Coming to Terms, Thomas Parish

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    “Was this it?
    This couldn’t be the end, could it?
    Everything we lost, was it all worth it?”

    The worries, the fears, the anxieties all returned to him.
    As if it was the beginning.

    It was almost fitting being surrounded by water now.
    Right back where he began.

    Though this isn’t much like Lake Cumberland, is it?
    The crashing of the river against the boat wasn’t quite the rhythmic floating over the lake.
    Those long stints of silence, held both by father and son, two who could never understand one another.

    It always felt like it was out of reach in his childhood.
    Always felt like he was one step behind.

    Now, here he stands.

    Adrift at sea.
    Those that nurtured, cared for him, lost at the coast line.
    Why is it now that he stay one step ahead of the world,
    While they lag behind him?

    Did it matter really?

    Don, Victoria, John, Lexi, hell even Tyler, did any of them matter now?
    It seems nothing more than a drop of water amongst an ocean of it.
    Where was that bridge that saved them so long ago?

    It all began with a mere ring of the bell.
    The creaking of a door.
    The sighing of the wind.
    Faces of worry and apprehension.

    Where were those faces now?
    They surely were somewhere.
    But their reflections didn’t lie in this water.

    Then again, does the face from that gas station reflect in this water?
    Do these scars mark someone different, or is that which cannot be seen that’d determine something so paramount?

    If all of this could transpire in a year, what will it look like the next year?
    Or the next five?
    Even the next twenty?

    It is nothing anyone can know.
    Not even Thomas himself.

    It can only be witnessed, a journal with pages waiting to be filled.

    Night had fallen now.
    Stars shining brightly over his head.

    Though his head never lifted up, not nudged nor budged.
    Finally he be content where he stares.
    It was him, the water, and his thoughts.

    And for the moment?

    That’s all he will need.


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