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    Name: Majid Kubzi
    Age: 24 years old
    Hometown: Denver, Colorado
    Ethnicity: Arabic
    Language(s): English
    Sexual Orientation: Straight

    Size: 5' 10", 150lbs
    Build: Average
    Eyes: Brown
    Skin: Light brown
    Hair: Black, medium length
    Facial Hair: Beard, relatively well trimmed.
    Notable Features: Small scrapes and cuts, heavy bags under his eyes.

    His story:

    Where do I begin? Besides talking in first person like some egotistical asshole, or Deadpool wannabe? I grew up in Denver. I was supposed to be a doctor or something, but I gave my parents little to be proud of. They sent me off to Kentucky for my 15th birthday to live with my older cousin, Ahmad. Guy was my idol growing up. I dunno what they expected, but Ahmad was a bigshot in Lexington with the street gangs. Got me recruited into his, but the douchebag didn't tell me he was the leader of it until after the outbreak. Anyway, yeah. Haven't heard from my parents since I got arrested, the first time. The rest of my family is back in Denver. Well, if Denver is even still around, that is.

    The gang, called the L.E.X., ran shit for a while. When the outbreak began, many of us got sick. There was a closer group of us, 5 of us: me, Ahmad, Jamal, Tony, and Carl. We formed a bandit group, because the strong survive. Or so that's what I was told. One by one, we got picked off. Jamal got bit. Ahmad was the one to put him out of his misery. Carl got caught by another bandit gang that offered to help us loot a hospital. No idea what happened to him, but they probably ate him, to be honest. The three of us kept on, making out way to Louisville. We were camping one night, and a massive horde appeared what seemed out of nowhere. We panicked... I panicked... I tried to stick with Ahmad but he got away. He did. He escaped. Tony's painful screams the smell of his blood distracted the zombies, giving me an opening to escape to the car and get the fuck out of there. Rest in peace, Tony. You were like a brother to me. Watching you get torn apart, hearing you begging for help... I don't know if you saw me. But there wasn't anything I could have done, man. I had to save myself. I'm sorry.

    So now, I'm driving to God knows where. I hadn't been out of Lexington prior to the outbreak. I don't know Kentucky. I don't know Louisville. But Ahmad does. Maybe we'll meet up again. If he's alive, he'll be here. I know it.

    Hold on.. something on the radio. Looks like I'm not alone out here after all. Fucking great.
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    Going to try something a little different and use a score system to further explain why my character feels a certain way.

    Disliked to Hated to Would Kill
    Distrusted to Neutral to Trusted
    Liked to Admired
    to Would Save

    Ahmad Talaluddin (+12): He's blood (+4). He raised me into the man I am today (+4). I owe him my life (+4).

    Anderson [Parker] (0): He didn't kill me despite completely disarming me at the cinema. (+1) When I asked if they were alone, he looked around... were we being watched? (-1)

    Heaven [Adkins] (0):
    She gave me supplies that'll hopefully save my life. Then gave me food. For no reason (+1). I've been around long enough to know nobody does something for no reason. I wouldn't. (-1).

    Charlotte [Emerson] (0):
    A bit too curious for my liking (-1). I have no choice to but to trust that she'll keep her word, though (+1).

    Chelsea [Barnes] (+1): She's a 13 year old girl roaming at night with a dog and a machete (+1). She's a 13 year old girl roaming at night with a dog and a machete (-1). We had a good talk, she's smart, she can survive (+1). We'll see how the deal goes (0).

    Yen[-Khae Lange] (0):
    She seems friendly (0).

    Yen's Companion [Killian O'Rourke] (0): He saw me outside his vehicle with a knife and didn't try to act tough, so there's that (0).

    Uzi Girl [Stephanie Schweitzer] (-1): The strong, silent type *rolls eyes* (-1).

    Crazy Bomb Lady (-2): She talks about bombs - a lot (-1). I think she was high on meth (-1).

    Arvio Shaikh (+2):
    He's a bit over the top, but (0)... Instead of getting offended at my suspicions, he welcomed me with open arms (+1). Offered me a discount to fix my car (+1).

    Rylan Pearson (+1): Another trader from out of town (0). Made reasonable offers, I can respect that (+1). We'll see if he shows up to finish the deal (0).

    Doc [Dr. Harper] (+1): I mean, she healed me up when she really didn't have to (+1). Not as much of a dick as Mr. Boss Guy (+1). Still... she just seems way too calm, it's.... weird (-1).

    Mr. Boss Guy [Miles Krueger] (-2): Kind of a dickhead (-1). Actually, a big dickhead (-1). But hey, he came all the way out to heal me up... (+1) Still, he's a dickhead (-1).

    Jack Cain (0): A man of few words, apparently (0).
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    Update #1: Added Anderson Parker and Heaven Adkins.
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    Update #2: Added Charlotte Emerson.
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    Update #4: Added Yen-Khae Lange, Killian O'Rourke, Stephanie Schweitzer, Jill Jackson, and Arvio Shaikh.
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