Cody Shepherd

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    Cody Shepherd
    Character Info
    Gender: Male
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Age: 30
    Born in:Nevada
    Date of Birth: 4/17/1986
    Date of Death: N/a
    Height: 6'0
    Weight: 194 Lbs
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Eyes: Light Green
    Blood Type: A+
    Body Build: Big and lean
    Religion: Unknown
    More Information
    Confirmed Uninfected Kill Count: 5
    Confirmed Infected Kill Count: 109
    Health: Deceased
    Last seen: 4/27/15
    Location: Corydon, KY


    To those he left at the hospital.

    I knew it was goin to happen, seems the fall's begun sooner than anticipated.

    Looks like war may be our only choice... That or run as quick as we can. Just how do you kill something that's already dead?
    Cody most notably wears an army multi cam uniform, combat vest and helmet. Due to the nature of the outbreak he also wears MOPP level 4 bio-hazard equipment. Weather it's out of habit or for another reason remains unknown. Only times it's seen off the man is while eating or in a substantially safe and secure setting.





    3/25/15 - Valley Station, Ky

    So I lost my other journal, going to start a new one up and try to keep better track of it. Just a quick recap, I fucked up at the hospital, most of my unit’s dead or missing after I left them. I lost Burk to a bandit raid while trying to make it to the mall. Got there a few days later, and things seemed rocky like the Quarantine up North, but perhaps a bit better. Fewer folks coming through. Anyways, talked with a few folks at the mall but the things there was a big ol’ mess. I didn’t find out who was runnin’ the joint ‘till a week later. So poor management and around a week after I showed up we started to see who the crazies were. Macmillan seemed alright but after a while, the guy seemed really shooty to everyone he’d have an issue with. Had to go help some poor girl that got stuck somewhere with loads of lurkers. I used my ambulance to pull ‘em away to the airfield where I had earlier in the week pulled. Numbers were around three thousand then. The thing broke down on the side of the road so I had to run back to the mall. Now upon making it back, things were insane. The better part of two hours was spent arguing in front of one of the weakest exits. It would come to no surprise that shit went tits up real fast. I still blame Mac for that. It’s not that hard to lock someone up in a bathroom and deal with them later. I left the mall for good later that night with a few others that didn’t deserve the fate of the mall.

    Made it out to a small gas station for around another week. I think that was week three… Maybe four? Regardless we weren’t there for too long. Had around 9 people crammed into a tiny two-story house. Was about to expand thing before some nutjobs came by off the highway lookin’ for a quick score. Hit one of the pumps with somethin’ big to cause it to explode. Thank god nobody was hurt but the building we’ve been staying in was half burnt down. The rain really saved us then. Managed to salvage most of the things from the house and moved over to a nearby storage lot.

    Feels weird thinking back on all of this, so much has happened since this has all started. Somewhere in between leaving the mall and the gas station, I met an awesome girl named Octavia. Things were really movin’ fast between us when we first met but, thinking about it who would have blamed us? End of the world with sick people trying to beat the shit out of you? I was definitely taken aback for a while with how things started. Only dealt with a few forward women in my time since joining the army. Thinking back to when she first called for me on the radio, I was like, ‘who the hell is this girl?’ Middle of drivin’ infected to the airfield when I heard her message. Got back from that, had a brief chat with her in the pharmacy and was so confused. Had no idea why she was so… Interested? I don’t really have the word. Just oddly overprotective of me. After a few days, I got sick of her teasing me and decided to let her in. Became a thing not long after. First girl I’ve felt that way since Abby. Really wonder how she’s handling the world like this. That’s if she made it out of Louisville.

    The storage lot was secure but crappy. Complete mess, no proper housing, restrooms or sanitation. Did our best to get it together. Trying to think of major things that happened there and I’m honestly drawing a huge blank right now aside from what Octavia pulled. Mostly minor work and conversations but that was it. Thought about movin’ to Lexi’s group by the river, though that sorta just fell through. I know I went out a few times without telling Octavia and I know that’s been pissing her off. Hard to change an old habit. Felt bad for my parents but when I got activated in ‘06 and posted in Kandahar International. Bein an MP with a dog was a pain but it was what it was. Had to make sure things wouldn’t make it past the gate and into the base. Just remember having to tell my parents I was doing just fine. Now being on the gate wasn’t the most dangerous job there but it’s up there. Kinda translated over to me not going out of my way tellin’ anyone where I was going unless it was relevant at the moment. Got back from trying to track down a military transport bird after a few days, tried to decompress and write my thoughts down. [Lost that journal by the way.] Come to find out, she was actin’ all weird once I was back because she was cheating me with Moose. The fuckin football star. Really, doing what she did over what I had been working on fixing over the few weeks we’d known each other? It’s not the same level of betrayal. I’ve started to forgive her, but I’m still uneasy about things. I know I’m getting off track here to elaborate for myself but the things I’ve let her do really got me worried. Recently I’ve been letting her get away with things that I shouldn’t, shoving and threatening her brother? Letting her fuck that trader to help us get a better gun? Letting her beat up Ivy to teach her how to fight? Why have I just been watching her do these things? She’s pregnant and I’ve just… Been watching like a coach from the sidelines. A really shit coach. I’m going to talk to her about things once we get to my old place. Things should be calm enough to get her sorted out. Best of luck getting back home.

    4/07/15 - North East of Shepherdsville, Ky

    So we made it through the edge of Louisville today. Surprised we managed to make it through with all the cars piled up on the off ramp. Made camp along Knob Creek road in one of the abandoned houses. Tried talking with Octavia about recent things between us. Not much luck, kinda clammed up. Heading to bed. Really hope she’ll understand lest she become what she claimed to hate.

    4/08/15 - Irvington, Ky

    Made it through a town named after me. Shepherdsville. Hardy har har. Might need to move there as a bit of a joke. Jokes aside, we made it a-okay to our stop point in Irvington before we stopped to look for canned food and gas.

    Found enough to last us the rest of the trip I hope, barring any major problems. Nothing else to report. Going to hit the hay.

    4/09/15 - Lewisport, Ky

    Was treckin’ along alright until we got to Hardinsburg, abnormal amount of infected possibly from surrounding towns or fort knox. Made a detour around it just fine, landing us in Lewisport if I’m right. Road sign was missing so who knows. Tavia’s been really quiet along the drive. Got me worried.

    Finally got to talk about things. Said my peace about how I’m worried about her, with all that’s happened and if she needed to talk she can talk with me. It’s been as much my fault letting her do what she did as it was hers. She didn’t say much but I get it.




    4/4/15 - Home, Ky

    So we finally made it to my old home before things hit the fan. Glad to be back, not much was touched including most of my old deployment gear. Vests, uniforms, belts, gloves... all of it's still here surprisingly. Plans to stay here as long as we can away from the grief of the world. Here's hopin it can last. Maybe it can. I don't think I'll be writing in this for a bit, while we're here. Till then. I'll see you around.

    4/26/15 - Home, Ky

    So far so good. Things have been quiet up until yesterday. Had a large convoy of vehicles drive by us. Good mix of military and civilian. All headed east. Can only hope it's good news, but till we find out we're keeping quiet. Not sure I'd like for us to be conscripted into traveling the road again. Especially with Tavia's pregnancy.
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    Close Friend

    *Storage Lot Group -
    Sorry I left you all behind, I hope y'all can understand we have a kid on the way and have bigger priority's
    . I would have asked but I don't think anyone would have wanted to leave for uncertain grounds in hopes of finding someplace better. Here's hoping it IS better.
    I don't know what happened to you but I'm coming to look for you. All of you.

    Mall Group -
    I don't agree with how things were run when I was there. But sorry I left things the way I did, wasn't right. Hope that someday you can come to forgive me. Really do wish you the best of luck out there in staying alive.

    ? Octavia ? - I found your bag at the old gas station. For the love of all things good I pray nothing bad has happened to you. Not sure what I'd do if I found out something happened to either of you.

    ? Shima Tether ? - I owe you one savin Roxie back in
    Afghanistan, real worried she wasn't going to make it with the shrapnel she got. Hope you made it out of the hospital alright brother.

    * Baylor Burk - Real sorry I let you down man, I was your best man and I couldn't make sure you'd make it back to your family. I'll find them one day and give them your tags. Hope you can forgive me for bringing you along when I left. I'm sorry...

    aac Castillo
    - 'You too Isaac, really helped havin you and Whit back there tellin me when to speed up or slow down to keep em infected in check.' - 'Always look out for your own and keep up the good work takin care of your crew.' - I know Tavia's pissed at us both but you held it together back there. Thanks for not leaving me behind.

    Lincoln Whittaker - 'Thanks for spottin lurkers for me while we lead em away from the mall group. I owe you one.' - 'Sorry I had to pull you folks from the mall. I know the choice was yours but I shouldn't have asked you to leave for the sake of your safety. Just wasn't enough time to warn people and sort out bickering before the infected got there... It was just a matter of time. Though guess it's somethin we'll have to work through and try to improve.' - 'Best make a recovery from that infection you got. I need your help keepin this together and makin something of this place for folks.'
    Hope you're doing okay wherever you guys are. I'll find you.

    Lexi - Alright girl, made me more than one meal. Good head on shoulders. - I'm still thinkin on that merger. May or may not be for the best.

    Theo - You've been a big help around the storage lot. Thanks a bunch man. Sorry for gettin you involved in the whole relationship drama.

    Chelsea - Feel bad for you kid, not havin a mother with you in this mess. Sorry that you're goin to have to grow up in this mess.
    Wonder if you're still here.

    * Tyler Aaron - Pretty alright guy, helped show me around the mall.

    *Ivy - Sorry about having to leave you with that mess. Thanks for not ruining things with me and Octavia. Gotta make it up to you.

    *Moose - You're a prick man. Seriously. May not like you but I wonder where you guys all went.

    John MacMillan - I don't think it's your fault what happened at the mall did but you damn well played a big part with your bullheadedness. Wonder if you guys at the mall have changed at all. One can hope I guess.

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    Character Info
    Gender: Female
    Breed: Belgian Malinois
    Age: 9
    Born in: Unknown
    Date of Birth: 2/8/2006
    Date of Death: N/a
    Height: 26 inches
    Weight: 45lbs
    Hair: Black and Brown
    Eyes: Dark Brown
    Blood Type: B+

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    the man, the legend
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    Preferred Sheppard, tbh.
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    Surprised anyone noticed the change. I changed it because it kept fucking with me when trying to spell German Shepherd.
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    Shepherd is now officially retired! Perhaps we will see more of the man in the future. Going to try and see about coming up with a story about his travels outside of Valley Station and the world all around.
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    Also added a rough kill count to his tab. Let me know if this might be a bit much.
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    Small relationship update and Journal update to 5/29/15.
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    Small bump. Working on a few entries as they've been at their house out of the lore. Should have some more added in the following hours.
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    Minor Relationship update! Tried to update them just a bit let me know if I'm missing you and need to get you on there.