Api's reactions to
    Clarence, in events which followed, seemed to suggest that she took an immediate liking
    to him. Api's reaction to Clarence when talking about morality and survival, in the
    storage room, indicates that she found immediate respect for the man--also noting that
    it was comforting, knowing there was another older person, around the mall, who could
    watch out for the younger members.

    While they spoke little during the trials of Season 1, Episode 6, "Washed Away," Api
    seemed immediately saddened by the revelation Clarence had been bitten--a somberness
    which seemed to be withheld, when encountering the other deaths. During The Memorial
    for Those Who Washed Away, the mall's members honored the fallen, quietly, as their
    bodies were cremated in wooden coffins. Api remained quiet, throughout the individual
    cremations, and only spoke when Clarence's body was burned--even rubbing at her right
    eye, presumably crying.

    "Goodbye, Clarence," she said.

    Don Jones
    Api first met Don in Season 1, Episode 6, "Washed Away," seemingly garnering immediate
    respect for the man as a tactician, fighter, and ally during deadly situations. While
    the two didn't converse much within the facility's depths, it's suggested that Api
    quietly held the man's decisions and direction in high regard--even positioning
    herself near him, during the group's final struggle, in an attempt to help protect
    him as the Red Eyes began surrounding the two.

    Api appears to go out of her way to talk to Don, frequently dropping her regular
    social masquerades and adopting a frank, socially playful, tone around him while
    chain-smoking cigarettes. She presumably holds Don in similar regards to Miles,
    in terms of leadership, often quietly following his directions and presumptions
    from a distance. It's possible Api also both identifies with, and feels comfortable
    around, Don's tendency to work diligently and prioritize the mall group's needs
    over social encounters--often quietly existing on the sidelines of social
    engagements, herself, only to B-line towards Don in the event of him needing
    help with anything.

    During The Memorial For Those Who Washed Away, Api seemed quick to assist Don in
    carrying the coffins of the deceased to the cremation spot--remaining silent, all
    the while. While there's a chance Api's quietness around Don might be symptomatic
    of her bad social habits of studying and light manipulation, her actions and
    personal growth in Season 1, Episode 6, "Washed Away," suggest that this, likely,
    isn't the case. Rather, Api seems to have a quiet respect for the man which
    transcends her usual antics--seeming to have taken Don's outward quietness, in
    tragedy, to heart as a new personality trait of her own: Since meeting Don Jones,
    Api Hale has appeared to be a little more collected, quietly strategic, and
    diligent about protecting those she's come to know. In new social encounters,
    Api has even taken to a natural response about Don which mirrors her response
    about Miles when asked about either of them, in relation to the mall's
    residents: "He's a leader."

    Since the events of Season 1, Episode 6, Api has helped Don construct the mall's
    garage--of course, expressing self-pride with a lighthearted lie about being the
    one to come up with the new installment idea. Oddly enough, though, Api seemingly
    resolves this soon after--admitting that Don is both a capable planner and a hard
    worker. Api has since taken to the mall's garage as a sort of personal hangout
    spot--frequently tinkering on small projects, tending to vehicles, and idly
    watching the mall parking lot. Of all the survivors to enter the garage, Don and
    Miles remain the only two she seems to be at ease around, when vehicles are being
    worked on--as her love of automobiles seems to be a point of contention around
    any and all who haven't reached a level of trust, occupationally, as them.

    Dr. Harper
    Api appears to have a slightly unpredictable disposition towards Dr. Harper,
    frequently changing demeanors, rapidly, when in her presence. While it's
    assumed that Dr. Harper indeed seems to put Api on edge, socially, Api seems
    to display rare cases of becoming inexplicably cool and collected around the
    woman--suggesting that, on some level, she feels the need to gauge Dr. Harper's
    responses in different ways. While it's possible Api simply can't compose
    herself around Dr. Harper, these rare cases indicate that Api might even
    identify with the woman, to a degree, and simply proceeds through a jarring
    display of social niceties, lies, and sudden comradery in self-awareness,
    humorously, and considers such interactions to be an odd form of bonding, even.

    Oddly, Api's revealed discomfort around Dr. Harper seems to provoke her own
    tendency of trying to become closer to the woman. In Season 2, Episode 1,
    "Settling In," Api confessed to Abigail that Dr. Harper's weekly poker games
    'freak her the fuck out,'--suggesting that Harper, herself, might be the real
    cause of her unease during the card game. The same night, Api seemed to converse
    with Harper in passing, casually, in a sincerely friendly manner. During
    conversations, Api frequently seems incredibly wary of her own words around
    Dr. Harper--only to accommodate for her at a moment's notice. At times, Api
    may even seem to be mentally dominated by Harper's existence in and of
    itself--only to point out an obscure presumption about Harper at random,
    making her chuckle.

    While Api appears to have some minor obsession with Harper, it's unknown
    whether such an obsession is a positive or negative one. In Season 1, Api
    became nervous under the coy scrutiny of the woman's sly suggestion that
    someone might've stolen medication from her--becoming self-defensive much
    in the manner of a narcotics thief, herself. While it's possible that
    Harper's offhanded, yet searchingly intuitive, question about the medication
    was a harmless one--it's similarly possible that this encounter kickstarted
    Api's above-mentioned obsession with Harper in social situations. Even
    stranger: Api's request to help Harper locate the medication would presumably
    be counterintuitive to her own theft's success; if Api was indeed the culprit,
    then assisting Dr. Harper would likely lead to her being caught--as Api,
    herself, professed that Dr. Harper was easily capable of 'seeing through
    people,' and likely did this constantly, as if it were second nature to her.

    Regardless of Api's visible disdain around Harper, at times, it appears that
    she seems drawn to the woman's presumably amoral edge, painful mental acuity,
    and social ingenuity. So much so, in fact, that it's possible Api is addicted
    to the possible 'danger' Harper proposes, just in being herself, to whatever
    it is Api might be hiding--even if it's simply herself. The result appears to
    be some degree of constant, light, misdirection on Api's part whenever talking
    to Dr. Harper. Despite this, however, Api seems to be consistent in her
    willingness to discuss important matters with Harper on the fly--which raises
    a vital question:
    How deep do the waters of mistrust really go?
    And, a second question:
    Is it even mistrust?

    Heaven Adkins
    Api appears to be fond of Heaven's company, having bonded with her towards
    the end of Season 1, Episode 6, "Washed Away." It's possible that Api's initial
    approach towards Heaven was one poised after some distant observation--sharing
    cigarettes with Heaven while consoling her about the losses she'd
    sustained from the events at the water treatment facility. The two, of course,
    had met prior to this in Season 1, Episode 5, "Dead End," sharing light
    conversation accompanied by more cigarettes. It's possible Api is responsible for
    Heaven's first smoke, even, seeming to take initial kindness to Heaven upon meeting
    her. There's a chance Api even singled Heaven out in her extension of friendship,
    as she seemed to have the curious, yet seemingly harmless, knack for being near
    her after their first encounter.

    Their first encounter, itself, consisted of Heaven and Ivy appearing to be put
    off by Api's sudden appearance in the mall as a stranger in Season 1, Episode 5,

    "Dead End." It could be suggested that Api's original disposition towards Heaven
    was one of coy curiosity. Oddly, Api introduced herself to Heaven, and asked for
    her name, not once--but twice. It's unlikely that Api forgot their first encounter,
    too, as she was shown to have learned Heaven's name and face only ten minutes
    after their initial encounter. As such, Api's reasons for the double-introduction
    are unknown.

    While certainly an odd beginning to their association, Api and Heaven's second
    introduction to one another would soon become the platform upon which friendship
    would grow. Following the events of Season 1, Episode 6, "Washed Away," Api
    seemingly took great sympathy for Heaven--who'd lost someone she loved, an ex-lover,
    and two close friends within the scope of a single day. It's possible Api reached
    out to her for this very reason, as she herself persisted at the opposite end of
    the spectrum--having not really known anyone at all.

    For this reason, Api seemed to move past her slight habit of relishing in the
    misfortune of others--presumably approaching Heaven's loss with incredible care,
    either to find solace in her own life or to attempt to provide
    relief to another where she, herself, felt she didn't deserve it. While Api hadn't spoken
    directly to a majority of the water treatment group's members, she'd overheard
    bits and pieces of conversation. And she recalled Heaven's name mentioned, at
    times, by those who'd been killed--those who presumably had something, or
    someone, to survive for.

    It's also possible that some part of Api, deep down, seemed to identify
    with Heaven in some way. The two would spend a
    decent amount of time together
    over the next three months: Heaven, with the military camera helmet which Chris
    had procured researched alongside Api and her computer data disks. In time,
    Api would come to display an odd, watchful eye over Heaven,
    as if dedicated to helping her through difficult times.

    Interestingly, Api seemed to approach some of Heaven's bouts of panic with
    a surprising sense of understanding--as Heaven and Api seemed to
    share some odd characteristics with one another. It's also suggested that Heaven
    is the only mall survivor who might understand Api on a deeper level.
    Despite Api's apparently positive attitude towards Heaven, however, her
    disposition towards her is unknown; while the two seem to share a mutual
    benevolence towards one another, Api's possible, partial identification
    with Heaven might reveal deeper discomfort--or even deeper opinions which
    aren't displayed openly to Heaven, for whatever reason

    Ivy Lance
    While Ivy and Api both experienced the trials and tribulations of Season 1, Episode 6,
    "Washed Away," the two seemed to never encounter or socialize with one another directly.
    It's unknown what Api's disposition to Ivy was--although it's suggested that Ivy's
    unexpected death, in general, played a part in Api's rage and unhinged propensity
    for violence against the Red Eye horde, and Jotun, towards the end of the episode.

    In The Memorial for Those Who Washed Away, Api helped carry Ivy's coffin to the
    cremation site--seeming to be somber, becoming lost in sad thought, as Ivy’s body
    was burned.

    John Macmillan
    While John and Api both experienced the trials and tribulations of Season 1, Episode 6,
    "Washed Away," the two seemed to never encounter or socialize with one another directly.
    Still, it's presumed that Api seems to be comfortable around John, both in social
    situations and in combat. Due to the pair's limited encounters with one another,
    however, Api's disposition towards John remains unknown.

    Locke Hawthorne
    While Api and Locke haven't talked much, Api seems to have a somewhat distant
    fascination with the man--often watching his mannerisms and conversations from
    the cusp of social engagements. She seems to be mixed up, at times, about whether
    or not to even approach him in social situations--suggesting that she might even
    be intimidated by him, despite the man's friendly nature, joy of cooking, and
    ambiance of positivity.

    While it's unknown why Api seemingly has somewhat of an uncontrollable
    counter-reaction to Locke, it's likely that sheer insecurity fuels it. While Api
    often attempts to achieve lie-fueled social grandeur in an attempt to impress
    others, masking a deeper pursuit of social control, Locke appears to make true
    friends easily--finding happiness with his honest, kind-hearted nature.

    Locke Hawthorne, for Api, marks a dividing line in her life as a post-apocalyptic
    survivor, as well--having been the one to invite her inside the mall's walls,
    and off the streets. For these reasons, Api's awkwardness around the man might
    reveal a slightly obsessive, and even unhealthy, idealization of Locke Hawthorne:
    one which manifests, at times, in her neurotic avoidance of him.

    Logan Victor Karths
    Api and Logan met in Season 1, Episode 6, "Washed Away," in the water treatment
    facility. While the two's relations were brief, Api seemed to take a liking to
    Logan from the start. She seemed to be concerned with Logan's injury, keeping
    an eye on him throughout the night's events. Logan's injury was dire enough to
    be fatal, though the man was killed before his injuries could take him; he stood
    between Jotun and the survivors on the sewer walkway, and was thrown into the
    infested depths by the creature.

    Margaret Cooper
    Api seems to have a positive disposition towards Maggie, having first met her in
    Season 1, Episode 5, "Dead End," following the events of the first water treatment
    plant expedition. Her outward disposition towards Maggie appears to be inconsistent,
    however, as she's frequently quiet around the girl--having abandoned her regular
    boisterous light lies, for the most part, in their entirety when in Maggie's presence.
    Whereas survivors like Thomas seem to invoke a guilty truth in Api's tendencies,
    more protagonistic survivors like Maggie and Sam may appear to be somewhat of a foil
    to Api.

    In Season 1, Episode 6, Api referred to Margaret as a dizzying display of
    heads-and-tales, saying, "She's a good-ass person: A bomb bunker of ideas.
    Like some oasis of water in an amoral desert, she purifies with logic and heart."
    She goes on to add, however: "But I can't help but feel she'd watch wanderers
    die of thirst: the dumbasses who flock and fold to whoever's in style, going
    dehydrated from chasing the booze of social acceptance some are damned yet driven
    to provide with careful exclusion."

    It's possible that Api's careful steps around Margaret are evidence of this slight
    conflict--she, herself, even inferring that people such as Maggie and Sam truthfully
    make her incredibly uneasy at times; Api sometimes
    withdraws from the two completely,
    and for great lengths of time,
    paradoxically bouncing from social center to social
    center before isolating entirely.

    Api has suggested, in passing, that only two people in the mall truthfully frightened
    her: Maggie and Dr. Harper. Her reasoning behind Maggie's placement here is

    Maximilian Hale
    Api's disposition to her father, Maximilian Hale, is unknown. While Api
    has alluded to her father likely being alive, she hasn't expressed the
    want, or need, to locate him. It's possible Maximilian was with The
    Louisville Migrants, during and after the initial evacuation of Louisville,
    simply because Api's lack of acknowledgment towards him might suggest
    that she feels he's safe, wherever he is--and her father existing
    with the Louisville Migrants, of course, would rationally explain
    this lack of concern.

    If this were the case, however, Api not being with her own father brings
    several other curious questions into the fold. There's a chance, too, that
    Api was separated from Maximilian sometime during the outbreak, and that
    she simply avoids talking about him out of regret, fear, or sadness--coupled
    with the fact that Api seems to have difficulty expressing herself about
    her family life, in general.

    It's also possible, of course, that Api doesn't talk about her father because
    there's simply no need to--as he's alive, well, and even in close proximity
    to the mall. This would naturally suggest that Api is somehow in contact
    with the man on occasion, such as when she randomly leaves the mall with
    little warning--either remaining separate from him for either his or her
    own protection's sake, or for some other, unknown, reason.

    Miles Krueger
    Api first encountered Miles Kreuger in Season 1, Episode 5, "No Way Out,"
    introducing herself in saying, "You don't know me. I don't know you. Weird,
    I know. But, like. I want to help you." While it's suggested that Api might've
    originally wanted to make Miles a prosthetic arm to prove a wayward, irrelevant
    point to Billy Matheson, her sincerity and nervousness in presenting the arm
    to Miles reveal a different side of things. It's possible Api determined who
    Miles was before they ever met, as she later revealed to Clarence that she
    apparently kept mental note of the mall's residents, saying, "You must be
    Isaac. No--wait. You're Don. I think I know you,"--having never met either
    of the men.

    As such, it's possible Api simply heard that Miles was allegedly in charge
    of the mall's residents, that he'd lost an arm during the previous night's
    events, and truly sought him out to help him. Her true motivations behind
    such a quick, keen intent to help Miles are foggy, however. While Api stated
    that she wanted to 'earn her keep' in the mall by helping--she'd syphoned
    gas from the mall's parked vehicles just the night before. There's a chance
    Api built the arm to preemptively appease the man, if he were ever to find
    out what she'd done. Or, perhaps she'd heard stories about Miles as a man
    who'd sacrificed an arm in combat while keeping others safe--and that she
    felt bad about the theft, having not truly known the residents she was
    stealing from.

    Regardless of the origins of Api's association with Miles Kreuger, her
    reactions to the man, ever since, suggest that Api has a quiet, nearly
    unwavering, respect for Miles as a leader. In Season 1, Episode 6,
    "Washed Away," Api joined the group's return visit to the water treatment
    facility without question--following Miles's contact and plan to head out
    from the mall. While Api split off from the group inside the facility multiple
    times, seemingly independent from crowds in general, she appeared to follow
    Miles's directions unwaveringly--and silently. Her minor disagreements with
    the man folded into submission immediately when he spoke, particularly when
    expressing her concerns for safety in eventual direct bloodshed. As such,
    it's possible that Api secretively relished in an overt approach to violence
    in unsafe conditions--and that Miles not only provided a social 'out' for
    this, but even enabled her to embrace the state of mind which ultimately
    kept her alive.

    In combat, Api seems to directly feed upon the man's confidence, anger towards
    the Red Eyes, and ability to command, lead, survive, and pursue gambles of
    goals--taking responsibility in the pursuit of a world-saving possibility,
    such as a cure to the infection. When Api entered the water treatment
    facility, she was twitchy, self-restrained, and hindered by incredible
    paranoia. Towards the end of the journey, Api's confidence seemed to thrive
    in violent release--even shifting from a guilty obsession with violence to
    a pseudo-heroic approach to protecting others.
    In all likelihood, Miles had
    become the primary influence upon the lost, self-centered girl who was afraid
    of her own violent tendencies--helping her overcome her hindering neuroticisms,
    if only briefly, to emerge from the sewers not only as a survivor, but as a warrior.

    Api's disposition towards Miles is certainly odd, however, as she seems to
    habitually be incapable of small-talk with the man, mostly only approaching
    him if she feels like it'd benefit him in some way, shape, or form. Regardless,
    the man's words to her are seemingly absorbed with great impact. A prime example,
    of course, existed during the group's return to the mall. Api returned to her
    antisocial tendencies almost immediately, appearing to be at a major disconnect
    with a majority of the mall's residents who'd turned to one another in their
    time of grief. Api approached Miles to smoke a cigarette and stare off in
    shellshock, to which Miles said: "Come find me if you need to talk," which was
    the only person to extend such a gesture of care to her after the events
    that'd unfolded.

    Api responded to this in her own way: She didn't speak to anyone for three days,
    later syphoning gasoline from a numerous vehicles in the local area--keeping
    the mall's own vehicles constantly topped off when possible. Since the events
    of "Washed Away," Api has worked maintenance on several vehicles with the man,
    sharing light conversation and the regular half pack of cigarettes. These days,
    it can be assumed that Miles affects Api on a deep level--though her quietness
    and tactical objectivity around Miles makes it difficult to determine the exact
    nature of her change, despite the girl occasionally appearing to value the man's
    friendship over many others.

    Moose McCarthy

    While Moose and Api both experienced the trials and tribulations of Season 1,
    Episode 6, "Washed Away," the two seemed to only talk to one another once--when
    Chris's life was ended. Moose helped pull Api together as she experienced a rather
    abrupt mental breakdown, consoling her and helping her to her feet. While the
    nature of events in motion didn't allow for extended conversation, Moose's
    actions presumably had a notable impact on Api--bringing her back from whatever
    it was she was experiencing.

    Following the horde rush in the same facility's storage room, Api, Thomas,
    and Ivy emerged from a holdout office to see Moose's dead body amidst the
    many Red Eyes that'd been slain. Api appeared to be horrified at the abrupt
    loss of life--staring vacantly at Moose's body with a white face.

    Sam Thompson
    Api seems to have a positive disposition towards Sam, having first met her
    in Season 1, Episode 5, "Dead End." Her first meeting with Sam spawned a
    little out of nowhere, stopping by her and Maggie's room to give her a guitar
    and offer to teach her to play. In some ways, Api appears to have taken an
    odd sense of kindred sisterhood to Sam, distantly, going so far as to refer
    to her as 'Sista' when the two hang out. Api might seem playful around Sam
    similar to her approach to Thomas, both appearing to genuinely enjoy Sam as
    a person yet possibly seeming as if she's attempting to influence her, somehow.

    Sam's presence does seem to invoke a blunt, melancholic, yet lighthearted
    honesty in Api, however. Similar to Margaret, there's a possibility Sam
    is perceived by Api to be somewhat of a curious, enjoyable, opposite to herself.
    For this reason, it isn't rare for Api to jump to deeper allusions and stories
    with Sam unexpectedly, or even jarringly. Api has suggested she'll protect Sam,
    if need be--yet, all the same, does seem to grow incredibly distant from Sam
    at times, which might suggest a deeper shred of disconnect, or even neurotic mistrust.
    Her approach to friendship, here, certainly contrasts with her wayward, playful
    curiosity of Sam. At one moment, Api might go so far as to suggest Sam is a form
    of heart and soul of the mall's group. The next moment, Api's growing distance
    to Sam might begin to show, fading into the semblance of light manipulative
    tendencies. And finally, of course, rapidly withdrawing from the girl as
    if negatively magnetized--as if becoming, at times, self aware of some
    possibly uncontrollable urge to corrupt her.

    Despite the inconsistencies, however, Api often refers to Sam in high regards;
    Sam is the only mall member Api has expressed an intention to protect, as if
    Sam's very existence, somehow, holds a form of idealistic meaning for her--even
    if her own approach to Sam is dysfunctional at times.

    Theo Garcia
    Api and Theo's interactions have been brief, but Theo seems to possess an odd
    form of wonder for Api. The two met in conversation, and Api rapidly proceeded
    to vow to make an invention for Theo. This, of course, only happened during
    Theo's odd departure from conversation--wherein a possible, rare, fear of
    abandonment seemed to spike in the girl.

    Their brief encounter was certainly lighthearted enough, and Api's intentions
    towards Theo don't appear to be romantic in nature. Yet it's possible Theo's
    existence, in and of itself, may be the driving force which apparently motivated
    the girl with such rapidity.

    Thomas Parish
    Api seems to have a positive disposition towards Thomas, despite them having
    infrequent social encounters. Api and Thomas met in Season 1, Episode 5,
    "Dead End," briefly, during Miles's recovery after having lost an arm. Api
    seems to go out of her way to talk to Thomas when possible, often offering
    a cigarette, or three, to the guy and quietly socializing. Api might act
    playfully sly towards Thomas in some cases--yet this doesn't appear to be
    out of romantic attraction for him. Rather, her approach to Thomas is strangely
    'sisterly' in form, even though the two haven't appeared to talk at a
    deep level--which is certainly a little odd.

    It's possible, however, that Api's playful benevolence towards Thomas is
    done out of some obscure identification with the guy. In Season 1, Episode
    6, "Washed Away," Thomas's approach to combat against the Red Eyes seemed
    to have a similar impact on Api as that of Miles. While brief, the onslaught
    of infected and the group's brushes with death might've resulted in the girl
    socially imprinting upon Thomas, to a degree. The two faced off against Jotun
    towards the end of the episode, setting the creature alight. Api seemed to
    relish in this to a strange degree, possibly even seeming to experience the
    horrific conclusion as a sort of bonding experience with Thomas.

    Thomas and Api's relations towards one another could be one-sided, yet Api
    does indeed seem to enjoy Thomas's company quite a bit. Whether influential
    to the guy or not, it appears as if Api strangely persists in assuming such
    an attempted role around him--paradoxically, her apparent slight obsession
    with Thomas could suggest the opposite. While the depth of Api's apparent
    sisterly complex is unknown, it can be assumed that Thomas is somewhat of
    an anchor influence upon her--resulting in her actively showing her
    fondness of him during most social occasions.

    Toma Hale
    Similar to Maximilian Hale, Toma Hale tends to be a repressed topic for
    Api--who frequently dismisses conversation revolving around her mother
    with social misdirection. While it's suggested that Api's mother might
    be alive, Api's sudden quietness when asked about her mother might indicate
    that she'd been killed either during the initial outbreak, or soon after.

    Still, Toma Hale's fate is still unknown--as are any stories revolving around
    her. Api does, however, seem to have a subdued longing for her in a way which
    is different than her disposition towards her father.

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