Loreen Lennard

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    Loreen Lennard
    Character Info
    Gender: Female
    Age: 26
    Born in:Astoria
    Date of Birth: Unknown
    Date of Death: N/a
    Height: 5'6
    Weight: 97 lbs
    Hair: Dirty Blond
    Eyes: Steel Grey
    Blood Type: O+
    Health Condition: Injured but Stable
    Former Profession: Forest Ranger
    Profession: Unemployed
    Former Hobby: Bush Pilot
    Hobby: Unknown


    General Appearance and Recent Events

    Loreen is in her mid twenties living in the small yet growing port town of Astoria. Roughly 5'6, and around 100 pounds, she has dirty blond hair with steely grayish blue eyes. While around town she can be seen wearing normal long casual attire with a reddish orange scarf.

    Putting in her notice after the most recent event that transpired in Astoria Loreen lay at the hospital recovering from the 8 gunshot wounds she sustained in the firefight assisting some understaffed officers in apprehending 2 persons involved in a gang shootout at the local docks earlier that April day.

    She's now in the hospital recovering from the shots to her arms and stomach. The nerves in both arms were notably damaged but her right arm was even more so than the left. Both limbs were in full casts and would hopefully be out some time soon so she can begin nerve and muscle therapy.

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    Platonic love
    Best Friend
    Mixed Feelings


    Matt The Husky -
    You're the only constant in my life bud. Thank god you weren't with me during the shootout. I couldn't lose you, not after what's happened to the rest of the family.

    Nicole Lennard -
    Sister, you know what you did.

    Calvin Lennard -
    - [Dead]

    Charles Lennard -

    Cliff - Co-worker

    l Behn -
    Retired Astoria Officer
    I owe you and Barry one big time. I'm sad to see you leave from the police force but I completely understand, I'm doing the same after all. No more after all that's happened. You ever need anything from me, give me a shout, anything for a friend who made sure we all got out of it alive.

    Isaac -
    Retired Army
    Hope the Forest Service keeps you on, you seem like a good guy. Good luck.

    ven -
    Local Butcher
    Nice party, though I may need to cool it on booze for a while...

    Lemon -
    Innocent Farm Girl
    Sorry for not getting you out of the woods ok after we got split up from the bear...

    North Watch employee?

    Mayor -

    egory -
    Astoria Police Officer
    Nice jokes man. You and Joel are good friends, keep looking out for each other.

    hett -
    Cool Priest Guy

    Barry Kensington -
    Astoria Rookie Cop
    I probably wouldn't be here without you. You ever need anything give me a shout, I really owe you one. Best of luck to you on the force.

    The D Brothers -
    I hope you rot 6 feet under... You nearly took everything from me. You're a menace and I'm glad your dead.
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    Character Info
    Gender: Male
    Age: 7
    Born in:Astoria
    Date of Birth: Unknown
    Date of Death: N/a
    Weight: 54 lbs
    Fur: Black and white
    Eyes: Brown


    Matt's a friendly but no longer energetic dog. Most of the time the dog just likes to lounge or rest in a comfortable spot in the house, namely the couch or a chair.

    Matt has a beautiful black and white coat with a white underbelly. Notably the poor dog is missing his left hind leg seemingly lost a few months ago and almost on the mend.
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    Updates incoming!
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    Relationship update!
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    Another Relationship update and description update!