Auntie May's Sightings, Hauntings, and Horrors!

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    On this web page we will share stories, sightings, and rumors of the paranormal.

    Auntie May here will guide you on a tour of a world far from our own.


    Sit back and enjoy the ride

    Rocky Waters Lighthouse

    The Rocky Waters Lighthouse was built in Astoria, Oregon in 1830. Some people consider the structure to be one of the most haunted lighthouses in North America. Several ghostly figures have been known to appear and suddenly vanish within the lighthouse structure. Some people have reported seeing doors open and close seemingly of their own volition. The most common things experienced are disembodied voices, and the sound of running footsteps. Some researchers believe that Point Lookout is fraught with so much activity because a hospital and a prison camp for Confederate soldiers had been erected and used near the premises during the Civil War.

    Sandy Shores Resort
    Sandy Shores Resort is a supposedly haunted hotel in Astoria . The hotel is known for a massive fire that occurred in 1934, as well as suicides and hauntings from ghosts during its days as a sanitarium. Countless people died on the property, including a caretaker who killed himself in an operating room, as well as a nurse who died after falling in the pools during a freezing winter. The building served as a hotel and resort , as well as a hospital and elderly home, and housed a restaurant in the late 1980s. It was in disrepair by the early 1990s, but was restored for the public in 2003.

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