Arthur Hillock

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    Arthur Hillock
    Biographical Information
    D.O.B:March, 14th 1992
    BirthplaceNewcastle Upon Tyne, UK
    Hair ColourDark Brown
    Eye ColourBlue
    OccupationCorporal, Pointman
    First AppearanceSeason 1: Episode 1
    Last AppearanceSeason 2: Episode 7

    Duty past the point of sanity. Duty to the point of death. Duty to the end of all things. A Duty to a flag that now lies scorched in the silent streets of Britannia. A Duty to bring about a horrific instrument to its final, bloody conclusion.

    A Duty to burn his own, so that a line may be held...


    Once a soldier in the Royal Scots (And as He'll tell you, He's "Still with the bloody twits."), Hillocks life since the Outbreak has been one of pain. Friends and Family lost, Witness to the obliteration of home and command to a last desperate gambit gone horribly right, Forced to join the beleagured forces of the US as "Operation Sapphire" goes into effect, Performing acts that would sicken even the most de-sensitized of individuals. Deserters, Infected, Carriers.....

    It only took a few days, coupled with the hell of Fort Knox, to break his mind. Smashed into pieces, he fought a war inside his own mind against a enemy he didnt even know...Months ago, It seemed he gave into this insidious enemy, Leaving in the dead of night into the dark and lethal landscape...

    And now, After who knows what Horrors he has faced, He has arrived back to where it all started, where his own private hell began....

    Standing at 6ft, and weighing in at 180 lbs, He's a sorry mess of a man. Tormented by demons and shades of his past, usually only seen by his scarred and battered mind, The mans mind is starting to break apart, Having been put under severe stress since The Outbreak.

    Clad in bloody, torn and worn fatigues, The man cuts a sorry figure despite his imposing physique. Wounded and with a fraying mind, Its a miracle the mans managed to survive till now.

    Tormented by guilt and demons of his own making, He still grips tightly at the reigns of his own mind, despite the trauma. Once tattered, Broken and distraught, Something new has taken hold.

    Something has finally decided to take the reigns inside his mind, Whatever desperate plan now resides in his head, The fortitude is obvious to those who have met him again, as the once scared loner is now much more stable mentally, Though who knows at what cost.
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