LORE: The Road Ahead

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  1. Anonymous

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    The Road Ahead . . .

    1. The Lore

    It all started without a single voice on the television warning us, a silent whisper through the streets of Fairhaven. Our only warnings were hidden within the depths of the web, even then, the information was bare, mere mentions of a super-virus with no list of symptoms accompanying it. How could we have prepared? We couldn’t have.

    Within weeks, the super-virus finally tore through the veil shrouding it. It made national news, and Fairhaven was placed under quarantine by the U.S Government. We watched as parking lots were converted into refugee camps, shopping centers became quarantine centers, and our neighbors houses became burnt out shells of their former selves. Nobody told us anything, just that we couldn’t leave.

    We held on by a thread, biting the bullet where we could until people started vanishing from the camps, starting with the elderly, ending with children. Nobody had any real clue what was going on, families made scenes, tried to incite violence, until they vanished too. People were too afraid to act past the formation of C.E.I.T.A. We kept on eating our pills, taking our shots and watching the news for more information. All of this in the span of three days … three days, a major populace was nearly wiped to nothing, sections of the city barred off … only in three days.

    By day four? All we could hear were gunshots in the distance, the news telling us the quarantine had been expanded to Peoria and Bloomington, cutting us off from South Illinois. It wasn’t long until many of us were loaded up in buses and hauled off towards the military evacuation point outside the city … but not all of us, some of us were left behind to make our own way there. We gathered up in our cars and rode off, some towards the border, and some towards the evac point, right up until we reached the backed up highway with cars miles down.

    2. The Towns

    Over The River (Fairhaven) (City)

    Valley Station (Kings Mill)

    Muldraugh (Twinsburg)

    West Point (Hartsdale)

    Rosewood (Union Center)

    Ohio Map + Dixie (White Horse Creek)

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  2. Bill Chompski

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    Oct 17, 2015
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    So is this the announcement for us, as in, this is what we know, and how we'll be starting
    Or is this just like a story thing, the everything from the perspective of a different group or something
    Cause I thought we were doing a day 0 lore
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    It is what you know, and how you'll be starting. It "is" a day zero lore, you know nothing of any sort of zombie, nothing at all. You've never seen anything, just know that a sickness was coming through and taking the elderly and children out + the military.