Astoria Today! - December 10th, 2006 Edition

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    December 10th, 2006

    Ghost of Astoria! New Sightings!
    Is there really a ghost haunting our forests? Could it be Christopher Eckert and his family?

    More and more sightings of the Ghost of Astoria have continued to spill in over the weekend. Many of which describe the entity as all too real, commonly approaching them and uttering few words before disappearing into the trees. These sightings have only increased in the wake of the Christopher Eckert tragedy and many have begun to wonder if this is Christopher himself, or the man he saw on that ill-fated trip.

    Evidence suggests against it being Christopher. These sightings have been pouring in as early as a week before the trip. We have had a number of reports give descriptions ranging from tall to short. Some of which have even claimed it spoke to them, an elderly woman, Clarice Johnson made claims during our interview that the entity spoke to her and made claims of being here to witness “The Beginning”. She said that she left the forest feeling positive about things to come.

    We recently reached out to the man behind the original sighting, Dick Miller, who kindly took time out of his day to speak with one of our sketch artists to put together a picture of the entity.


    We can only the newest resident of Astoria, even be it a spirit, settles in and isn’t a sign of something more sinister to come.

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    Jesus has come to punish you all for your sins and damn the non-believers to hell!!!

    Repent Repent!
    ~Some crazy conspiracy loon
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