Logan MacBride

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    Logan MacBride
    Weight135 pounds
    PhysiqueSlender, toned
    HairVery dark brown/black, pixie cut
    DOBDecember 12th, 1975
    EducationAAS; ASE certified
    OccupationAuto & Small Engine Technician
    Logan—who exclusively answers to "Mac," and rarely shares her given name—has been kicking around Astoria for a little over four years. She's an automotive technician and a frequent hang-around at Frankie's Place... though she never seems to order anything stronger than a can of Coke.

    Mac is a Clatsop Community College alumnum, having graduated with her AAS in 2004. She's Mobile HVAC and ASE certified, and reasonably good at her job. That said, she isn't particularly sociable, and very few Astorians can rightly call themselves Mac's pal.

    Mac keeps to herself, rarely interested in the intimate details of strangers' lives or the goings on of Astoria at large. She seems awfully content to live and let live while the world passes her by.

    Whatever we've got is fucking weird, dude. I think you feel more for me than you wanna let on, or more than you even know, maybe—or... that could just be wishful thinking on my part. I don't know why I'm into you. You're nice, I guess. And handsome. Not many people have given a fuck about me since... well—for a long time. But your dick's still stuck in your wife's ghost. Which, like, I get? But man, I wish you could figure out how to get out of your own way.

    You're just the fucking sweetest kid, man. I haven't had the chance to play big sis in fucking years, and it... honestly, it's got my spirits soaring like nothing has in a long time.

    You're pretty cool for a figure of religious authority. I've never been super religious... I kinda had a spat of it, after I hit rock bottom, but I outgrew it pretty quickly. I feel like maybe you're fucking crushingly sad, and you just don't talk about it much? You give me a very tragic vibe. I hope you stay okay.

    Ugh. Your name is so fucking dumb. Moose? Fucking Moose. Whatever—you're a decent lay, and it won't kill me to keep a fuckbuddy on speed dial. I mean, assuming you don't turn out to be a psycho and kill me so you can wear my skin, orrr... whatever.

    Sorry, I can't—I just... ugh...

    I miss you so fucking much.

    I wish I could have been better for you, man.

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    divide et impera
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    Roma Caput Mundi
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    panem et circenses.
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    I see there's a competitor in town. *cracks knuckles.*
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    i will beat u to death with a tire iron and bury u in my stack of tires
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    updated. doing the relationship thing now. hmu if you think you've had enough serious interactions with mac to warrant a spot on the list but i forgot about you.