Mammoth's Dwellers

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    Mammoth Caves were once a popular tourist destination in Hardin County, Kentucky. . .

    The park attracted many in the Kentucky area with immense beauty and physical wonderment. Underneath its expanse of thick woodland is boundless tunnels, stretching far and wide. Such tourist destinations like this were swiftly closed down during the onset of the Red Eye infection in the United States. Many national parks were to be shut down on order of the United States Government. Mammoth Cave National Park stood as the exception.

    As the National Guard took the reigns over the nation, park rangers were given jurisdiction on national parks. Mammoth Cave National Park remained withdrawn and in relative peace as cities across the globe erupted into anarchy. As chaos consumed the country Mammoth Caves National Park stood and watched.

    They watched as smoke rose from the smoldering ruins of Louisville, they watched wandering displaced citizens take to the roads in search of homes to call their own, they witnessed the final remains of Fort Knox find its wings and abandon the place they swore to protect. Emboldened by the fall of military quarantines park rangers took it as their duty to create a haven for the destitute.
    Against the wishes of a dying authority, Mammoth Caves opened their doors once more to downtrodden refugees, migrants, military deserters, and surviving Operation Sapphire squads. Mammoth Caves National Park had become Mammoth Caves Quarantine, a testament about the state of the new world.

    All who followed its trails found themselves isolated but protected. The sights people once traveled great lengths to see, now draped with tarps. Walkways to direct tourists now direct its dwellers to the various stations spread throughout the park. Medical stations consist of herbal medication, traditional medicine far too sparse to distribute. Homes are made within the cold caverns of stone and rock. Lookouts hide down beaten tracks in woods unexplored. Inhabitants eat fresh game or vegetables in place of aged MREs. Fences do not protect such people. Instead, they remain safe behind a wall of trees and vast expanses of untouched wilderness. The scant amounts of Red Eyes that find their way to the sight are rumored to be the remainder of persons who lost their lives on the journey.

    Mammoth Caves hosts a mess of uprooted peoples. Each with their own stories of how they found such a place. It serves as a light in the darkness, drawing people in from near and far. Those that dwell in the damp and dark grottos are known as Mammoth's Dwellers. Brought together solely by their quest of asylum. What will become of these people and the place which shelters them? Only time will tell, and Mammoth's Dwellers still have quite a story ahead of them.
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