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    I like the idea of a journal to express my player(s) in a way that I might not be able to do in game. This notebook will be an item (a sticky note) found on Majid. The information in this thread isn't known by anybody unless he either tells them or they somehow read it themselves.
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    Entry One: Lousiville...

    I've been here for a few days.

    I found a hideout. It seems safe, or at least it did. One of the only places I've found that is crawling with zombies. This area is infested with the undead fuckers. I'm living in a food market. Naturally, there's no food in it. I've been living off of poison berries and a cockroach, so far. The irony practically writes itself.

    Speaking of writing, I found a shit ton of books. Mostly textbooks and shit. Spent most of my time here reading them. What the fuck else am I supposed to do? I also found a Quran. It's been a decade since I last opened one up. I keep it on me at all times. I could use some divine protection. Though it might not be working since I got scratched on the foot earlier...

    That'a how I met those two people. They gave me medical supplies. Anderson and Heaven. They seem... nice. Like, genuinely nice. I fucked up and told them my real name. Should have told them I'm that Talal creep. Then again, that could have backfired. Those two don't seem like they want to kill me. Which is... weird. Why? They could have shot me on the spot. I probably would have. Instead they healed and fed me. I don't know what to think about those two right now. Or the rest of their people. It's the nice ones you have to be cautious about.

    As for the Ahmad search, he is still nowhere to be found. Though I did destroy the front of his car. Not my fault the roads are filled with zombies, dead and undead. Hope he doesn't mind. I can't stay in one place for too long, but dammit... I'm tired of always being on the move. Maybe I should wait for him to find me?

    Maybe the entire thing is pointless.

    *There is a distinct signature marking the end of the entry

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    Entry Two: Down by the River

    Fish. I haven't been fishing since I was fifteen years old. My father loved fishing. Every summer he'd drag the entire family on a fishing trip. I swear his favorite place in the world was Georgetown Lake. That man caught enough trout to feed us for the entire summer back then. By the end of it, just hearing the word fish would make the rest of us nauseous. But not that man. No, he could have probably lived off fish every day for the rest of his life. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if he escaped to Georgetown Lake after the outbreak began. Dragging my mother with him. Bet he regrets shipping me off to Kentucky now.

    I spent the day thinking about those fishing trips. I have to admit, there were some fun times, especially before Ahmad moved to Kentucky. He taught me how to fish with a spear. A bit more barbaric than using a fishing rod, but hey, we were kids - well, I was. I enjoyed it more than using the actual rod, but my father wasn't down for spearing fish. "We are civilized people," he would say. Well, guess what I did today? I tried to spearfish. I sucked at it. Those little fuckers are fast. I did manage to catch a pike using a fishing rod. Yeah, I spent the day gathering supplies to start fishing. Turns out, setting up camp beside a river was a smart move, if I can learn how to fish better.

    I have an endless supply of food just a few feet away. Enough of a motivation to learn how to fish. Like my father. Ironic, huh?

    I'm also considering contacting those mall people again. They have medical supplies. And weapons. I'm sure they have a lot of shit. I've been scavenging the houses around here and haven't found much. I figure they like fish. Better than canned foods, I bet. Maybe we can set up a trade. Maybe. Still don't trust them all that well. The two people I met were nice, sure. Fuck, me and the L.E.X. were nice to people we wanted to fuck over, too. You do what you can to survive out here. I get that. Shit, I respect that. If they played me, they played me. If not... well, maybe they'll end up being useful after all. And if they aren't, well... then they're more useful to me dead than alive.

    *There is a distinct signature marking the end of the entry

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    Entry Three: Killer on the Loose?

    So somebody from the mall found my little hideout. Said her name was Charlotte. I guess her and a couple others drove by here earlier and the walls sparked their curiosity. She seemed like a decent human being. I hope she's a woman of her word.

    She mentioned something about a serial killer. Fucking great. But not just some bored asshole who gets off killing people, no that would be too easy in this town. This guy apparently likes to skin his victims and show them off. Charlotte made it sound like it's one of her people doing it. So he - or she, I suppose - is their problem. For now at least. I have to sleep with one fucking eye open now, hoping she doesn't tell anybody about me. Same with the other two I met during my first day here. Any chance of me contacting these people to trade just went out the window - at least until that shit is taken care of. No fucking thank you.

    Spent the day fishing. I really do suck at it. Wasted most of it trying to spear fish. I've been reading up on fishing, hoping this stupid textbook would help me get better. But nah. I think it might have made me worse. Outdated piece of trash... I'll use it for campfire fuel.

    One last thought: I really hope Charlotte isn't the serial killer. Because if she is, I'm fucked.

    *There is a distinct signature marking the end of the entry

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    Entry Four: All You Can Eat?

    A few days ago, I considered staying here and waiting for Ahmad to find me, instead of me going out and looking for him. Well, today I decided that was the smart thing to do. A smart decision? Well shit... there's a first for everything I guess. This place is... well, a hell of a lot better than sleeping in that damn car. I have walls. I have water. I have room to stretch. And I have food. If - no... - when Ahmad finds me, I'll have some place he can crash. Some place safe. He'll be proud of me. He'll be grateful.

    Today was all about food. I had much better luck with fishing. Like, really good luck compared to the last few days. If I keep at it, I should get better. I think that's how this works. "Practice makes perfect" or some stupid bullshit like that. But seriously, this could be a major source of food. I'd be set for life. Ha. Life. Look at me, talking as if life is still a thing. Yay. I'll die with a stomach full of fish. Awesome. Great. Woohoo.

    Aside from fishing, I'm trying to farm. Me. Farming. Like some redneck out of Texas or something. Welcome to the twighlight zone. I haven't planted a thing - well, a plant for food - in my life. This aught to be a disaster. But fuck it, how hard can this be? Step 1, dig a hole. Step 2, put seed in hole. Step 3, pour water on seed. Step 4, grow a plant. I might have some pumpkins soon. I don't even like pumpkins. But beggars can't be choosers in the zombie fucking apocalypse.

    Food looks to be taken care of. Same with water. And shelter. I think I should focus on weapons and medical supplies. I can't expect the kindness of strangers to save me next time. Especially with a murder on the loose. Maybe there's a way to trade while remaining anonymous. Protecting my identity. Or maybe I can bribe the serial killer with catfish fillets. Then again, the freak would probably eat me instead.

    Aww... Look at me, being all optimistic and shit. I'm getting soft, huh?

    *There is a distinct signature marking the end of the entry

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    Entry Five: An Offer You Can't Refuse

    I made them an offer. Food for fuel. The conversation I had with Charlotte wasn't very... encouraging. But I contacted these people. Why do I feel like I'm going to regret this?

    Fuck me.

    *There is a distinct signature marking the end of the entry

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    Entry Six: The Kids are Alright

    If I told you there would be teenagers running around out here at night with dogs and machetes, you'd probably shoot me in the head.

    Well, there is a teenager running around out here at night with a dog and a machete. Yes, I've had the most random night in a long, long while. We had a good talk though. She seems smart. she said she isn't going to die. That kind of strength is rare. Fuck, I knew grown ass men who gave up on life days after the outbreak. I think she's gonna survive. As long as nobody gets her killed. I hope she listened to my words carefully.

    I offered to build her and her friend walls. Why? Beats me. It's weird, but I see her like a little sister. Some random ass kid. Damn, I am getting soft. Well, I'll get something out of it. Fuel, for starters. But also intel. She knows a lot about the mall people. That might come in handy if they are as dangerous as I think they are. She gave me some insight on them. The ones I've met so far are the "nice" ones. To be fair, they are nice. But I'm eventually going to meet one of the not-so-nice ones. I hadn't heard back from my original offer to them. To be honest, I'm hoping Charlotte either forgot to mention it, or they rejected it. I don't know if I can trust these people yet.

    As an aside, they don't seem to be very... smart. They don't have perimeter walls. It's cool you live in a giant ass mall, but really? When I first arrived, the parking lot was swarming with freaks. If they let a horde easily get to the main walls.... they'll survive it but probably suffer avoidable losses. It's stupid. On top of that, they have a gas station that they don't guard. What the hell? Maybe they aren't as dangerous as I thought. The amount of power you can have controlling fuel in this world... it's a joke that they don't realize that.

    But their loss is my gain.

    *There is a distinct signature marking the end of the entry

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    Entry Seven: And Now We Wait

    It's been days since I made my offer to those two girls. Hadn't heard back from them. Don't even know if they're still alive at this point. So I went and got my own fuel. Got the generator working, filled up the car, and have more to spare. Nice.

    The other day somebody slipped a note under my door. Apparently I have a "neighbour"... Just great. I checked out his place, looks like he's been busy setting up. I don't know how useful this guy will be. Or if he'll be a problem.

    I hate waiting. All I've accomplished is nearly slicing my arm off after smashing into a tree. Besides that, I found some stuff that'll be useful.

    Woopdee fucking doo.

    *There is a distinct signature marking the end of the entry

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    Entry Eight: Prince of Persia

    I decided to drive into the main city today, but the bridge was blocked off. Turns out some guy named Arvio set up a trading post out there today. I just caught him at the end. He's... interesting. Kept going on about giving me my every desire. Dude thinks he's a genie, mabye? I dunno. But he offered to fix my car for a box of nails. So... that totally happened. Car repairs for nails. What a time to be alive. Apparently he even offers bombs. Bombs. I don't even know what the hell I would do with a bomb but I kinda want one, I can't lie. Maybe use it to clear out the race track. Or at the very least use it to defend the food market. He told me to prepare for work next time he comes around. I appreciate the gesture, but I'm not working for nobody.

    One other thing caught my attention at this trading post. Some crazy woman talking about blowing up a mall. Didn't catch her name. But she was definitely tweaked out, she talked nonstop and about the most random crap. Maybe her bomb threats were just the ramblings of a crackhead. Maybe not. Those people say they have a serial killer on the loose. Well... I'm no detective but I can put two and two together. Not sure whether I should tell them about her. For one, I don't know her name. And two, I don't even remember what she looked like. Might make me look suspicious. That's the last thing I need.

    Still no sign of Ahmad. I need to find a way across that bridge. That son of a bitch better not die on me. He can't leave me alone like this. I have no idea what to do. I don't know whether to go out and search for him, or wait for him to find me. Others have found me. So why can't he?

    Arvio made his home sound like a post-apocalyptic heaven on Earth. If you're trading for nails you must have a ton of important shit already. That's some next level privilege right there. Maybe I can trade nails for a trip on a Persian rug to this mysterious land.

    *There is a distinct signature marking the end of the entry
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    Entry Nine: Alive 107.4

    I did some exploring today, and honestly... I wish I didn't. Found a school, and what used to be a storage facility. Both destroyed, of course. Walking through those halls... seeing the bodies all over the place... it fucked me up. Wasn't too long ago I was in halls like those. Brought back some memories of the shit I used to get into back in high school. Nobody would fuck with me because of Ahmad. Students or teachers. I was untouchable. Now? Now I'm hiding in some damn produce store, trying not to die from undead freaks. Going from on top of the world to this? Fuck... I still haven't really come to grips with it.

    As for the storage place, it was definitely home for a group. There was a lot, and I mean a lot, of shit in there. I helped myself. Figured they won't be needing their stuff anymore. With how that place looked, the people that lived there had a pretty savage demise. Bodies. Everywhere. Fucking brutal. Grab whatever I thought I needed and bounced. There was something about that place. Somebody laid out planks that read, "Alive 107.4." Pretty fucking ironic if you ask me, considering they're dead. Maybe they had a radio show or something? I dunno. But they're "Dead 107.4" now. I might go back there to clean them out some more, but I think I have enough junk I'll never use.

    Speaking of junk, I've noticed this area is getting more active with traders. A little post-apocalypse mercantilism - how about that, huh?Junk worth more than money. A box of nails can buy you car repairs. And apparently four can snag you a propane torch, gas can, and car battery. I made a deal with some guy, he told me his name was Rylan. Honestly, he kind of ripped me off. But it's my own damn fault. I haven't spoken to people in such a long God damned time that I forgot how to bargain. Maybe I should have robbed him? He's travelling out here, alone, with a truck full of food and supplies. Somebody will eventually. Then again, I know nothing about him and I'm not about to fuck with some random stranger with the balls to drive around - by himself - with all of that shit.

    Ahmad, Ahmad, Ahmad. Where the fuck are you? I'm starting to give up, man. I mean... even if you are alive, what are the odds you head this way? What are the odds you stop at a food market? What are the odds you knock on the door and I answer? Maybe I should just... give up. Accept that you're either dead, or far, far away from here. It must have been weeks since I first arrived here. I don't know, man. Just.... find me. Find me soon. Okay?

    *There is a distinct signature marking the end of the entry
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    Some of the ink is blurred on this entry, marking where Majid's tears fell on the page as he wrote it.

    Entry 10: Winter Wonderland

    Snow. Everywhere. Winter came like a motherfucker. It's freezing. Everything just sucks right now.

    I basically had a mental breakdown after my confrontation with Miles. I don't know what the hell happened.. I just broke down. Haven't given them anything yet. Haven't gotten anything yet. Spent weeks locked away in this damn place. Locked away in my own thoughts.

    The first snowfall really fucked me up. Like... this is it. Winter. If you don't have a warm place to sleep and food to keep you full, you're pretty much shit out of luck. Sigh. I always hated winter. I hate the cold. Being cold makes me... it makes me angry. Sounds crazy, but it does. It... makes my blood boil. Which makes no fucking sense. But it just does. I hate the sound of snow crunching under my shoes. I hate the reflection of the sun off the snow nearly blinding me. I hate how my toes and fingers get cold and numb. I hate how my nose starts to run. I hate how the snow is soaked with blood from fucking zombies. And everywhere you look... it just reminds you of what the hell we are living through.

    I have to trade with those people. I need supplies. I should have taken the original offer of canned food. Fuck, I don't even know if they still want the shit I caught. I wish this entire nightmare would just end already.

    *There is a distinct signature marking the end of the entry, however it is scribbled out.
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    Entry 11: It's a Wild World

    What. A. Day. I shouldn't be alive. I shouldn't be writing this. But I am. Is this even a good thing? I should be grateful.

    Some prick cop caused me a lot of trouble yesterday. I can't wait to get my hands on him. Son of a bitch stole my gun and knife... Weapons that Ahmad gave me. That gun was my first gun. First time I ever used it was to rob a small group of survivors back with the gang.... early days of the apocalypse. Those were good times. I wasn't going to kill them. But they didn't know that. The thrill of that... I miss those days. Feeling like you own the fucking world. Feeling invincible. Nobody can stop you.If the gang was back together we would have skinned that motherfucker alive for trying to fuck with me. I miss the boys. Being alone sucks. And feeling vulnerable... that man must pay for what he did to me. And he will.

    Chelsea, of all people, saved me. That fuck left me cuffed, and she responded to my call for help. The fact I even had to call for help is God damn pathetic. The fact a teenager responded is straight up sad. But I owe her one for that. I can deal with being beaten, being stabbed, shit... even being shot. But being cuffed? Nah. That feeling of helplessness... now that shit scares me. I owe her for that. I hope the doors are keeping the cold out and you and your friend are okay during this blizzard.

    Some guy keeps driving by here. He's sketchy. His face is covered up. Apparently he's looking for something. I don't know what. I don't really care, either. I just don't want him to be trouble. I have to be smarter... Little Dick is still out there somewhere. This guy could be a buddy of his. Fortunately some others are keeping an eye out for the prick... the mall and a ranger I met. Seemed like a good guy. Though I don't think he'll give Little Dick the type of justice he deserves. Too much of a cop and not enough of a vigilante, in my opinion.

    I got saved twice yesterday. Once by Chelsea and later that night by a stranger and a drunk girl. I don't know what happened to me. I went out for air, and next thing I know the girl was calling for Isaac. I blacked out completely. I think the stress just got to me. But I was in the snow for damn near an hour. Scary shit.. If I can't protect myself I'm better off dead, to be honest.

    I've decided to open the Food Market. The incident with Big Rick was an eye opener... I can't keep being anonymous. No more of this recluse bullshit. I'm a sitting ass duck out here right now... You need somebody to watch your back out here. . It's only a matter of time before you get got otherwise. I know this. We used to do the getting. It sucks being on the other side of that. Which is ironic as fuck.

    I guess karma really is a bitch, huh?

    *There is a distinct signature marking the end of the entry

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    Entry 12: One Way or Another

    No, this isn't an entry fan boying over Blondie. But to whoever thought it would be a good idea to steal my shit from the Food Market... one way or another, I will find you. I will get you. And I will make you pay. Rest assured of that.

    I can cross of M, Dan, Chelsea, her friend, Isaac, Charlotte, Miles, and some of the other Mall people off my list of suspects. I doubt the woman I crashed in in to had anything to do with this. Maybe it was Rick? After all, the person did take Rick's MP5. And most of my food. This shit really pisses me the fuck off. Robbed, two days in a row? How could I be so stupid to allow this to even happen once, let alone twice. I mean, with Little Dick, sure... he crept up on me while I was in that house. I didn't see that large freak of nature stalking me. But to spend so much time away from the Food Market - and leaving important shit in there while I was out... stupid fucking decision. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. I get it, though. It's karma. I've robbed my fare share of people. Maybe this is the universe telling me to go fuck myself? Either way, the person who did this is going to suffer. Fuck karma, fuck the universe, and fuck them too.

    I met that masked guy I was paranoid about. Turns out to be a pretty decent guy. Man, is my judgement off or what? This is what happens when I've been without human contact for such a long damn time. I forget how to read people. I forget how to watch my back. I forget how to think! Anyway... yeah, he turned out to be alright. On the surface at least. But I have little reason to think he's some kind of asshole pretending to be not an asshole. We saved another Bullitt County guy. And he didn't even ask for a payment! I was hoping we could shake the guy for a little more than medical supplies and a light bulb. He had some stuff in the trunk of the car WE rescued. But it didn't go that way. I guess... that's just further proof he isn't an asshole. Maybe I should be relieved it didn't go down with us shaking the guy for whatever he had. Shit, M - yeah, that's what he wants to be called - could have let the idiot fall into the river and just save the ranger truck. Guy wasn't much use anyway... He could have kept it all to himself instead of splitting it with me. But who knows, maybe.... Clinton - think that was his name - maybe he'll prove to be useful after all. The rangers owe us for saving their shit.

    I don't like Miles. The man is a prick. When I went to the Mall yesterday to ask about anybody going around the Food Market, they were no fucking help at all. I got looked at like some kind of crazy person. "Blah blah nobody would go out in this weather blah blah"... bullshit! Plenty of people were out there in that weather. They acted as if it was their shit that was missing they wouldn't have made a 10 minute car ride to figure out who stole their shit. What a joke. Only reason Miles isn't a suspect is because I feel like if I actually accused him one of us would end up dead. Those people must have been trapped in that place for too long. Just a strange bunch. Besides Charlotte, I don't much care for the rest of them. I doubt the drunk girl even remembers being at the Food Market the night before. The irony.. it was booze I was given that she got drunk off of. And instead of, I dunno, being helpful... she just jokes that they should rob me again. The rest of them had their guns ready to mow me the fuck down even though I clearly showed I was unarmed. Assholes.

    I really hate this fucking place.

    *There is a distinct signature marking the end of the entry

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    Entry 13: What We Become

    I am losing it.

    No. I've lost it.

    I have to leave. Kazimir... he's going to come back. I knew he wasn't the one who robbed me. There was no way he was dumb enough to come back here if he did. No fucking way. And now... this gigantic Russian is going to be a pain in my ass. I should have... I should have just killed him. I shouldn't have spared him. But I did. What did he do wrong? Huh? He was looking for shelter. A warm place to crash. A safe place. And I... I pulled a gun on him. I tied him up. I humiliated him. And for absolutely nothing. And then... I let him live. Why? Why do I continue to do this stupid shit? He should be dead. Well.. it seems one of will be. After we meet again.

    I... I thought M was dead. I thought Rick got him. He's the one who robbed me the second time. That son of a bitch! This one man... why the hell am I letting him have this kind of control over my emotions? What the hell, Majid? So fucking what if he robbed you? That means you turn into some obsessive asshole? I have this useless MP5. If I had let Kazimir keep it... he would have looked the other way. But no... I had to keep this useless piece of shit gun! Right? Right, Majid? Great fucking job. You sure showed Rick! Ha! You're a real winner now, Majid. Way to fucking go.

    I packed up boxes. Loaded the car. And I'm gonna get the hell out of here. Soon. Because.. I don't want to kill Kazimir. I don't want to. I really don't. But... "We play game next we meet. Till then comrade." I know what that means. I know.

    All of this... all of this bullshit... because I couldn't handle being robbed. Because of some stupid fucking pride I had. Living in the past. It caused... so many problems... and now look at me. Locked in this building. Away from the world. And all I can do... all I can do is... is leave. And I don't even know where to go. This is my life now? This is who Majid... who I... am?

    What... what have I become?

    *There is a distinct signature marking the end of the entry
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