Heidi Morrison

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    Heidi Morrison
    Biographical Information
    Date of birth.04/08/1968
    BirthplaceHobart, Australia
    EthnicityWhite Australian
    Weight114 lbs.
    Hair ColourBlonde
    Eye ColourBlue
    OccupationNightclub owner
    More Information
    First AppearanceSeason 2 Episode 6
    Series Lifespan"Elegy" to Present

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    Heidi stands rather small at 5"4, a petite blonde with shoulder-length blonde hair that she usually keeps it in a ponytail. With pale white skin and icy blue eyes, Heidi's appearance is rather striking; beneath her eyes, black marks from the tire of the world she is living in are visible, with the corners of her eyes slightly creased from age. Though her cheekbones are relatively high, her cheeks are sunken in just ever so slightly. Nevertheless, she is in generally good shape for her age, mainly due to the incredibly active lifestyle that she must lead in a world that is out to kill her.


    The charismatic lioness that is Heidi Morrison knows her way around a negotiation. Her business partners would describe her as the 'queen of persuasion' due to her power in bartering partnering deals for her successful chain of nightclubs on the East Coast. Heidi knows she is a good talker and is confident because of this: she's just a natural. She'd been known for being a rather ruthless negotiator yet relaxed boss, so long as the job at hand gets done. Heidi has always kept her standards high in her relationships, but she is always fair. Indeed, Heidi may drive a hard bargain, but once you're in her good books she provides loyalty that is unmatched.



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