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    Filling out Information:
    • Each section to enter text has a descriptor under it such as "Two sentences minimum."
      • These are required
    • Be as descriptive as possible when filling out the information.
      • Character Information
        • Name
          • This is their full name. We on occasions allow nicknames but we want to know what their real name is too.
        • Blood Type
          • Please choose a type. Note that the more rare types or "universal donors" may be denied.
        • Image Link
          • These should be real pictures, not drawings. UNLESS the drawing or picture is done in a photo-realistic art style. Cartoons do not show accurate physical features
          • The image should show how others see the character
            • Not covered in makeup if they wont be wearing any
            • Not having brown hair if you app says blond
            • etc
        • Sexual preference
          • This is a mandatory question. This lets us know more about your character.
        • Appearance
          • Weight
            • The metric doesn't matter. We can run the conversion between imperial and metric easy enough.
          • Hair Color
          • Body Build (Muscular, Thin, Fat, Slightly overweight, etc.)
          • Tattoos if they have them
          • Glasses if they wear them
          • Anything else you can think of that would describe the physical appearance of your character
          • Be realistic regarding height and weight
            • No saying they are very muscular at 6'1" and 120lbs (this would be VERY skinny)
            • Keep this in mind in terms of skills
        • Occupation RP vs Mechanical
        • Item Kits
        • Character from the previous lore
          • This being accepted or not varies depending on the lore.
          • CURRENTLY as of 4/6/2018 this is allowed ONLY for characters that were very lightly used, or not really at all.
      • Personality Questions
        • These assist us in gauging the type of mentality of your character and how they would likely react in certain types of situations.
        • This is used by admins for example to ensure we do not have a server full of wimps or serial killers.
        • This information is also used inside the server. If your character starts going around and acting oddly and it does not reflect how they should be according to your application, we have a reference point and will then discuss it with you.
      • Character Background (Biography)
        • Read the lore
        • Read the lore
        • Read the lore
        • If post apocalypse...
          • Include what they did before the outbreak, during the initial outbreak and what they have been doing since then.
            • How have they survived?
            • Had they belonged to any other settlements?
            • Where have they been?
            • How did they get to the current area?
        • Do not try to inject your own lore of the world.
          • Generally speaking, the lores are based upon the real words history. This means that whatever was happening around the time the lore is set was likely to be happening in the lore, unless specified in the lore itself.
          • We will not accept changes to what the world was.
        • Be realistic
          • If you make a soldier, research military units, jobs and wars. Do not believe what you see in action movies. Believe what you see in documentaries. Not every soldier is a high speed, low drag, delta force, Army sniper, submarine door gunner. Find an MOS and do some research on it or ask the community. It is very possible there may be actual veterans who can assist you if needed.
          • Not all doctors know how to do everything. For example, most doctors can not make penicillin. A general doctor does not know how to perform surgery any more than a general surgeon knows how to treat sickness or viruses for the most part. That's why hospitals have medical teams with specialties.
        • Choose a profession you know something about.
          • If you know nothing about being a doctor, don't be a doctor or do a lot of research. Doctor is once again mentioned as doctors in game help determine the heal times of injured characters and are quite possibly one of the more complex professions as it requires a level of knowledge or common sense other professions do not. This needs to be semi realistic, as with treatment and many times there will not be time to research an injury to cover the basics.
        • Good or Bad?
          • Most people by base are good enough people so their reasons for being good do not generally need much description as to their reason
          • Bad people are usually bad for a reason.
            • Parental
            • School bullying
            • Poverty
            • High crime home (gangs for example)
            • Abused at a young age (common for serial killer types)
            • Mental illness (Schizophrenia, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Antisocial Personality Disorder)
              • Though none of these may 100% directly make someone bad, they can often times be found to add context and some measure of meaning to a persons actions.
        • Professions Expanded
          • We are very picky in regards to military and police
          • You must have at least basic prior knowledge of these if you choose to be one.
    • Failure to fill out all sections completely may result in your application being denied.
      • We will generally give a player a second chance at least to improve their application but if it shows a total lack of effort, it may be denied straight away.
      • Admins reserve the right to deny any application straight away if they deem that it is too bad.
        • If your application is denied straight away, you have the right to submit a support ticket to challenge this.
        • Submitting a new application will generally be much faster than a ticket, especially at the start of a lore.
      • We will do what we can to work with players to make their application the best that it can be. There is of course a limit to this but we will try.
        • Likely less so for players who have been a part of the community for an extended period of time. You should know better by a certain point.
    Banned Concepts:
    • Real life people (including yourself)
    • Characters in established media (a movie, book, TV show or anything like this)
    • Magical or supernatural characters (unless the lore specifically allows it)
    • Characters under the age of 16 (unless given prior approval by the admin team BEFORE submitting an application)
      • If approved, there WILL be certain restrictions put in place
    • Over the top racist characters unless it fits the lore.
      • Racist characters are not banned but there is a line for racism where it can be over the top
      • There have been over the top racists in the past, however this was under prior leadership.
      • Abuse will be handled on a case by case basis.
        • Generally given a warning in private first
        • After the first warning however, depending on what happens next and how it happens, no further warnings may be given resulting in a ban, de-whitelist or some form of punishment
          • Generally only if we think continued actions were on purpose

    Application Waiting Period:
    • Generally, applications take at least 24 hours to begin processing, and an additional 24 hours between admin replies. If you have not heard from an admin within...
      • 24 Hours - You may bump the application (post a comment to it)
      • 48 Hours - You may submit a support ticket
    • Asking for an admin to look at it before 24 hours will not get it processed any sooner.
    • Swearing at admins or complaining about it in excess about not being done quickly will likely get the application denied or the player removed from the community.
    Asking an admin to give starting items or skill levels in global chat:
    • Only ask once in global chat. No more. If an admin CAN get to you, they will.
    • If you persist, you may be punished depending on how badly you annoy the admins.

    Group Applications:
    • Include the name(s) of any other characters that are part of your group at the top of the character description section.
      • This way they can be processed at the same time easier.
    • You may request a teleport to each other when you are being given your requested starting items and additional skill levels if you have not found each other by then.
      • We can not teleport you to the other person unless they are online or they already have an established claim and you can accurately show them where it is using an online map.
    • Character backgrounds can be mostly the same since naturally they would be, but should also be written from each characters view point.
      • If they only met after the outbreak, each character should include their own backstory of what they did before the outbreak
    Old Characters descriptions from a previous lore:
    • These may be used, however their background MUST be changed to reflect the current lore.
    • You must state that this character is from a previous lore.
    • You must create a new save file so the skills are reset
      • Failure to do so is punishable
    • Admins reserve the right to deny past characters for any reason they see fit.
    These are general rules and may not specifically reflect the current lore rule regarding old characters. If you are unsure, ask an admin
    Requesting Character Specific Items:
    • This is allowed to request but will be accepted on a case by case basis.
      • This may include...
        • Additional Damage (Less likely to be approved)
        • Custom name (more likely to be approved)
        • Custom Range (Much less likely to be approved)

    Additional skill levels

      • These will no longer be an option with the introduction of assigning additional skill points for character creation in the configs.
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