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  1. How to Fix AGN's Community Problems - Together

    Problems at Hand
    Alright, just going to jump straight into this. The current problems I see with the community at a whole is; no one is willing to change; no one is proactive in this community like they used to be; too much RP is relied on admin created events and their RP. Out of all of these, the main focus should be on the very last one listed, but all three need to be fixed individually and as a whole.

    The first one shall be fixed by even taking a bit of time to just sit down and think. No more is needed. Just think, "How do I contribute to this server? What can I do to make new members feel welcome? How can I better my own RP and those around me by just being a better PERSON in the community?" These things should only be answered by you, the player. Just make sure when doing this, you follow the rules put into place.

    The second one listed comes with the first naturally. Make these changes yourself. No one else is going to do it for you, no one else is going to hold your hand like it's been done in the past, just you, yourself and your head. This, overall, will make the entire community as a whole better for everyone here. Now we all know the community needs a community-wide change. I, myself, need to work on a few things so no one is left out of this. We need to help the ones that cannot help themselves and those that can, we need to learn to leave alone and let them do their own thing. They are not your responsibility.

    The third one, the last one listed and arguably the hardest one to change. We love events and admin driven RP. Everyone does, less work for us, right? Wrong. We have already conditioned ourselves to think this way. That the only RP we can make is that of an admin's event. We are overstimulated and it needs to stop. Starting with... the admins. I am not afraid to speak my mind and I want you who actually read this to know before I go on. This part is absolutely everyone's fault. I can't just blame admins or players. Admins, bare with me. You guys need to develop a better and healthier blend of lore-events and side-events. Sometimes I get confused what is what. You can't just run this server with an event every single week or whatever, you have to lay off the events and keep them a majority of lore changing/furthering events. If we continue the way we are, it'll drive more players away and make them think even more they can't create their own RP's. Which happens to be happening as I was typing this text. Just find the balance the server needs so it can continue to live.

    As for the community... Death. It's apart of everyday life, we are surrounded by it. So why can't it happen in RP? It is the biggest drive for RP and character development and all this and that. Don't just go around calling "LAG!" when your character suffers a wound you don't want, just because you might die. I know it happens and I have a few names of people who still do it. Stop. It's unrealistic. No one gets magically healed in the real world so why be healed in server? I personally think there should be no heals at all unless you have proof it was 100% lag and only that (Also falling into a missing floor can be healed but nothing more).

    My Ideas
    So, this is where my genius mind comes in and throws down a better idea then to make a Looney Tune x NBA crossover with Micheal Jordan as the lead. (Welcome to the Jam)

    One idea I had was unrestricted player events. Now Tibby, don't look at me like that, I am not finished. Basically, this would allow easier player driven RP that is solely in the hands of the players, no admins involved (except in a later part of this idea). If players are really bored of RP for whatever reason their could be, they could use the forums here and post in a sub forum called "Player Events." Here, they can describe in full detail of what event they want to do and when. Also, an application can come with the rights of posting here. They can apply for their event to get accepted. Obviously you can also make a limit of how many events get accepted per week. Let's throw some numbers around. You could make a rule saying no more then 14 events a week, 2 per day (Just numbers nothing I actually mean.) So out of all the applications, you choose 14 and assign them times like a schedule to when they can host these events. Just an idea.

    Another thing is to bring back Character Anonymity. Please. I hate running around in the server for a message in y top left window saying "I see you" from another player who is in front of me. The only problem is, everyone is friends with everyone. I just can't see why it helps when you know everyone's character and who they're played by. Calm down.

    Anyways, just ideas.

    Other Thoughts Up For Discussion
    -Ban toxic players with no room for bullshit
    -Lore is fine, no need to reset or anything right now
    -Better Character development and diversity
    -More Discussion between players and respect
    -No more salt or OOC or lesbian jokes. It's over and no longer funny, please mature.

    Disclaimer: I am a mere player voicing their opinion. I kindly ask you all to respect these opinions and each others for whoever actually replies and/or reads. If you spread salt, I will kindly ask you to remove yourself from this thread. I can talk to better people then you.
  2. RickDeckard

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    Oct 7, 2015
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    Ehhh with an exodus of players who were the main players of the lore, I don't think it would make much sense to continue the lore. I feel as if I have no incentive to play on the server right now.
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  3. This lore is perhaps the most stable one we have ever had (Since I was here). It makes perfect sense to continue it, but if the Admins want something different, then by all means, let's just do something. I like you Rick, and I have to say it would be sad for you to leave the community/server. But I also understand. Not much is happening with this lore anymore which can make it go two ways; End or Somehow Refreshed. I just want to help with the main problems that I have listed and others have said or thought. There's quite a few tbh.
  4. Jack Bauer

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    Feb 3, 2015
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    Populations rise and fall all the time on New Dawn, what we have is a sound reputation as the longest lasting PZ server around and with one of the best pings and best player counts. Tibby should be running our Indiestone thread, and from there we can rebuild the server population with minimal difficulties.

    Admins should form a temporary faction and all players who want to form a large community should be encouraged to go there so people can leave their packs of 1, 2 people and form a large group. That way we can stabilize our player base with a large RP hub. It worked for the Citadel and it will work here.
  5. Devon

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    Jan 10, 2019
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    Hey guys,

    All of this stuff is being read with care. Thank you all for posting the feedback.

    A lot of things are being considered, and you guys are awesome for shooting out each and every one of these suggestions.

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