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    There will additional posts regarding certain specifics in changes but this post will serve as a general overview of changes to come.

    Name Change

    As the other dedicated announcement states here, New Dawn will be changing its name. Then, for the time being, AGN might vanish as an entity and we may just be strictly, (insert new dawns new name here) and if we do branch out, they will just be a separate thing with no real direct connections.

    We will be moving over to a new forum soonish. You can preview them here. Just keep in mind that 99% of the images and colors your seeing are place holders. The URL is also a place holder since we are going to change the names. The old forums run on XenForo1 while the new one is XenForo2 which means, more things can in theory be done with it over time.

    Changes to rules and roleplay
    Rules will continue undergoing changes. This will include things like making certain things like POSSIBLY building, hoarding, realism, etc more lax as well as making the world more "open world" and the lore more like a thing thats happening in the world as opposed to "the world". This means there will be more community started RP and likely more free play type of a feeling where you can join the events or not. Details on exactly HOW these changes will manifest themselves will be under discussion on the admin team.

    Admin duties and responsibilities changes
    There are going to be some changes in how the admin team functions exactly. Nothing most of you really have to worry about right now unless you plan on being an admin.
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