Kazimir Volkov

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    Kaz walked up to the old food market he'd seen earlier that week. Several images flashed in his mind. Images of what happened before with the man inside. It's time for him to greet the fellow once more. With that he'd knock on the building.
    The sound echoed in the cold of that short winter day.

    Answered Majid seeing the Giant on his doorstep. Letting out a sigh he'd walk back behind the counter.

    "It's unlocked."

    The large Russian man walked inside surveying the old messy storefront inside. The place was in shambles compared to what it was the last time he was here. Books, papers, clothes... Everything.
    "I should leave the man alone." he'd think to himself as he pulled out a revolver in his left hand.

    "We going to play classic."
    He'd start to speak, his Russian accent thick and his English broken while he spoke.

    "A fair game of chance."
    He'd continue. Gesturing to the revolver in his hands.

    "R-russian Roulette?"
    Majid would seem to ask unsure if the man before him would try something else.

    A chuckle escaped the giant as he looked at Majid.

    He'd let out a deep sigh before speaking.

    "I want to see something happen to you. But I to must pay for crimes. It is fair game if you willing to abide. Kaz agrees to follow rule if you do."

    There was a sense finality in his voice when he said those words. Something inside gave up when he spoke.

    "We don't have to do this Kazimir... Look... What I did? That's not me. It's not who I am..."
    Majid seemed to plead to the Giant, his Glock still in his hands while he kept his eyes glued on the revolver the Giant held in his clutches.

    "It's not who I am... But here we are..."
    Kaz answered the man before him.

    The next several moments blurred for the big man, finding himself seated in front of Majid across from the table. He just finished speaking and held the revolver to the side of his head.
    He took a deep breath offering the gun to the man across from the table. His heart rate spiked.
    "I just want to go home..." he'd cry in his mind. His mouth speaking to Majid but not really hearing or thinking about what he asked the man.
    A somber look etched its way onto Majid's face as he spoke. Everything sounded muted to Kaz as he watched the revolver.

    "I'm sorry."

    Was the last thing Majid said before the gun barked it's song painting the room in blood and gore. Kaz's ears rang as he watched Majid's body slump and fall out of its chair with a sickening thump. More and more of Kaz's senses seemed to blur as his body went on auto pilot once more. Only being able to catch flashes of what he was doing. Dragging his body outside. Shoveling dirt, saying something as he bowed his head...
    He found himself back inside sitting in Majid's chair. Looking around him he'd realize he was holding the revolver to his head again. "Maybe now is my time?" he'd think to himself as he pulled the trigger.


    He'd sigh sitting there pulling an old familiar bottle of vodka out. The last think he has from his home. Accepting his fate he'd start taking pulls from the bottle.
    A few moments after drinking he hears the door kicked in resigned to his fate.

    His body went on auto pilot once more flashes of him standing up, trudging out in the snow, kneeling down before the man with the gun.

    "I'm ready to go home."


    Everything went still as his body slumped to the ground.

    His mind fading to white.

    "I've missed you."

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    Okay, now that is how you do an obituary.
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    I wanted to write more but I couldn't bring myself to try and recreate the final moments as to what happened ingame. I'm glad you like it though!
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