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    Any of you who watched sports avidly might recognize the corpse at the NEZ. He was an star hitter for the Tampa Bay Rays for a time, before falling out of the graces due to a drug scandal.

    Celebrities still have to eat. Hungry as he was, he went to the NEZ, hearing it was Neutral... it was even in the name. Turns out, he was supposed to knock. He got a gun raised on him, and as he tended to do, did not take the situation as seriously as he should have. He started to shoot the shit with the two men holding him up, as he saw it, just messing around.

    The people at the NEZ seemed to lack his same type of humor. They shot him in the thigh with a Hollow Point .556 round. It blew a giant exit wound, as hollow point rounds do, decimating his bone and his femoral artery alike. He bled out in a matter of minutes, the artery totally ruptured. The room he was shot in is now painted red from the fountain of blood that erupted from the burst artery.

    Guess he should've learned to knock.

    Now that's how you fail :b

    "Neutral my ass,"

    -Axel's player.

    (To the lot of you, I don't intend to tell you how to roleplay, but my /hope/ is that my death sparks meaning instead of being a random murder. Hopefully, people will question why they shot a man for simply being pretty annoying. Hopefully, at the very least, you'll be upset the room is soaked in blood. All I'm saying is, in my failure, I hope I have created roleplay. Have fun!)
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    dont worry brother, your friendly neighbourhood knight is on the case
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    To be fair, Axel was warned multiple times by a second player to stop making threats and leave the building. Axel probably shouldn't have swung his bat around like he was going to hit people if he didn't want to get shot :L Big boy baseball player like him could probably smash a guy's head in with one swing.

    But dw, the players involved as far as I know aren't taking the death lightly as just another dead guy.
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    Axel was never once asked to leave and he wasn't swinging the bat around, he was twirling it, which was actually a nervous tic. Anyways, it doesn't matter much.
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    :O the tides have turned! "Lib-tards amirite?" xP