Matthew Miller

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    Matthew Miller
    Character Info
    Gender: Male
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Age: Mid Twenties?
    Born in: ???
    Date of Birth: ???
    Date of Death: N/a
    Height: 5'9
    Weight: 165 Lbs
    Hair: ???
    Eyes: Hazel
    Blood Type: ???
    Body Build: Lean
    Former Occupation: Competitive shooter
    Current Occupation: Munitions dealer
    More Information
    Confirmed Uninfected Kill Count: ???
    Confirmed Infected Kill Count: ???
    Health: Healthy?
    First Seen 9/10/15
    Location: Valley Station, KY



    Almost anytime someone sees Matt he'd typically be wearing what looks to be a tank-top and old army woodland pants with combat boots. Rarely is he without his gloves or helmet. If his helmet's removed underneath is a balaclava.

    To the passerby while wearing the tank-top a nasty web of healed burn scarring runs down the back of his neck and into the cover of the shirt. His left shoulder looks to have suffered a similar fate as well.
    [More will appear as he interacts with people.]

    [For those who have seen his face or want a reference to what he actually looks like. This is NOT his face claim. Just to convey the concept.]

    Matthew's face looks like it's been severely burned several months back, most features on his face are hard to recognize, patchy eyebrows, patchy scalp.

    Around his eyes, mouth, and neck area it looks extremely raw due to excessive wear of the ski mask under his helmet. Every now and again while it's off he'd wince or quietly grunt in pain.
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    Close Friend


    Jack Miller - I'll find you. I know you're still out there.

    Uncle Marley - I'm miss you. Nobody deserved to die the way you did.

    Not sure what to make of you all. I hear bad things bout you lot, but I can tell it's more than that. I'll find out your story, one way or another.

    Seem like quiet, yet decent peeps. I'll be around if you need help.


    Timid Farm Girl - Thanks for the food, I'll owe you one. Perhaps once I get some things settled I can crash at your hideout for a few days.

    Mall Amputee Guy - ... Seems we got that trade deal. Let's see if you stick to your end of the deal.

    Security Chick - You're alright. Thanks for terrorizing that pristine girl we found on that run. Something's not right with her.

    Doc - Really hope that Insurance pays off. Doctor's are rare now a days.

    Heaven - Nice enough. You weren't phased by what I look like underneath. That really worries me.

    NYPD Riot Chick - Wonder what you did to get the mall's panties in a wad.

    Forest Hippie - Thanks for the herbs, stay safe out there wherever you stay. Nice to have someone visit the camp. You're weird but I guess you're alright.

    Ranger Castle - Chill enough guy. Wonder if you worked with my brother overseas...

    Abigail - Thanks for chatting. It was nice talking to someone about things. Thanks.

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    Bio Complete! Relationships complete! Colored relationships, coming soon!
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    Colored the relationships, let me know if I missed you and I'll try to get you in there!
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    Added a better descriptor for those who want to spoil what he sort of looks like behind the helmet. Be warned of spoilers though.