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    Age: 37 y/o
    Sexual Orientation:Heterosexual
    Height: 5’11”
    Weight:178 lbs
    Blood Type:O+

    Gary Seuss stands at 5'11" and has an athletic build. He regularly keeps his hair medium-short on top, and short on the sides. He has green eyes, a fair complexion, and well-kept facial hair. Both his facial hair and regular hairstyle sport a light brown color.

    Commonly wearing blue jeans, boots, a collared orange shirt, and a green leather jacket, it isn't uncommon to see the man wear a black and white mix per one of the city's several taxi cab dress codes. Typically wearing a blue and white nametag which simply says 'Gary' on it. Gary just likes helping people, and he's been known to offer free taxi rides for those in need.

    While Gary grew up in Astoria, his life as a taxi cab driver make him a bit drifty at times. He reportedly takes jobs outside the city, and even outside the state. He's a regular patron of Frankie's place, owner of a B&B called The Orange Place, and a resident of Astoria City. Gary is a vegetarian
    d α Ω
    d Ω α

    (Section under construction and edits, all is fictional, etc etc.)

    Mary Stewart (Mother)
    Larry Seuss (Father)

    Folks from the Diner:
    Mickey Charleston
    Leslie Thomas
    Peter Piper

    Folks from the Church:
    Father Oslo Herrington
    Sister Ella Thomas
    Perry Pepper
    Randall Arman
    Timothy Aiden
    Lilian Barington
    Jackson Serkis
    John Smith

    Folks from the Pier:
    Russel Eldrich
    Harris Young
    Thomas Eastman
    Harry West
    Seth West

    Animals Around the House:
    Woblet the Cat
    Ditto the Cat
    Tony the Cat
    Gabe Cat

    Animals Around the Orange Place:
    Newman the Dog
    Gray the Dog
    Xander the Dog
    Bell the Cat
    Terry the Dog
    Jim the Dog
    Bessy the Goat
    Debra the Owl

    Animals Around Town:
    Barry the Lobster
    Robert the Hawk
    Sherry the Pig

    1: Ether
    by Daphne Anna Smith

    For ether
    And yolk
    For thast
    And yeast and
    Yew and landed
    Olk, I will look after thee
    Oh priven driven
    Dee from thy
    Dendrites, sprites,
    With rites written
    In never a rotten
    tree—one which
    May never malnourish
    But ever flourish in
    Good health our
    Pond of fish which
    The sea sees each
    House’s hour upon
    Our shores of us.
    It is the sun.

    2: New Orleans
    by Daphne Anna Smith

    I took a trip to New Orleans

    A trio in the Rio of wine.
    This time a quarter triangle,
    A quartet for
    Oiled barley bread four:
    And beet red beer
    For the
    Hundredth thunder
    Of many ole’ time.

    In New Orleans
    (And Maine, too)
    There is
    A cat-man who tripped as
    He tipped a top hat.
    A tame fellow was he
    Named Jim, he was,
    But not time as a teller
    Nor as a fellar
    Or even Old Yeller
    Of brie.

    Neither follower
    Nor loafer, not man
    Who was not
    Knowing of a tame tale
    For Jim he was a tumbler
    Shack hacks of a village:
    That hat.
    That traveling,
    Shabby ole’
    Bustling bee.

    “Jim is a Grayhound man,”

    Said he himself, slay-saying,
    Singing and slinging
    Sips of bourbon
    On a bench table.

    Like the king of a mill:

    “Jim does not tie.
    Does not tire.
    Or ire like a
    Roman when
    Boats and birds
    Do not suit thee.”

    Where might a bee build
    Honeycomb in a lion’s head
    If not in the thoughts of a
    Pot-smoking, yokeling,
    Yodeling a’past
    The guilts of shams
    Drinking a Yuengling.

    Jim, the good bud, he
    Is not a fan of dams.
    He taught our trio
    From Rio a trick:

    He taught us to read color
    As if a falcon hath taken
    Roost in our hair uponeth
    In the likes of a bramble
    Atop a tree.

    And the shambler,

    That ole’ dutiful rambler,
    He had the nerve,
    The reserve,
    To serve
    It as something.
    Not sight; not a slight

    Let me tell.

    Let us see.
    X marks the spot.
    Can it, bee:

    The knows dialed;
    Her Eerie eyes he had
    Reading advertisements
    For rose dyed,
    Ions of thee heart:
    A lion’s art from
    He of the yard-side.

    Goes well
    With a motto of
    Lottery albeit
    Peaceful with no
    Bait for he nor the
    Watch hands, aye?

    Tick, tock, slumber.
    An olive named Ever
    For friends of she or he.
    A grotto with no motto
    No history of such tired
    People: Four, not three.

    Red, yellow, blurs, and rays:

    Like flurries of sand
    Blue lands whispering
    Neon green,
    And dots and lines:


    He was a man
    Of thirty-two times tables.
    But never thirty-three.

    3: El Paso Punk Rock
    by Daphne Anna Smith

    Fam’s in.
    Igloo-ten glue
    Is out with
    A gift horse:
    No mouth,
    But not spooky.
    Has a car key.

    Get drunk, yeah.
    The bank left,
    So flight write.
    Ten bucks says,
    Without the rock.

    Ten bucks says,
    Archaic isn't so
    Scary in spite
    Carried scars.

    Truth is:
    At last, lass.
    Not a ham, fam
    Neither vamp, either
    Mirrors, they point back.
    Who needs that?

    Cowboys from

    El Paso rarely
    Jump into a
    Pool head-first
    Because bee spells:

    Fighter lighters

    Never fly,
    Lighter boulders:
    Just a knee board.

    And peace
    As an
    End piece
    Be cause
    Spelling bee.
    And up.

    (Poems are fictional and just artsy poetry stuff. Not intended to be taken seriously / outside of RP stuff.)
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