Dr. Harper

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    !! Disclaimer !! - Thoughts, actions and statements made by this character, does not reflect the ones of the player


    D R . - H A R P E R
    V A S C U L A R - S U R G E O N
    A pretty face can be a mask, hiding an ugly soul
    Height: 1.69m - Weight: 66kg - Bust: 300cc - Waist: 68cm - Hips: 91cm

    Dominant traits:
    - Vain, charming, trenchant, private, outgoing, socialite, professional,
    - Slightly unstable, licentious, snarky, habitual drug user, impatient, egocentric.


    Known Information:
    - Harper is the acting medical professional of the Mall Group, being a licensed surgeon.
    - Her sense of fashion is highly impractical, and she is always spotted donning heels, makeup and fashionable clothes underneath her labcoat.
    - She arranges social gatherings now and again, and is putting an effort into boosting morale in her own way.
    - Despite her extrovertism and chatty nature, little to nothing is known about her private life, nor her life before the outbreak.

    before: 8
    - Harper has a strong, general dislike of children. Whether there is a reason behind it or not, has yet to be revealed.
    - Since arriving, Harper has not left the mall more than once, and has verbally expressed growing restless.
    - During a time of crisis and a lack of resources, Harper has shown resourcefulness and an ability to perform complex medical procedures with what she has on hand.
    - Harper is known to take payment for medical treatment in the form of supplies or favors.

    - Despite essentially staying out of conflict, Harper is no stranger to voicing her opinion behind closed doors.
    - Harper has proved to work well under pressure, but crack when left idle for too long. She does not handle boredom well, and longer exposure leaves her agitated.
    - Her patience varies greatly from person to person and situation to situation.
    - Despite an outgoing nature, Harper appears to prefer to stay in the background during times of conflict, unless her assistance is absolutely needed. She tends to remain passive and instead spends her energy on the aftermath, de-escalating and tending to the injured.

    after: 1

    T H E M E

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    Harper's Relationships
    - "I'm a firm believer in a favor for a favor... And I happen to get very thankful, when someone does me a solid"

    Abigail - Inessential, what does she do?

    Anderson - Liked, he's a sweet little novelty, who ought to get in line.

    Api - Inconcluded, little more bark than anticipated. Marvelous.

    Billy - Provisory, does tricks for treats.

    Chelsea - Shunned, selfish brats are not martyrs of moral. Needs to be taught a lesson in reality.

    Clint - Pleasing, potentially the finest investment, so far. If he lives up to it.

    Don - Tentative, an uncertain factor.

    Elliott - Pitiful, time will tell if saving his life was a mistake.

    Heaven - Annoyance, she is a nuisance and what else? So far, nothing but trouble.

    Leclair - Fruitful, an extra pair of hands does wonders.

    Lynch - Refreshing, a blast. If she would keep her nose to herself.

    Miles - Admiration, a potential benefactor. Has earned his share of good favor.

    Robert - Cordial, but where did he go?

    Sam - Ambivalent, a reminder of why children are horrible.

    Thomas - Conditional, while irritating at times, he is tolerated for his decent work.

    Collage art by the amazing Devon

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    For quotes - WIP
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    Itsy bitsy bump, as a few changes has been made to the relationship chart along the way

    Disclaimer has been added (I really can't believe I need this, but okay)
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    I missed whatever happened but my nosey ass really wants to know lol...
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    Slightly larger update than usual!
    - More known info added.
    - Relationships updated to fit the current status quo.
    - More relationships added.
    - Among other things.

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