Jonathan Kent

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    Jonathan Kent
    Biographical Information
    AgeLate 30s
    Hair ColorBrown
    Eye ColorHazel
    OccupationFormer Office Worker
    Story Information
    First Appearance"Days Gone"
    Series Lifespan"Days Gone" to Present

    He stands at 5’9" with fair skin, light brown short hair, full beard, and hazel eyes. Physically, Jonathan is built relatively average for someone who worked in offices before the outbreak. He has a tattoo of a dragon on his upper shoulder, his son's name and birthday on his forearm, an "I am the Watcher on the Wall" tattoo on his left shoulder and a small hemp leaf on his left pec.

    Cheerful by nature, Jonathan doesn't seem to have let the apocalypse waver his love for his family and friends in the least bit, It's rare to see him without a smile painted across his face. He has displayed a willingness to do whatever it takes to protect his wife, son and unborn child, having previously lashed out during times of immense stress and a possible threat to the mall.

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    Laurel Kent - Wife
    " ... I wish I did more. I know you can't even look at me anymore."
    Ben Kent - Son (Deceased)
    "I didn't try hard enough to protect you."

    Anderson Parker

    "We're both going through the shit, aren't we?"
    Miles Krueger
    "We wouldn't be alive if not for you, man. I owe you everything, I just wish I could've protected my family the way you've protected everyone."
    Thomas Parish

    "You seem alright. Ben talked about you a lot."
    Jack Cain
    "Miles trusts you, so I do too."
    Heaven Parker (Deceased)
    "You and Anderson represented something to a lot of people, you represented that in all of this - you could still find happiness. I know we didn't talk a lot, but God I miss you being there for him and everyone else, you brought hope to a lot of people who couldn't find something to latch onto."
    Maggie Thompson (Deceased)
    "Those monsters took something from all of us. Hope. You, Sam, Heaven, Anderson, you all four represented that you could find life in all of this, and now you're gone. I miss you and Heaven."

    Charlotte Emerson

    "I remember your dad. He was a good guy, I don't know much about you though."
    Billy Matheson
    "Gotta be something more to you, my man."
    Dr. Harper
    "Ben liked you."
    Samantha Thompson
    "I can't believe what you did."


    "You should've just left."

    Brad Goodman
    "I wish I watched you swing. Piece of shit."
    Dave Quinn
    "Piece of shit."
    "Every time I pass that dog, it gives me the evil eyes."

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    Update w/relationships!