Bonnie Hughes

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    Bonnie Hughes
    Biographical Information
    Hair ColorConstantly Changing
    Eye ColorHazel
    Blood TypeA+
    More Information
    LikesDrinking, partying, new highs
    HatesPeople taking her shit!

    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]

    Her hair is an absolute mess of frizz and damage, dyed obnoxiously toxic colors. Her make-up is equally as gaudy, and her wardrobe looks like whatever she found semi-clean on the floor that day, mismatched and random. Even her skin is covered in colorful tattoos that have nothing to do with one another, their meanings forgotten. She looks like the mess that she is.
    But all these wild hues and gaudy effects can't always hide the dark hollows under her eyes, her twitchy mannerisms, or unhealthy gray pallor under all that foundation and color. More often, she relies on her smile and laughter to distract attentions from that.

    Character Background:
    Bonnie is originally from Savannah, Georgia, though with only very trace amounts of an accent from her childhood. Her mother was a corporate marketer for a communications company and her father a software engineer. Bonnie grew up wealthy and privileged, but her family moved frequently. They lived in Georgia, North Carolina, Vermont, Texas, California, and finally Oregon. Finding herself uprooted and ripped from her friends at every turn, Bonnie began to lash out and turned to art and petty crime as a young teen. Growing older, she started adding sex, alcohol, and drugs into the mix.
    Her parents tried to support her, sending her to juvenile rehab centers and therapists, but nothing stuck. Eventually they cut off her allowances and card access as well. But to feed her habits, Bonnie eventually just resorted to stealing from them. Heartbroken, they sent her to another youth rehab center in Washington and told her not to come back unless she was well. She was sixteen years old. Bonnie hasn't seen them since.
    Cut off from her trust funds, she lived in Washington for several years, learning welding and metalurgy for her art projects and supporting herself with odd jobs. Scavenging scrap metal and occasionally raiding house or construction to strip for copper or other materials, she made a modest living. But for her selfish lifestyle, it was too modest. Eventually she owed too many people too much money for too many favors, and skipped out on Seattle altogether.
    Laying low, she saw a want ad for a welder in Astoria, and has lived there for a little under a year. There are plenty of smalltime welding or metalworking jobs in town to keep her afloat for a while. Although it's generally too small and too tame for her tastes, Astoria is seen as a pit stop while she keeps her head down and wrings it dry of any fun she might have here, along the way to whatever she feels might be 'better'. After that, she hasn't yet decided.

    Bonnie was never diagnosed as bi-polar, nor does she have any official mental illness. And if she did, she would only use them as excuses. Bonnie has been wild ever since her teens; with her seemingly random mood swings, drug use, and a tendency to gravitate towards the wrong crowd.
    However, she often hides her more serious problems behind a facade of friendliness. She's easy to laugh and always has a ready joke or sarcastic remark. Bonnie will always be there if you want to do something fun or dangerous, and it's easy for her to convince someone that she's their friend...up until the cops are called and she's hopping the fence to leave them behind. Hers is not even a conscious manipulation. She is a genuinely social creature, but has a tendency to ruin her own good friendships as quickly as she builds them.

    I'm strung out, addicted to you:



    Isaac Ramirez: He thinks I don't fucking know. I do. I always kinda knew. I just keep on going. Fuck, that's what he does, right? Isn't that what we all do? Goddamn.

    Tom Spencer: This guy! This GUY! You're my hero, man. Stepped in to handle that prick trying to break into my car. Real decent dude.

    Tanner Romero: Fucking poser! Trying to take my shit?! Shoulda broken your nose!

    Mark D'angelo: Fuck you, pumpkin guy! That was your fault! Like yeah it was pretty funny and I gave you my number, but I'm definitely throwing you out the window after we bang, man. Goddamn, I'm gonna fuck you harder than you fucked that pumpkin, pumpkinfucker.

    Ajax Kilgore: Who? Oh! Ooooh! You mean Tallman! Why didn't you say so? Yeah, right? Holy shit. I mean, TALL. Tall.

    Cooper Knowles: Fuck you! FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU! For once it wasn't me! I fucking tried, man! And it still fucked all up! God damnit! I ought to--

    Emma Collete: Oh shit, one of my neighbors? Uh, sorry for the...noises. All of them.

    Noah Young: Awww! C'mere, cutie pie! I'm gonna get you drunk and pinch your cheekies!

    Laura Victoria Field: A bit posh for my tastes. Oooo tea n' crumpets, twelve bong past the chippy lane, guv'na. I mean, she seems polite enough, but maybe that's just because of the British thing. God. God, I just wanna throw tea in a harbor when I see her, man.

    Decebal: Kinda cute. Smarmy. But there's a something...It's smiles on smiles, right? I know better.

    Rhett Hundridge: Father Dude! Aaaaay! Gotta say, I don't understand the whole 'God' thing. I mean, look at the mouth of a lobster and tell me that there is a loving God who could create that shit. Can't imagine devoting your life to priesty stuff, but you're all right. For now.

    Raven Novell: Bitch! Sit the fuck down! I know it's not your fault but I swear to god I will punch you right in your amazing tits!
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    Updated some of her relationships. She's a mess.