Laura Victoria Field

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    Bio released on retirement or death. Or you know - in game.
    Basic Information
    NameLaura Victoria Field
    Physical attributes
    AgeEarly twenties
    HeightApprox. 5'5''
    WeightApprox. 120-125 lbs

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    People of interest:

    Cooper 'Coop' Knowles - The middle aged man and the young brunette have been seen exchanging thoughts at the local coffee shop from time to time. They seem to be on good terms with each other.

    Marian Castle - Laura and Marian have been seen together at multiple spots. They seem to be fairly new acquaintances, quickly warming up to each other as friends.

    Mark D'Angelo - Mark has seem to be another acquaintance of Laura. They have been seen at various places from time to time, engaged in friendly conversation.

    Rhett Hundridge - The reverend and Laura have been seen talking occasionally in caf├ęs and at the fair. They seem to be mutually respectful of the other.


    Officer Joel -

    Mayor McNamara -

    Man in search team two -

    Man from bar -

    Girl unable to work in a team -

    Ranger woman -

    Bartender Tom from Frankie's place -
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    "I saw her jogging around the soccer field, just check out her ass bro...I'd tap that..." - banter between construction workers.

    "Pretty sure she's a bitch. Look how smug she looks, nose all held high and like, everything." - teen girls on the street.

    "She's so lovely and polite, reminds me of the ladies from before the war...ah those were the times, real classy women. These young hooligans could take example from her.." - elderly woman at the store.

    "Look at her....saw her talking with some of those shifty people, going to bars with them...she can't be up to any good." - local couple on the streets.

    "She volunteered to that search team, good to see these young people helping out the community!" - an elderly man.
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    Reserved #3
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    God damn it, I was going to use that passport idea! :)
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    I won't call my lawyer if you do :3
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    Fairly small update, updated and removed irrelevant relationships, added favored song.