Elliot St. Clair

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    Name: Elliot St. Clair
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male

    Height: 5'7"
    weight: 145lbs
    Face Claim: Dane DeHaan
    (Kill Your Darlings)

    Personality: Elliot is a very polite and shy and does his best to stay out of trouble. He believes that everyone can get along if they just talk about things and not result to violence. He is a sweet boy that tries to make everyone happy, he knows that with his condition right now he can't really do anything else.

    Things to Note:

      • Elliot walks with a crutch under his right arm. His right shoe is tied to said crutch. This is due to a rather nasty injury he has going through the center of his right foot. The injury was from a run in with a bear trap and it seems to be infected despite his best efforts of keeping it clean. Elliot has now lost that foot and the entire lower half of his right leg below the knee

      • Despite his foot being injured and infected any talk of chopping it off would no doubt cause him to refuse. The thought of losing an appendage like that scares him quite a bit. No matter how much it hurts him he will not be keen on chopping his foot off. Elliot did not have a choice in whether or not his foot/leg was removed. It is uncertain whether or not the removal of his foot was able to stop the infection from spreading.
    Storage Lot- Loved
    "We are in this together.. Let's stay that way."
    Porcelain- Best Friend
    "I am sorry.. I am so sorry.. Who did this?! Why you?!.. Come back Lainy!"
    Dave- Good friend
    "Sometimes I just want to give up.. But then we talk and things seem a little less dismal."
    Requis- Good Friend
    "Strong and silent.. But you are reliable."
    Brad- Good Friend
    "Scrappy but your head is in a good place. I know it is."

    The Mall- Despised

    "You're here to help huh?.. Well.. We'll see about that.."
    Chelsea and Janie- Acquaintance

    "I am sorry we had to meet under those circumstances.. I promise I am not usually like this.."
    Maggie and Sam- Acquaintances
    "Despite everything you two found each other.. I envy you both to some extent."
    Dr. Harper- Hated
    Heaven- Hated

    Unknown Girl (Charlotte)- Hated

    "FUCK OFF"
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