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    Matthew Miller
    Character Info
    Place of Birth???
    Date of Birth???
    Date of DeathN/a
    Blood Type???
    Body BuildLean Fit
    Former OccupationCompetitive Shooter
    Current OccupationTraveling Trader/Merc?
    More Information
    Confirmed Uninfected Kill Count6?
    Confirmed Infected Kill Count:653?
    First Seen9/10/15
    Last Seen2/3/16
    LocationShepherdsville, KY


    Due to the harsh cold of the winter Matthew has taken to wearing thick furs. Over the fur coat he has an old leather duster. For winter gear he looks oddly bulky even for dressing up thick. Lately he hasn't worn his signature helmet as much as he used to. Quite content to stick with a ski mask it'd hide his identity while not broadcasting a new face like the helmet.

    [More will appear as he interacts with people.]
    [For those who have seen his face or want a reference to what he actually looks like. This is NOT his face claim. Just to convey the concept.]


    Matthew's face looks like it's been severely burned several months back, most features on his face are hard to recognize, patchy eyebrows, patchy scalp.

    Around his eyes, mouth, and neck area it looks extremely raw due to excessive wear of the ski mask under his helmet. Every now and again while it's off it seems the air on his sensitive flesh causes him pain.





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    Family -
    Close Friend - Friend - Trust - Acquaintance - Distrust - Disliked - hates - * Dead - ? Missing - [Redacted]


    - *Jack Miller* -
    I wish I got to spend more time with you. Even when I found you, you were off running around trying to save the world. I pray you find peace beyond the grave. May we meet again on the other side.
    I find myself missing you more and more out here...
    This winter is tough.

    - *Uncle Marley* -
    I'm miss you. Nobody deserved to die the way you did. I hope you're up there somewhere with Jack keeping him out of trouble.

    - Rot in hell. -

    - *Cameron* -
    Glad you've been taken care of. No idea why you decided to chase me across the country. But thank fuck you and you're group is gone.

    People of V.S.
    - I could have sworn I remember more... -

    - ?Forest Hippie? -
    Are you still out there?

    - *Majid* -

    So I guess I took care of your problem. Gotta pay you a visit before I leave.

    - Blizzard (Dan)
    Glad I took you in. Hope being in shepherdsville does you some good.

    - ?The Raven? -
    You are one weird mother fucker. Keep away, you're trouble.

    - Kiddo -
    Wish you the best. Stay safe.

    - Mall Radio Girl -
    Not a huge fan of your group. You're okay though.

    - Ranger Castle -
    Glad to see you're still around. Don't forget to give me a shout if you need anything.

    - ?Doc? -
    I wonder if you can do something with what I found. Assuming you're still around.

    - Cunt of the Mall -
    I don't think I completely have room to hate your guts entirely. You and Don helped me out without having to do so at all. Thank you.

    - Mall Carpenter -
    Take care of your group. Till we meet again.

    - Sam -
    Look's like you're going through a rough time.

    - Abby -
    I think I remember you? Something to do with booze. Need to ask about that.

    - Boat Guy -
    Hey man cheers for the wine.

    - *Big Thicc Fuckin Rick* -
    So much fight for bloody shit. Wish I could shoot you a few more times to make extra sure you're dead. Rot in hell cunt.
    You fucked up my face even more than it already was. Seriously. Fuck. You.

    - You came to my camp looking for someone, I got them for you. Hope y'all can help me with that brass tacks problem. Seems ranger man knows you guys. So that's a thing. -

    - Clinton Malik -
    Well you're not an ice cube at the bottom of the river. Be nice if you can direct that trade caravan our way.

    - *Ron* -
    I'm sorry I didn't make it in time.

    - Ranger Gerald -
    Need to meet with you. Gotta make up for what the asshole did even if it's not my fault.

    - *Car thief* -
    Judging by what you did to me, I'd guess the ranger that was after you was right. Hope you at least get some form of trial for what it's worth. Also I will punch your throat a thousand times if you ever scream like that again. I hope that sock I gave you was old.

    - I may not know you all to well but thanks for taking care of my problem. Not to mention getting my brother home, if only he didn't go try and fight one last time. -

    - Carl -
    You got him home...

    - Old Man -
    Sorry I can't stay. Keep you're group safe, okay? Hopefully I can return the favor one day.
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    Book Three
    At the bottom of every entry is a fancy set of M's

    The Farm - 1-13-16

    So today's been a long ass day. This morning I went out with my sights set on getting an auger and moving camps once again. Color me surprised when I found a farm south of the airfield. Mostly burnt down but enough for me to make camp for now. Likely shift place in a few days or so. Moving on. I gathered a lot of the things I've found over the last few days, bringing it to a diner. My luck would have it as soon as I was about to radio folks to come on down a bloody blizzard was blowing in. SO there went that idea. I got a call on the radio eventually from a kid with something I've been looking for, so I met up with her and traded with em. Put me on a solid step forward. Good kid, hope she keeps out of trouble.

    I returned her car and walked to the rest stop to fix up a truck I've been keeping my eye on. It's not as good as the car before but hey. Wheels are wheels. I'll probably turn in here soon. Gotta be up early to search for some old mine shafts. This quest to make ammo ain't going to complete it self. Hopefully find some lead, perhaps some sulfur. Don't forget to take it slow. More to follow in the morning.
    Good night.


    Road Rage 1-17-16

    Just got back a little bit ago. Today has been absolute HELL. I set up shop at the diner once again did some light trading. I got everything home and situated for the moment and set up to go out checking some maps that might have a clue leading me to an old mine shaft. Just before I went out I ran into a guy from the Bullet county Rangers. Not sure I'm spelling it right. Oh well. Guy was looking for a hispanic kid who shot a lady for her car. Seriously fucked up if you ask me. Now what would be my luck while trying to drive a clunker back to camp that I'd run into the same kid that the dude had mentioned. It's bloody stupid.

    I accidentally left my first aid kit in the back so I honestly couldn't let the kid go. That had ALL of my first aid stuff. Not to mention my painkillers. My face still aches from time to time. Spent the better part of the afternoon fixing up yet another car to track his ass down. Found him talking to an old friend on the side of the road. One thing led to another and we had a bit of a shoot out. Still gives me freaking chills. I'm glad neither of us hit each other but damn... Long story short with some help I got him tied up. Eventually got one of the BCR guys to take him off our hands. Pray they got some form of court system.

    We all went our separate ways and went home. I've also decided I'll get to work on the kiln in the morning. Might be time to look at setting up camp somewhere else? The burnt farm seems to be compromised. Regardless, I'll get things moving in the morning.
    Good Night.


    About Trading... 1-19-16

    I've been wondering something. I get what I'm trying to set up is pretty damn big and ambitious but christ anyone who helps me out really wants a piece of the pie. At least the kid didn't ask for a bloody 50 percent cut. Still trying to figure a good spot to set up my operation. Might need to wait until I can figure a way across. Perhaps restore the bridge at the farm? Also going to try and stash a few more things. I might make the stashes of junk stuff a bit bigger if I can trust they haven't been found. Perhaps one or two per major town area.


    Shots shots and more freaking shots... 1-20-16

    Seems someone was having a shootout across the river or somewhere nearby. On a major side note the weather seems to be getting worse. Need to look into making some repairs to the barn or one of the buildings. That or getting out to another place. Starting major goal notes in the back page here.


    Regular Trading 1-22-16

    Kicking this off with a good note, I got some new armor and a new gun. Hell I even got a whole fucking barrel of wine. Great day today to say the least. That barrel should be a good bargaining chip. Keeping this short because I'm writing this at 3 or so in the morning. Night!


    To New Beginnings - 1-23-16

    Things are getting mixed up around here. Had some crazy cultist people show up looking for someone. Offered a good deal of guns for some people to bring em in. Pretty strait forward. Got a few guns to hopefully trade off. In other ne
    ws I picked up a stray, a poor kid named Dan. Sounds like he's been through the ringer but he seems like a good enough kid.

    Met with a chick named Yen earlier today. Had a long chat in the diner about a few things. She gave me some canned food and MRE's... Looks like I'm not alone with my feelings about the mall. Regardless they might have something I need in order to get out of this god damned Valley. Hopefully they'll come cheap.


    A Terrible Night - 1-29-16
    [The handwriting was a bit sloppier than previous entries.]

    Got good news, bad news, and worse news. Good news is I'm fucking alive. Bad news is I'm at the mall, worse news is I had a bloody bullet go through my arm last night and had my face beat in by a cunt who wanted my shit.

    Seriously worst fight I've had ever trying to kill anyone. We shot at each other, beat the crap out of each other... Shot some more. All over my fuckin car. No way I was giving it to him after what I heard about the man with the MP5. Really lucky Yen and Don showed up when they did. Got me out of there. Just pray to god I get my guns back... Because knowing the mall that's goin to be a real tall order.


    ??? - ?/??/??

    I uh... I thought things would have gone different but I ermm... I fucked the truck flipped it and now I'm stuck. Door crumpled in and----

    [There's a long streak across the page from the last word along with a few drops of blood speckling the paper.]

    Door's keeping me alive right now. Putting pressure on my leg and keeping me together. I got a few plans on how to get out of this but I'm honestly not sure how I'm going to make it work. If I don't... If I don't make it then please bury me. I should have stayed with that group in West Virginia.

    Matthew Miller
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    Another update. New relationships and journal entry.
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    Redid the relationship box just a bit.
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    Added Big rick and a new journal entry.
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    Relationship update
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    Bump for a journal entry. As Matthew is retired and the lore is coming to an end I plan to get an ending to his story typed up. Going to try and leave it open ended on weather he survives or not.
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