Chelsea Barnes

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    Chelsea Barnes
    Biographical Information
    Current Status Alive
    OccupationSecondary School Student
    HairGolden Blonde
    Height5'0”/151.2 cm
    Weight89 lbs/40.3 kg
    Eye ColorHazel
    Issue and Volume Info
    First AppearanceIssue 1, Volume 1
    Last AppearancePresent


    Chelsea's a nativeborn resident of Valley Station, Kentucky born back in 2003. She lives with her mother, Charlotte Barnes not far from Stuart Middle School. Her mother works at the local hospital as a nurse, and is generally well liked by others in the neighborhood.

    The young girl has an innate curiosity towards things around her, and takes interest in a number of activities and hobbies. Having just started middle school several months prior, Chelsea enjoys spending time with her friends, listening to music, talking about fashion, and so on. However, she's no slouch when it comes to academics, and similar to her mother, believes she may want to go into the field of medicine when she's older.

    She does have some reservations and self doubts about herself, especially with how other may perceive her and how she can act. Overall, she's cheerful and upbeat, but sometimes the stress of school life can get to her. Overall, she's a fairly normal girl, for the most part.

    The last months have started to show their effect on the girl, however. Already an inquisitive girl, it wouldn't take Chelsea too long to develop some understanding of the stakes. She had gone out, she had lived out there, and she had developed some idea of what to do around the place. Though she continues to retain a sense of respect for those around her, she may find herself holding reservations and issues with how the adults run things. It's been a long few months, but at least it's been relatively peaceful for a few months... No sign of the old world coming back, though.

    Chelsea's still growing, taking on three more inches since this all began... it's clear that her mental state, though hardened, is plagued by what she's been through and seen in the last few months. Occasionally she'll suffer from nightmares, or bouts of sadness. However, even through all this, the girl tries to keep looking up. There's no use in suffering in life, after all.

    Chelsea feels doubtful of herself and others near her.


    A young girl starting to go through puberty, Chelsea's growing, but currently sits at 4'7" and weighs around 81 pounds. With dark hazel filling her eyes and a bright, golden blonde cut that stretches just past her shoulders, and a blue hairband to match, she's pretty.

    Since the start of the Red Eye Outbreak, Chelsea's wardrobe has severely diminished in favor of clothing that suits the situation better. Dropping most any sense of fashion, the only vestige of her clothing before the outbreak is the blue hairband running over her hair and the red sweatshirt when it's not raining. She opts for darker or more pastel clothing, wearing a grey shirt beneath her hoodie and dark jeans. When outside, she wears a bandana around her neck, easily accessible to somewhat diminish the terrible rot of the infected and trash in her home town.

    Chelsea's grown to 5'0" in the ten or so months that have passed since the start of the outbreak, going through several growth spurts along the way. Her hair has since grown to her shoulders, still relatively clean and brushed with proper self care she indulges in. Those that approach her without her cap on will no doubt notice two brunette streaks down the left side of her hair, no doubt a dyeing attempt gone bad. Or a stylistic choice. She's a teenager, clearly going through a lot.

    With the onset of winter and the growing chill, the girl rarely steps out with a warm change of clothes. When outside, a blue knit cap snugly covers her head, white patterns inlaid the wool while the red bandana has been replaced by a grey and white scarf wrapped tightly around her neck. Having an assortment of coats and jackets, her choice may range from a more water proof ski jacket to a warmer wool coat, padded pants or trousers following suit. These are capped with brown leather gloves and hiking boots, ensuring her some protection from the ever prevalent cold and wind.

    Current Thoughts:
    "Everything's falling down. Everyone's falling down and I can't do anything about it... I can't help them... Just a dumb they always said.."

    Charlotte Barnes: ...I hope you're okay, Mom... I don't know if you'd be so happy with everything that's me, and..some things I've done. I've gotten some friends..a-and I think I'm doing okay at least.. the adults say I'm better than some of the adults so that's good, right? But.. It's still really hard.. I know that Louisville is probably filled with those monsters. I don't want to think about it, but that's what it seems like.. Hopefully you're still okay.. I know it's.. It's...probably not true, is it.. you're're probably gone..

    Abigail Baker: You're always free to come to my house, Miss Abby. You're always really nice to talk with, kind of...gets my mind off all the stuff going on.

    Mister Anderson: Well it certainly seems like you don't believe me...

    Mister Don: I'm sorry that all that stuff's happened at the mall. Thanks for being there for me when I needed it. Hope you guys got enough supplies like you needed! It'll be important for so many people in one place, and the winter and all.

    Mister Miles: Well I tried to take your words to heart, to learn how things really are, to try and better myself, cause we aren't going back, but I guess none of that matters... you probably hate me too.. whatever... it was a waste of life, you know that...

    Rebecca: Never. Ever. Drag me to something like that again, okay Rebecca..?

    'Castle'/Castillo: I hope that you've been able to come to terms with all of what happened... thanks for the information and all, about Louisville and stuff..? I hope you and those other people stay safe.

    Mister Arthur: Thank you for trying to help me and Rebecca find a place to stay, and letting us stay in the fence while we're out searching. I hope that you don't feel too bad with everything..

    Sam: I don't know what to say at this point... I'm.. my place is always open, if you need some place to stay, though.. I can understand if you don't want to.. will get better, okay? Don't..starve yourself or hurt yourself or do anything dumb like that, please.. You're like, one of the few people I can consider a friend nowadays..

    Charlotte Emerson: That 'Iranian Ambassador' person is really weird, huh.. I need to ask you about her at some point, see what happened while I that Giga Mart and all.

    Elliot: I'm sorry that things haven't been good the couple times we've met. I hope things get better for you... sorry about your friends, both the girl that was hurt and...the 'friends' that...betrayed you and the mall's trust...

    Mister Clint: You're kinda blunt at times, but...I do appreciate you giving advice and being there for me. If you wanna listen to music, my phone's always charged and stuff. It's pretty nice having music, yeah.. a-and I'm getting better with the guitar. Just don't call me 'squirt' anymore, okay?

    Mister Majid: Sorry we didn't really get back to you.. I should try visiting sometime..yeah, maybe.

    Mister M: I'm happy that I could be of service. I'm looking forward to how this deal pans out! Stay safe out there!

    'Doctor' Harper: I apologized. Not like that matters with you, does it. I'll stay out of the infirmary. Fine by me.

    God you're..just a.. a bitch...

    British Guy: You really.. are just a big jerk, a big bully at heart, aren't you?

    Miss Lynch: Thanks for helping me with my notes and showing me some stuff..

    Yen: Thanks for protecting me and Rebecca when we were out. I didn't even want to be there...and thanks for finding Sam. I don't think I would have seen her in the drifts like that...Lucky you were there to help.

    Devlin: I'm sorry about that.. I'm sorry that I made you angry..I'm sorry that I made you angry that you're probably going to get kicked out.. You..You should've acted smarter but..I'm sorry..

    Mister Emerson: Thank you for caring about me.. I'm sorry.. I couldn't return much of the favor, if at all.. And that I didn't take your lessons to heart, much.

    Miss Lexi: Stay safe, it's really cold...

    Logan Victor Karths: I'm sorry that we couldn't get your body..that.. I didn't..that thing.. You didn't deserve what happened to you.. I won't forget you, Mister Logan.

    Hanna Alden: I wish you were still here. It'd be nice to have you around..

    Mister Alden: ...

    Mister Shepherd: You're dead. I don't know why you did what you did, but what I saw in that freezer was not right. Not at all...

    Logan Spencer/Tom Spencer: ...???

    Bethany: ...

    Miss Maggie: Please watch over Sam from above.. I know that you wouldn't want her to hurt herself, like my Mom to me. Keep her safe.

    Heaven: I still wonder if you had to die like that.. Even if you were mean sometimes, I don't think you deserved to die like that... what a waste of life...

    Mister Talal: I don't know what happened to you, but I assume they did..o-or you left.. hopefully?

    Police Officer Lady (Jill): I don't know where you went.

    Warehouse Group: What happened up there..?

    'Jeep Man': Haven't seen you in a long time. Good. Stay away from me.

    Chelsea's beloved Border Collie, Jane has been with the family for nearly seven years, adopted as a pupper from the local kennel. Considering Charlotte's continuous and constant work as a nurse, she saw fit to get her daughter a companion that would be around for her as she worked late into the morning at the hospital. Jane's a loving dog for her family and has been lovingly trained by Chelsea to follow a number of orders and tricks. She's generally nice to others, though has an intuitive sense of people that may be good or bad, and will react accordingly to protect her human.

    Janie's grown wearier over the past year, the stresses of the zombie apocalypse clearly taking a toll on the canine.

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