Locke Hawthorne

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    Locke Hawthorne

    World's Best Neighbor

    Locke Hawthorne grew up with a big family that gardened even bigger hearts, working the fields of the Hawthorne plantation with a happy smile and gung-ho attitude-- but even the warmest, most content of souls are no strangers to curiosity, and Locke's regarded the outside world with his fair share of it. On the dawn of his most recent birthday, chief among his gifts was all the expenses, bells and whistles of a road trip across the states to see all the wonder this big blue earth can offer... which blew up in his face, just a bit, when the rest of that world fell apart, and his family was a whole universe away.

    He rushed back home as quick as he could to find only an empty house and sick stalking the crops. He didn't despair, though, as close as he might have gotten. After all, if his family's still out there somewhere-- and you better believe he's been looking-- they'd want him to be the best he can be through all this awful mess! So he wiped the tears, plucked up his courage, and went out into this strange new nation with more than just curiosity on his plate. He's an honest, genuinely sweet person simply trying to make his way in the world, and doing his darndest to put a smile on the faces of everyone he can one plate of cookies at a time.

    Now, would anyone like a cup of tea?


    A Plucky Farmer's Rhythm

    Over the Garden Wall - Patient is the Night

    Over the Garden Wall - Send Me a Peach

    Undertale - Home


    Friends & Less-Than-Friends

    ((Note: only relationships I feel are relevant or noteworthy will be listed here. Locke thinks you're great by default anyway!))

    Mister Cat's some of the only family I've had in a real long while! He's a sweetheart, really! He just, um. Takes some warming up to.

    Nothing makes friends quicker than attempted burglary! She's such a hard worker-- and a real peach, through and through!

    You really ought to have just asked if you needed something to snack on. You still can, if you like! We're all pretty friendly, I think.

    Oh I like you! I know things are a little shaky down at the mall, but I think with folk like you, it could really turn into something beautiful.

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    With that the man, the myth, the LEGEND is back! Wb!