Astoria Today! - December 17th, 2006 Edition

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    December 17th, 2006

    Gang Violence Spirals Out Of Control!
    A shootout at the docks and a high-speed pursuit leaves Astoria in fear.

    On the 15th, Astoria was left in a state of terror as a shootout took place on the docks between Thaddeus Brown (24) and his cohort Simon Diggs (22) and Russell Boyd (42) and his gang of drug peddlers with white nationalist ties. The ensuing firefight left Russell and five of his cohorts dead, and two dock workers injured by the gunfire. Authorities were quick to respond and were lead on a deadly highspeed pursuit by Thaddeus and Simon which left an officer dead and another comatose.

    The chase came to an end after the pair crashed into the car show, which led to shots being exchanged. Thaddeus was left injured and in custody with Simon still on the loose. He was later found armed and holding hostages in a suburban household, eyewitnesses say shots were fired from within the house as it was ignited from the inside. A gunfight broke out as Simon made efforts to escape from the scene, only to be shot thirty-four times by an officer whose identity is currently being withheld. Three officers were left injured on the scene, and two hostages dead.

    There are questions still being raised by members of the community on how the officers responded to the situation, some claiming their on-scene decision was a detriment to the hostages while some applaud the heroic actions taken. A small group of people is currently submitting complaints to the city and demanding that the responding officers be fired. Chief Horace Caulson has since come out in support of the responding officers, saying that they had to make a life-or-death decision on the field.

    While Astoria continues to debate the actions of law enforcement, our thoughts and prayers go out to those injured in the panic.

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    Not long after the news posting there was an addition that one of the law enforcement individuals retired shortly after pulling through in the ICU. New news has come out that one of the law enforcement personnel was from the US Forest Service. They too have retired due to the 8 gunshot wounds they sustained in the shootout. At this time they're in stable condition.
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