Diana Esparza

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    Diana Esparza
    Biographical Information
    Date of birth.08/06/1973
    BirthplaceLouisville, KY
    Weight136 lbs.
    Hair ColourBrown
    Eye ColourBrown
    FamilyFelipe - Father (Dead)
    More Information


    Diana is a tall biracial woman, standing at 5"8 and being of peak physical fitness. She has a thick head of curly brown hair and her eyes are a deep brown colour, while her skin is relatively fair for a woman of colour. Her cheeks are angular and lips full; you may notice a shade of gentle rouge on them.​

    A well-dressed woman, Diana is wearing a pair of slim-fitting skinny jeans and a pair of high brown boots. Her quilted red jacket is of a high quality; someone kind of designer brand, and matched with a comfy scarf.


    Independent is Diana's middle name. There is nothing sweeter than the sense of freedom for Diana, with the life of the road that she has been living before the valley suiting her just fine. She's the mean what you say and say what you mean kind of woman, but she is a woman who values social norms and respects conventions. Diana gets things done. Ambitious and confident, while Diana prefers getting things down by herself, she's more than happy to work with other people for everybody's best interests. She is a balanced and respectable leader.


    Neutral Negative Friends Platonic Romantic



    "Thank you for letting me stay for a couple of nights. That was kind of you, but I'll have to be out of your hair soon enough."

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