Nilda Gallaghan

Discussion in 'Character Biographies' started by Anonymous, Mar 10, 2018.

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  1. Anonymous

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    N I L D A ..... G A L L A G H A N
    T H E ... R E M A I N I N G ... T W I N


    Age: 32 -------- Height: 1.76m -------- Weight: 65kg -------- Occupation: Intensive care physician/redneck surgeon -------- Origin: Dublin

    Dominant traits: Stubborn, temperamental, initiative, organised, efficient, friendly, witty, loyal, impulsive, hangry

    - Just as she once found great joy in being with her brother, the only joy she finds now is at the bottom of a bottle.

    People killed:
    Samuel Garrett - Shot in the back during a confrontation, after he opened fire at Frankie.

    Charlie Barber - Assisted suicide by lethal morphine injection.

    Various assists in taking out hostile encounters.

    Current relationships:

    Odran - Brother, inseparable [Deceased]
    - "Honestly, I was ready to jump in the grave with you then and there. I don't know if I can go on"
    - "I didn't know you could have been saved, and now I feel horrible for barely trying"
    - "See you soon, yeah?"

    Locke - Friend
    - "You are too good for this shit. Don't go down a road you'll regret"
    - "The nephew I never had!"

    Bob - Frlend
    - "You are one fierce motherfucker. I'm glad I met you"

    Rodney - Friend
    - "No matter how conservative you look, you'll always be great in my book... Oy, that rhymes"
    - "I am so glad you're around"

    Hannah - Friend
    - "You're nice for a nazi... Jokes, jokes. But really, I'm glad I got to meet you"

    Jonathan - Friendly, warm
    - "Not at all what I expected from this guy, judging by what I've heard. It's a nice surprise for once."
    - "I don't remember a lot from our last bender, but I do remember it being... unexpected. Thanks for that. We should do it again some time."

    Cass - Friendly
    - "Despite all the shit with the mongols, I don't regret letting you run off. I just hope you're alright"

    Booker - Friendly, ambivalent
    - "It breaks me to see you like that"
    - "What you did to that man was disgusting"

    Timofei - Friendly

    - "It's good to have you around. Now, don't get shot again"

    Katelyn - Friendly
    - "The best kind of bad company I could wish for"
    - "I really hope you're alright back there. It looked bad"

    Rafael - Approved
    - "The kid is a couple of chapters short of a novel, but he's doing what he can and it's admirable"

    David Clarke - Approved, ambivalent
    - "The guy is a little reserved? And jittery, and I have no clue if I can trust him or not, but from what I've heard about him and what little we've spoken I can't say anything bad, so he's good for now"

    Rhonda - Approved
    - "You're one of the good ones, and I hope you're okay"

    Bill (Peterson) - Approved
    - "They do not pay you enough for this shit"

    Terrance - Approved
    - "I hope you're alright, wherever you are"

    Frankie - Approved, ambivalent
    - "I'm... glad you're alive"
    - "What you did to that man was disgusting"

    Jayden - Neutral
    - "You ran off. It's understandable. Don't do it again... I'm glad you're okay"

    Chuck - Ambivalent [Deceased]
    - "You did not deserve to die."
    - "See you soon, yeah?"

    Donny - Ambivalent
    - "You're going through a hard time and I understand you're angry, but holy shit. Trying to kill Chuck... Donny, you're off your nut"

    Charlie - Ambivalent, approved [Deceased]
    - "I hope you're in a better place"
    - "See you soon, yeah?"

    Sunday - Ambivalent, approved(???)

    - "This lady is almost too nice. Like a goddamn cheerleader or something. What is she made of?"

    Nef - Neutral, stranger

    - "I still owe you that prescription for letting me in"

    Flex - Neutral, stranger
    - "Thanks for letting me in"

    Bo - Ambivalent
    - "You act nice, but... Yeah, don't think I can't hear what you're whispering in the corners, when I turn my back to you"

    Colin - Ambivalent
    - "I don't think I have wanted to punch someone this badly for at least a week"

    Stan - Disliked [Deceased]
    - "I didn't like you, but you didn't deserve to die... Your intentions were good and... shit. I somewhat hope there is a God now"
    - "See you soon, yeah?"

    Jacob - Disliked
    - "Seeing this level of idiocy from someone who is supposed to protect us is beyond my comprehension. Screw you, you bloody dosser. It's your fault he died"

    Felgud - Hate
    - "I don't know what you were about to do to me and I don't want to know... But if you try again, I won't be passive. They know you're a creep-ass jackoff."

    Current thoughts:

    - "This whole evacuation situation is sketchy as fuck..."
    - "Glad to be out and about again. That place was getting to me"
    - "Next time someone gets hurt outside of business hours, I'mma charge them"


    Before/after picture of Nilda's post-crash makeover of her thigh.​


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    Minor update, soundtrack added
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    thats an ghaeilge to you ya filthy dane
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    Hush <3
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    Relationships added!
    HMU if I forgot you or got a name wrong.
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    I still luv u
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    Itsy bitsy update
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    Aaand here we go again.

    Nilda killed a guy
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    Small changes to ... things.
    And a new soundtrack!!
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    Minor update.
    Relationship updates incoming
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    Relationships updated!
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