Neutral Grounds

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    Appearing on a common frequency, the radio would spark to life a few times over the course of a day. Between 10am to noon, 4pm to 6pm and finally 10pm to midnight, a voice would be heard, each time different, yet spouting the same context to obviously avoid a recorded message... It sounds like effort was being put into this.

    The most recent broadcast went a little something like this...
    The radio cracked to life as a trace of static was heard under a gruff southern sounding voice. "Ahem... Hello to anyone in the world right now. It's Simon again... Simon Hale. If anyone can hear me, I'd like to offer residency to anyone looking to get out of the violent world or perhaps grab a fresh start and move on from the things they have done..."

    The static flared up as it sounded like the man behind the voice shifted positions. He continued.

    "I'm located in Dixie, right between West Point and Muldraugh in Knox County. Here is where you can lay your guns down and... Be human with your own free will. Now, I ain't no preacher... I'm no person to judge anyone else, I'm nothing but a History Teacher. I simply would like to offer anyone who's up for this a new chance at life if they feel they need or deserve it. Call Dixie a neutral ground, if you will... For anyone fixing for a rest or if anyone needs, well, a home."

    The static again acted up as obvious fiddling was heard with the device broadcasting this message.

    "... You-shhzck-metal box, I thought we fixed that--Hey! If anyone knows how to fix radios, please stop by and help me. I'll pay for the services in supplies... Anyways, you all know where to find me. Again, it's Simon, signing of for the night."
    This broadcast was heard at around 10:36 pm... It cut out and a low hum of static filled the now empty frequency.
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