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    Her whole body screamed, telling her to stop, to step back from the gorge. Though her eyes were shut, Chelsea could practically feel them clawing at her. Thoughts sprinted through her frame of mind. She was innocent, a bystander, she told herself. She didn’t deserve this. That black man, he had been snooping around the crowd. The mall were trying to do something. It couldn’t be her. It wasn’t her fault, she didn’t do anything, she didn’t deserve to die!

    Neither did Becky. A thought came to her. Neither did Janet. Neither did Mikaela, it went on. Not even Roxanne and Margo and Jackie… your Mother didn’t deserve this. Tears stained her cheeks. Hanna, Rebecca, Sam, Miss Maggie, Heaven.. Nobody deserved this..

    Nobody wants you, another voice told her. Nobody cares about you. All you do is cause trouble, all you’ve done is ruin other people. A hitched sob. You don’t deserve to keep on going, Chelsea. That’s what they’re all thinking. The black man, the white woman, Jack, Mister Miles, British man. One must go. And you’re the least valuable, the voice chided and goaded. One last step.

    One last step, and you’ll be with Mom.

    Mom..I can only hope..only pray... With that thought in mind, the girl balled her hands into fists and lifted her leg, leaning forward. The wails and shrieks of the red eyed below seemed to fade, at least for a moment as she felt the rush of ice cold against her face.




    Chelsea jolted awake, the brief shock of pain dissipating near instantly. Bright white threatened to burn her eyes, forcing them shut once more. Rubbing at her eyes, the girl sniffled for a moment before chancing a look. Blinking rapidly, she quickly acclimated herself to her surroundings. Sitting in an operating bed, the sanitinary white tile flooring and aquamarine wallpaper and a curtain cordoning her off gave her an idea of where she was. “...An..A hospital room..?” she asked, before calling out. “D-Doctor Harper..? Mister Don? S-Sam?”

    With no response, Chelsea paused, completely taking in her surroundings. Stickers of Disney princesses and stylized animals stuck to the walls whilst a slightly deflated balloon with the words “GET WELL SOON!” emblazoned on it hung from the end of her bed. To her left was a small table, a water bottle, small vase with a couple dead daisies and tulips, and several cards laying atop it.

    Taking one, she read it aloud to herself. “Chelsea, I really hope you’re feeling better. School’s really not the same without you. Mrs. Bennett said that you’d be back by the end of winter break, but it’s already March. Your Mom said you were doing well, but you’re not answering your phone or anything. I’m really worried. Hope you get better soon, Mikaela.” Perplexed, Chelsea glanced over at the other cards. “Mikaela..? But..that..makes no sense..?” Still confused, the girl turned her legs off the edge of the bed. Nothing seemed to hurt.. She slid out, slipping her feet into a pair of conveniently placed slippers.

    “Doctor Harper..? Mister Miles?” she called again as she drew the curtains aside, poking her head out. Instead of the familiar mall layout, she was met with a large room, a reception style desk in the middle with doors flanking it. “This feels...familiar..?” she mumbled to herself as she shuffled along towards the exit, keeping nice and quiet. Who knows where she was.. She didn’t have a weapon, and there could be zombies or hostile people around the bend. Perhaps even the Lazarines.. Gingerly opening the door she poked her head forth, met with a quiet and empty hallway. More stickers were pasted to the wall alongside various medical posters. The soft sift of her sandals shuffling along the stone floor seemed to be the only sound.

    Empty. Meeting no resistance whatsoever, the girl finally began to ease her movements, gradually adopting a normal walking pace. Remaining quiet as she made her way along, Chelsea found the hallways seeming to stretch onward and onward, twisting and turning like a maze yet never stopping with a dead end. Almost any faux familiarity that she felt with the area drifted away as she trekked onward. After several minutes of walking, Chelsea stopped dead in her tracks, a figure standing before her at the end of the hall. It had its back to her, yet for whatever reason, a wayward sense of calm and ease washed over the girl as she began to approach the figure.

    As she drew closer, the person grew ever clearer. She was clad in burgundy scrubs, covering a somewhat plump figure. It was the same nurse uniforms she had gotten so used to seeing at Norton Hospital growing up. Gently flowing golden blonde hung from the head, tied back into a ponytail, culminating in one singular thought. “...Mom..?”

    The woman turned at the teenager’s voice. It was the same face she had remembered, the one she had waited for, the one she had wanted to see, the one she had for so long missed. With a big rosy smile, the woman cocked her head to the side, already blinking away tears. “Sweetie..I’ve been waiting so long..”

    Any pretense against crying crumbled in an instant as Chelsea ran up to her mother, bringing her arms around her, her mother embracing her in return. “M-Mooom..!” she cried into her scrubs, wiping her face against that still recognizable uniform, all the familiar senses returning to her as she held on.

    “There there, sweetie..” that honey voice touched her ears. “I’m sorry that I left you in such a terrible, terrible situation.. I should have been there for you..” Chelsea let out a hitched sob as she listened, burying her face into her mother’s clothing.

    “I-I’m sorry, Mom, I’m sorry that I c-couldn’t find you..!” she cried into her. “I’m sorry that, that I didn’t..I didn’t..” she trailed off slowly pulling her head back. “..I..I’m..”

    “...Yes, sweetie..but..we’re together, and I promise you I’m never going to leave you alone again.” Charlotte comforts her daughter, gingerly rubbing her back.

    Chelsea let out another hitched sob, rubbing at her eyes as she looks back at down the hall whence she came. “I-I’m sorry I..I..couldn’t do better..I couldn’t keep..” she trails off, another sob.

    “Sweetie.. You were amazing.. I watched you grow up, and you’ve become a fine young lady. I’m proud of you, Chelsea..” her mother told her, beaming down at her daughter. “I just wish I could have been there for you..” she kneels down and pecks Chelsea’s forehead. “You could never disappoint me, Sweetie..”

    Chelsea rubbed at her eyes, managing a smile through her sobbing as she looked up at her mother. “Y-y-you mean it, Mom..?” she asked.

    “Of course, Chelsea, I’d never lie to you.. I love you, sweetie.” Charlotte tells her before a cheeky smirk grows on her lips. “It would have been nice of you to introduce me to your friends. Rebecca seems like a nice girl, and so does that Sam girl. I would’ve loved to cook up something nice for the three of you.” she tells Chelsea.

    “Th-that would..would be really great, Mom.. I’m sure we would have loved it.” Chelsea responded, rubbing at her nose and sniffling once more. Still looking up at her mother, she watched as a faint glow enveloped the hall. A doorway appeared, a bright, golden light shimmering through two glass panes.

    “Well it looks like it’s time then.” Charlotte murmured before beaming back to her daughter. “Lets go for a walk, sweetie. Your friends are all waiting for you, you know. Becky and Mikaela, Hanna and many more. I’m sure they’ll love hearing stories from you.” she told Chelsea, holding her hand out.

    Hesitating for a moment, a smile slid on the girl’s lips as she took her mother’s hand. “...I can’t wait, Mom.” the girl told her mother, looking at the doorway as it opened up. Squeezing her mom’s hand, Chelsea stepped towards the light...

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    Damn. Chelsea was one of my favorite characters of the lore...

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