Arthur Hillock

Discussion in 'Character Biographies' started by Anonymous, Apr 10, 2019.

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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Arthur Hillock
    Biographical Information
    D.O.B:March, 14th 1992
    BirthplaceNewcastle Upon Tyne, UK
    Hair ColourDark Brown
    Eye ColourBlue
    OccupationCorporal, Pointman
    First AppearanceIssue 1
    Last Appearance???


    A member of the British Armed Forces, 3rd Battalion, Royal Scots.
    Clearly going Insane, But is quite still capable
    Was one of the last of Fort Knox's Garrison


    (More to be revealed at a later date)
    Standing at 6ft, and weighing in at 180 lbs, He's a sorry mess of a man. Tormented by demons and shades of his past, usually only seen by his scarred and battered mind, The mans mind is starting to break apart, Having been put under severe stress since The Outbreak.

    Clad in bloody, torn and worn fatigues, The man cuts a sorry figure despite his imposing physique. Wounded and with a fraying mind, Its a miracle the mans managed to survive till now. Months of squalid conditions and a medication regime that's steadily being worn down has caused the man to have an rather unhealthy complexion, deeply pale skin with red bags laying under his eyes This image has caused many to simply dismiss him as a crackhead of some description.

    Tormented by guilt and demons of his own making, He still grips tightly at the reigns of his own mind, despite the trauma. Somethings clearly gone wrong deep inside, With his mind on a see-saw of personalities rising and fading at random.
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