Elliot St. Clair

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    Name: Elliot St. Clair
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male

    Height: 5'7"
    weight: 145lbs
    Face Claim: Dane DeHaan
    (Kill Your Darlings)

    Personality: Elliot is a very polite and shy and does his best to stay out of trouble. He believes that everyone can get along if they just talk about things and not result to violence. He is a sweet boy that tries to make everyone happy, he knows that with his condition right now he can't really do anything else.

    Now a days: Elliot's optimism wavers as depression seems to be taking control of him. As well as some level of survivors guilt.

    Things to Note:

      • Elliot lost the entire lower half of his right leg below the knee due to a horribly infected foot injury. He now walks on a singular crutch he has had since he arrived at the mall. His right shoe is also tied to this crutch.

      • Elliot was going to college for a degree in communications. His main goal in life was to bring peace through speeches and words rather than wars and needless violence.. He fits in the mall very well. (I'm a liar)
    Storage Lot- Gone
    Requis Marcus- Trusted/Good friend
    "It is just us too now from our band of misfits.. Don't go dying on me too okay?"
    Porcelain Lockwood- Best Friend

    "They figured out who did it.. They got what they deserved I am sure.. Rest in peace now Lainy."
    Brad Goodman- Despised
    "Why.. Goddamn it just tell me why?!"
    Dave Quinn- Despised

    "Lainy died, Heaven died, Maggie died.. Why did I have to survive.. Why didn't you just kill me damnit"

    The Mall- Unknown
    "I don't belong here.."

    Theo Garcia-Trusted

    "I.. Don't think we'll really talk much anymore.. Considering my group mates were killers.. I don't blame you. "
    Sam Thompson- Trusted
    "You had to kill her.. Because of what Dave had done.. It wasn't you're fault Sam.. I hope you don't think I was in on it."
    Leclair Mercier-Semi-Trusted

    "I wonder if you regret trying to save me?.. I wonder if you think I was involved.."
    Dr. Harper- Trusted

    "You're right.. I know you're right.. But I can't help but feel like.. I should've been a victim."
    Chelsea Barnes and Janie- Trusted
    "I am amazed with how comfortable you have gotten with the world as it is.."

    Miles Krueger- Semi-Trusted

    "Two people from my group.. Killed so many.. You already detained me once I hope you don't intend to do it again."
    Charlotte Emerson- Semi-Trusted

    "I.. I don't know what else to say to you.. Or anyone for that matter.. I just got to hope that you trust me."
    Unknown Man (Clint Buchanan)- Hated


    Maggie Thompson (Cooper)- Trusted/Friend
    "You were happy.. You two were married.. If I could take your place I would."
    Heaven Adkins- Biggest Regret

    "I should've been a victim.. Not you.. Please.. Forgive me Heaven.. I was wrong."

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