Discussion in 'Character Biographies' started by Anonymous, Mar 27, 2018.

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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Jonathan Walsh
    Meta Info
    Face ClaimAnson Mount
    IntroducedVolume #1, Issue #3
    Last AppearanceN/A
    AffiliationCommander of Pathfinder
    Character Info
    NameJonathan R. Walsh
    AliasHammerhead; Hammer
    Date of BirthJuly 12th, 1978
    Place of BirthPaducah, KY
    Height72.5" (6'1½")
    Est. Weight175 pounds
    Eye ColorBlue
    Hair ColorDark brown, now mostly grey
    Applicable Tropes: Abusive Parents, Because I'm Good at It, Conditioned to Accept Horror, Training from Hell, No Place for a Warrior, Seriously Scruffy, What You Are in the Dark, Workaholic, The Captain, Cultured Warrior, A Father to His Men, One-Man Army, Retired Badass

    First appearing in the third issue of the first volume of The Road Ahead, Jonathan Walsh is a survivor with tried and tested military experience. Initially a loner, Walsh joined the compound group over the river and participated in the defense of the facility while it was under siege by the Mongols Motorcycle Club.

    Thereafter, he assisted in the refueling and piloting of a Chinook helicopter, escaping Fairhaven alongside most of the survivors that had been living at the compound. The helicopter was shot down during transit by unmarked, unidentified fighter jets. Walsh fought a ceaseless horde of encroaching infected alongside his mates before they were rescued in their 11th hour by troops from the Washington Dam Research Facility.

    Walsh played the role of test subject very briefly during his tenure at the dam, occupying a spot in general containment. When he was offered the opportunity to return to the quarantine zone to work, Walsh volunteered—and was immediately given command of "Pathfinder," a ten-person group whose goal was to enter King's Mill, known as the "Dead Zone," and acquire samples of mutated infected for the dam to study.

    Walsh lead six men into King's Mill, where they combated a large, aggressive mutant—the former Sergeant Richard Baez. Pathfinder was ultimately able to subdue and capture Baez, destroying an infection nest in the process, and transport him back to the dam for extended study.

    Currently, Walsh continues to lead Pathfinder as they wait to hear news from the dam about another mission or an opportunity to return home.

    Katelyn Helo

    ((As of 04/22))
    You've got a good head on your shoulders and you're more capable than anybody else I've met on this little adventure so far. If I'd've had a couple dozen Pashtuns like you, we'd've booted the Taliban out of Helmand over a long weekend. You're broken, though, and that's as easy to read as a fuckin' glowin' billboard. Fortunately, that's not my problem.

    ((As of 04/27))
    Capable as you are, I'm startin' to worry your stubbornness and bravado is gonna getcha killt. You wouldn't be the first "bad motherfucker" I've seen go out in a blaze of glory. Still, you're amusin' as fuck, so if you're about to go out like a Roman candle, I reckon I'll watch it happen.

    ((As of 04/28))
    You're a hell of a pilot.

    ((As of 05/02))
    Hope you fare all right. Didn't entirely like the idea of leavin' ya behind—I'd say we're about as close to "friends" as it gets out here, right?—but I couldn't hang around that base anymore. Gotta stretch my legs, girl.


    ((As of 04/22))
    You start the fuck out of a job, but goddamn if you can follow it through. Didn't anybody ever teach you how to fuckin' follow through? You've got the skills, sure, but you're fragile, and you lack focus. I don't know that I can trust you to watch my back, hoss.

    ((As of 04/28))
    Hope you're all right, wherever the hell you are.

    Arthur Monroe

    ((As of 04/22))
    Talk about in over your fuckin' head. You seem like a decent fella, but I don't think you're cut out to lead. I hope you don't find that out by gettin' a buncha folks dead, but it wouldn't be the first time I've watched that scenario play out. Best of luck, chief.

    Chuck Lawson

    ((As of 04/22))
    Rough around the edges, but capable. I like ya. We'll see whether or not you can hold your own long-term.

    ((As of 04/27))
    Startin' to lose my patience with ya. Helo said you lost a partner pretty recently, but pickin' fights 'cause I'm hangin' around your pal? I'm startin' to think Hannah was right: most everybody around here's got the emotional maturity of a kindergartner.

    Llewelyn Cassidy

    ((As of 04/22))
    Pro'lly shoulda whooped your ass and dragged you back to the Mongols half-dead, but... hey, call me merciful. We'll see what kinda trouble you get up to out there on your own. Hope you can recall my mercy if we ever come to blows, though.

    ((As of 05/17))
    Sorry it came to it, hoss. I was hopin' you wouldn't show hide nor hair after the meetin' with the Mongols, but... I'll do what I gotta do to keep these folks safe and accomplish our mission—and lettin' you strut around like a damned fool wasn't gonna jive with that.

    Hannah Riegler

    ((As of 04/26))
    You're optimistic. Could be a dangerous bubble, if it ends up burstin' on ya one of these days. I'll admit, though: it's refreshing.

    Bob Bell

    ((As of 04/27))
    I think you remind me of my grandpa. Less of an asshole, though... and pro'ly not a vet, neither. Seems like you're decent at your job, though, so hopefully we'll get along just fine.

    ((As of 05/10))
    Glad to see you're not dead—and, more importantly, on our team. Our other medical professional leaves somethin' to be desired.

    David Clarke

    ((As of 04/28))
    Thought you were a little slow when I metcha, but you seem all right.

    ((As of 06/02))
    Glad to see you're back in the "real world" with us. I'm sure you'll be mighty useful durin' what's to come.

    Frankie Mercer

    ((As of 05/02))
    You're very rapidly becomin' my favorite person on this li'l expedition. You're useful and you've got a good head on your shoulders—that's just about all it takes to impress me, these days. Incidentally, I can't figger out if you're even old enough to drink. Or... vote? Doesn't really matter, I s'pose.

    ((As of 05/10))
    You're practically my number two, at this point. If I'm a wartime president, you're the infrastructure-minded VP. Glad to have ya around.

    Rafael Garcia

    ((As of 05/02))
    Hope you're as tough as your old man, amigo.

    ((As of 05/10))
    You're reliable and you've got a decent head on your shoulders, but you're young, and you've got a lot to learn. Namely, where to position yourself in a firefight so as not to shoot your buddies. We'll work on it.

    ((As of 05/29))
    You've got a big heart, Raf, but I suspect it's gonna get you killed one of these days.

    Doctor Nilda "Nelly" Gallaghan

    ((As of 05/29))
    I'll call it a goddamn boon to have more competent medical personnel on base. You're also cooler in a pinch than I'd figgered—but I suppose the last half a year or so has turned everybody into a survivor.

    ((As of 06/02))
    Booze never did dull my memory much. I like spendin' time with ya, but is the whole courtship ritual really worthwhile out here? Hell, there's a damn chance I won't be alive this time next month. Or... this time next week, even. Well... we'll get it while it lasts, I s'pose.

    Rodney King

    ((As of 05/29))
    Bein' honest, I don't trust ya one bit. You're a little too independent and a little too sharp, and it makes me anxious. That said, you're one of my best shooters and one of the only people around here I can rely on to get shit done, so... we'll call it an uneasy alliance, for now.

    ((As of 06/02))
    Everything seems kosher 'tween you and me, but I can't shake the feelin' you're undecided. Guess we'll find out, long-term. Oh... and you're funnier'n I thought. It's nice to see somebody's kept their sense of humor through this whole mess.

    ((As of 06/03))
    You're either the dumbest fella I've ever met or the bravest. Or... some combination of the two, maybe. I've never seen a man hustle so quick into pants-shittin' danger, and you did a damn good job in King's Mill.

    Nora Carricato

    ((As of 05/29))
    Can't say I was terribly fond of ya, but I'm sad to hear you took your own life. I understand the decision—life ain't easy out here. All the same, I don't feel too bad callin' it "selfish."
    Heckler & Koch UMP45


    * KAC RIS forearm & vertical foregrip
    * Trijicon TA01NSN 4x32mm ACOG
    * TOE "improved combat sling"

    FN Five-seveN


    * 20-round box magazine
    * KAC LAM
    SecPro "Gladiator" Assault Vest, Level IIIA

    Blackhawk "Omega Elite" Vest

    Condor Sling Bag
    Jon's choice in tops is usually practical, but indicative of a certain "modern blue collar" trend: plain tees, button-ups, denim shirts. During the colder parts of the year he may opt towards sweaters or layering.
    Denim jeans are Jon's go-to, due to the more rugged nature of the fabric, but he's been known to wear khakis on occasion.
    Boots. Always boots, usually high quality. Timberlands, Wolverines, usually steel-toed, often made for hiking. Jon does not wear sneakers.
    During the warmer parts of the year, Jon rarely wears jackets. When it cools down—or gets downright frigid—he may wear simple canvas jackets or parkas if necessary.
    If it's sunny out, Jon may wear a baseball cap. If it's cold, he may wear a toque.

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    Lots and lots of updates, since I'm a little more active now.

    - H
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    Social updates.

    - H
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    Total rework.

    - H
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    Some social updates, scrapped the history part of the bio. Can't figure out what to put on the left side. Oh well. Lemme know if you think you've had a meaningful interaction with Hammerhead and you're not included in his social tab.

    - H
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    Social and music update.

    - H
  7. Anonymous

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    Added sections for Hammer's non-boomy gear + a general advisory for what kinda clothes he wears. Brief summary of his experiences thus far in the lore (without getting too specific/spoilery) and a list of writing/character tropes that apply to him.

    - H