Cameron Davis

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    Cameron Davis
    Biographical Information
    Date of BirthApril 25th, 1991
    Date of DeathN/A
    BirthplaceSt. Louis, Missouri
    Former OccupationHandyman
    Story Information
    First AppearanceSeason 2, Episode 12
    Last AppearancePresent

    Bridge is a six foot flat, Caucasian man. He has green eyes and black hair that has grown out to be rather messy as finding a barber in the apocalypse is next to impossible. Coupled with this he has rough stubble that he tries to keep somewhat maintained. He has a laborer's build, having worked as a handyman before the apocalypse. Bridge has a few scars from electrical burns running down his arms, as he is somewhat clumsy on the job.


    Bridge is a quiet, but friendly individual. As a teenager, he tended to mediate the drama between his group of friends, earning the nickname 'Bridge' as he ended up being the one to keep them together and bridge communication between them all. He has a good sense of right and wrong, but was never one for rules unless he saw them as truly necessary. When the apocalypse rolled around, he wasn't out to kill anyone of course, but with the lack of retribution for "borrowing" items and goods of the formerly alive, Bridge didn't have a sense of remorse in him while he rooted through former customer's belongings. He likes to say that by using their stuff, they live on by helping him survive.

    Bridge prefers to be a loner these days, not desiring to be a burden on anyone, especially when he is capable at taking care of himself and learning new things as needed. Having lost his friends and family, he's hesitant to make new connections just to see them torn to shreds, again. But he's willing to help out a neighbor if they ask. These days, he just wants to live and let live, except for the zeds of course.

    Prior to Season 2:

    Bridge grew up in an apartment in St. Louis, Missouri, with his mother and father who ran a deli right below their home. He quickly became no stranger to hard work as he found himself more attracted to fixing the broken down devices around the house and shop. This would eventually turn to fixing relationships as he would act as a mediator for his friends during high school as they were coming of age.

    Bridge was considered a person who works with their head and emotions, rather than someone who was book-smart. After graduating high school he opted to focus on trades rather than academia, and quickly finished some courses that would unknowingly be the key to his survival down the road. He officially became the deli handyman, and his parents would jokingly put his services on a side menu for potential customers. Soon after, friends and city folk actually came to know and love their local handyman.

    When the apocalypse hit, St. Louis was overrun with the undead in a matter of days. All those who Bridge cared about were killed and added to the army of the dead that assaulted the city. It was by luck that Bridge was able to escape the city. He had hunkered in the upstairs of the deli with his family when the zeds attacked, breaking down the barricades and rushing his home soon after. With quick thinking, he rushed for the window and landed in an open dumpster that was filled to the brim with trash. With his family dead, his friends likely dead, Bridge made his escape from St. Louis as a nomad and has now eventually made his way to Kentucky, hoping to find some semblance of a new life out in the country.

    Season 2:


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    I dig this character from what I've read!