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    Local News 12 | [#2]

    The channel opens without the usual introduction and seems to be in the middle of a broadcast. It frames Ted Connely, a middle-aged man with a bushy mustache, slick parted auburn hair and a tacky plaid suit and a younger woman, Amber, in a navy blue button suit with shoulder-length black hair.

    "In the aftermath of the horrific attack at the Portland branch headquarters of North Watch Global Solutions, we go to John McAdams who is on the ground in Portland," Ted says, somberly.

    The screen flashes and changes to live footage in Portland. John and his crew are set up roughly ten minutes away from the actual blockade roping off the site of the attack. It's still visible and the damage is substantial, civilians are lined up and down the streets wandering to one another and asking questions. It's a hard sight to witness, especially after 9/11. John seems less cheerful than he usually is, still managing to keep a professional tone as he starts.

    "While crews struggle to bring order out of the chaos at the scene of the attack, other parts of Portlands attention has turned to help those who were hurt in the midst of the attack, searching for the missing and processing the deceased. Only a day later after the notorious eco-terrorist group URSA struck and the casualties have risen to fifteen, thirty still remain missing and over forty injured." John explains as the camera switches from pre-recorded footage of the damaged building and various shots of people traversing up and down the streets looking for information on their loved ones.

    The footage cuts and switches back to both Ted and Amber who both seem to be rather emotional at the last bits of footage, all of which is shoved aside as the professional demeanor returns.

    "Meanwhile, authorities have made several arrests as they continue the state-wide manhunt for the sole-surviving URSA member involved in the horrific bombing. The identity of this individual has yet to be discovered, but eyewitnesses have reported that he is a Caucasian male standing at 5'9" with brown hair and blue eyes. If anyone has information regarding the current situation you are urged to contact authorities at the hotline provided below." Amber says as a number is shown at the bottom of the screen.

    The screen layout changes, showing a picture of the North Watch CEO, Desmond Parrish, a handsome light-skinned man with brown hair and eyes, five-o-clock shadow and medium length hair. Anyone who follows the corporate world knows that this is an older picture from 2003, while his appearance hasn't changed much it was taken from a tech convention held in Las Vegas.

    "Earlier this morning the CEO of North Watch had this to say regarding yesterdays attack during his previously scheduled press conference in Seattle, Washington," Ted says as the screen swaps to pre-recorded footage of the man on stage with an interviewer who stands on the shorter side.

    " ... Bearing all of that in mind, do you have any comments on the tragedy that occurred yesterday morning?" The interviewer asks as Desmond raises his microphone.

    "Yeah, I do. I've been in this position for years now--years and I've always considered everyone under employment with North Watch as close as family to me. This company wouldn't be where it is today without the support of the people and those who made the leap to stay here with us, so, I can say this hits close to me. These terrorists at URSA caused harm to people I cared about. North Watch is prepared to offer any and all resources possible to see the capture of these murderers. Justice has to be served for each and every one of these men and women who won't be waking up to their children, husbands, and wives. I offer nothing but my condolences and sympathy to everyone who lost their loved ones in the attack." Throughout the heartfelt, passionate response, his voice cracks on numerous occasions and his eyes grow redder and wet before coming to a close.

    The footage cuts back to both Ted and Amber in the studio, "A strong message from Mr. Parrish," Amber says, flipping through her notes.

    "Potent words in a trying time for both Portland and North Watch as a whole." Tom agrees as the background changes to an image of the North Watch headquarters in Seattle.

    "We at LN-12 want to take the time to go over some reports regarding the motive behind these horrific attacks and offer you, the public a brief summary of the companies accomplishments this year," Amber says, the green-screen changing to a box of Halicure.

    "Early this year, North Watch launched the groundbreaking medicinal ointment with incredible healing properties which have gone previously unseen. Shortly after the release of Halicure, rumors circulated on the deep-web from a supposed inside source at the community who alleged that the company had used live animals for testing with their experimental medicines. These rumors led to the formations of numerous pre-existing eco-terrorism groups banding under the sign of URSA and practicing numerous demonstrations on North Watch properties across the United States." Amber continues on as the background swaps yet again back to the previous still image of the CEO.

    "Desmond, a well-known public figure who has made numerous appearances at a number of fundraisers and charity events to give back to the country has refuted these claims, making it clear that the company had long abolished these sorts of tests years before he took over the company from his late father--" The still image switches again to an older still shot that looks to have been taken in the nineties. "--Thomas Parrish, who founded the company in the fifties and made a name for it in the eighties with his Panacea project that was controversially scrapped by U-Genix before his death at the age of seventy." Amber pauses, reaching the end of her notes.

    "North Watch has continued to remain in good light with the public with reliable products, community outreach, development, and superior transparency," Amber concludes.

    The background changes back to the LN-12 logo. "In other news, the third bank in a spree of robberies which have taken place over the past few months in three different states has been hit by the group who is now being referred to as the Leatherneck Raiders. We now take you to Cindy Bellman on the field at the site of the most recent heist in Portland."

    The feed switches to live footage and to a woman stepping down several steps outside the Portland Federal Reserve.

    "Tonight across Oregon the all-out manhunt intensifying for these two remaining men out of the five wanted for three different robberies in three states most recently making off with several million dollars after a daring daylight robbery here at the Portland Federal Reserve. One suspect identified as Ed Ardantawski, a private, was killed and two others, identified as Dwight Kilean Sr. and Joshua Holloway, a retired master sergeant and lance corporal with the United States Marines were apprehended shortly after when the group were engaged by law enforcement officers on the freeway where several officers lost their lives in the ensuing firefight. It is speculated that the remaining two suspects at large are armed and dangerous and have military training and expertise. It is advised to avoid them at any costs and inform law enforcement if you have any information on the identities of these individuals."

    The broadcast ends and the next bit of scheduled programming starts. It's a marathon of the Andy Griffith show.
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