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    Octavia Benette, R.N
    Character Info
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Age: 24
    Born in:Corbin, Kentucky
    Date of Birth: 11/14/1990
    Date of Death: N/a
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 130 Lbs
    Hair: Blonde
    Eyes: Blue
    Blood Type: B+
    Body Build: Fit
    Religion: Athiest
    More Information
    Strengths/skills: Medicine/First-Aid
    Health: PREGNANT(3rd Tri)
    Last seen: 4/27/15
    Location: Corydon, KY

    ALIAS: 'Tavia, Doc, Benette

    Currently dating Cody Shepherd.

    : Mother(Deceased, Suicide)
    Father (Presumed Deceased, Estranged)
    Step-Father (Deceased, Suicide)

    Osirus Benette - Half-Brother (Alive)
    Brent Kenmur - Fiance (Presumed Deceased)
    Unborn Daughter by Brent Kenmur - Child (Deceased)
    Unborn Child by Cody Shepherd

    BIOGRAPHY: Octavia was born and raised in Corbin, Kentucky. Her father was a sergeant in the United States Army and his deployment eventually led to the divorce of her parents. Octavia's mother then raised her on her own. Eventually, her mother remarried to a rich man. Octavia's life was one of privilege. This marriage would give her a younger brother. However, she held on the lessons her father taught her how to be a good woman in the storm. Octavia went to private schools and graduated top of her class. She attended Morehead University to get her degree in nursing. She was set to be married to her college sweetheart and was expecting a child of her own. That was until everything went to hell, and she was separated from her fiance. Octavia was apart of a group of survivors before reaching the mall. She is the only surviving member.

    PERSONALITY: Octavia seems to have become entirely more calm and sincere since leaving with Cody in March. She isn't as angry, or aggressive as she used to be though she still has her same old sarcastic mouth. Motherhood seems to be suiting her just fine and she is generally in a good mood aside from when she's going through pregnancy symptoms. Craves pickles.


    I decided I would start a journal. Found an empty notebook in Cody’s old room at the storage lot before I left. I really hope he doesn’t mind. This way, I can keep up with everything going on. I really should have started this before we left Valley Station. Would have come in handy.
    I’ve been thinking a lot about what happened over the past couple of months. From the start, until now. I didn’t think it was possible to go through so much. From losing Brent, to what happened with Ivy last night. God, I hope she’s okay.
    Maybe everything happens for a reason. Maybe Brent wasn’t the love of my life, and Cody is. Maybe that baby wasn’t meant for me, and this one is. Maybe the old world wasn’t for me, and the new one is.
    I did everything everyone always wanted me to do. I did well in school. I dressed nice. I had the best friends in the world. I use friends very lightly. They just wanted to use my dad’s step-dad’s money. I even had the quarterback boyfriend. Why don’t I miss any of them? Anything from that life? It should hurt more, but it doesn’t.

    I wonder what Osirus meant about the “end of the world suiting me”. Have I really changed all that much? Everything is too confusing.
    I can’t stop thinking about everything that I’ve done. It’s like there’s a darkness in me that is trying so hard to escape but I keep pushing it off. I noticed it keeps slipping out. It makes me do things so out of character for me. Like, sleeping with Moose. I knew how I felt about Cody, but it didn’t stop me. I feel guilty now but at that moment, I felt nothing. I shouldn’t have left things with Moose the way I did. He didn’t deserve that. It was the only way to prove to Cody that I was sorry.
    I don’t feel bad about punching Osirus though. It felt good to finally lay into the fucking brat. I’ve spent 20 years dealing with his shit. It’s like I’m looking into the eyes of the devil when I look at him. I could never understand what girls saw in him back in Corbin. Other than being good-looking and having money, he was really lacking everywhere else. I’m surprised his neck hasn’t snapped from how big his fucking head has gotten.
    I hope Castle won’t hold a grudge. Ivy needed to learn. I hope she read my letter, or someone at least did. She’ll only have some bruising. I went easy. So much easier than they did to me. I know she’ll forgive me one day. Ivy is like my family. That whole group is family to Cody and me. They’ve been nothing but kind. What I did will save her life one day. I really hope they realize that.
    We’re driving to Lewisport today. Shepherd keeps trying to talk to make small talk. I don’t want to talk. Talking doesn’t help me forget. It makes me remember all that bad thing’s I’ve done.
    It’s time to stop lying to myself about what I did to them. I have to own up to it. You have to do things to survive, sometimes. I did what I had to do. They deserved what they got. It’s time to stop pretending Brent was a good man. It’s time to let go of the chains of my past. All that matters is that Shepherd and I are safe. My mom wanted me to be with him so bad, that I ignored the drinking and the stupid fights. I convinced myself that he’d only hurt me because I did wrong. If I had just been perfect like mom said. I wonder if Dad ever did that to her. Maybe that’s why she was so complacent. But, Dad was a good man. He would never. She was fucked up, regardless of what a man could ever do to her. The way she pinned me against Osirus our whole lives. No wonder he turned out the way he did. It was like she was living vicariously through me. I hated her for it. Is that why it didn’t hurt when Russ said she was dead? Why there was no sting of pain? Or maybe I’ve just become too cold to care.
    I still have nightmares about the camp. I’ll never understand why he wanted us to be there so bad. Those people were monsters. He just watched as they beat me. It was like he didn’t even care. I was so afraid of the new world, but they couldn’t understand that. Something in them seemed almost glad that these things were happening. They could finally live their fucked up fantasies without any repercussions. I was just unfortunate to be their first victim. And their last. I had to do it. It felt so good to hear them scream. Hear them beg for God to save them. At that moment, I was their god, their judge, and their jury. Opening the gates on them, firing the gun, watching them be torn apart. I could practically taste their anguish on my tongue.
    They were monsters, not people. They all got exactly what was coming to them. I’m not sorry. I’ll never be sorry. Maybe the end of the world does suit me.

    I talked with Shepherd tonight. He’s worried I may be going off the deep end. I’m worried he’s right. I re-read what I wrote this morning, and feel sick. What kind of a monster am I becoming? I have to get better. I have to do something.
    The truck took a shit this morning. There was a huge oil leak. We managed to make it to Maceo before it seized up on us. It’s really one thing after another.

    Not to mention this nausea every fucking morning. I probably can smell just as good as Roxie at this point. And it’s horrible. I really hope my second trimester is so much easier than the first. If this is what I’m gonna be dealing with for the next 9 months, I really better buckle in.

    We’re gonna sleep in this car that we found on some ramp coming off the freeway-- that we had to walk over, mind you.-- and head to Owensboro tomorrow. Maybe things will look up once we get to where we’re going. I have to learn how to prove myself to Cody. I can tell he doesn’t trust me anymore, at least not my judgment.
    I”m writing this on a boat. With a gas mask on. I’m on a boat in the middle of the fucking apocalypse. This was the last thing I thought was going to happen on the trip. Cody seems pretty content with himself. Maybe we needed this. It’s not the most relaxing situation on the face of the earth, but it’s different. Not too thrilled that we used the last of our gas for it, but it’s alright.

    Well, I guess our luck was bound to run out. There was a bridge that had collapsed in the water, and no safe way around it. So, we had to walk it. Cody hid the boat under a huge pile of debris, so hopefully, that can be our way back to Valley Station. If we ever go back, that is. We’re held up in a house off of “Trigg-Turner Rd”. What a stupid fucking name.
    We made it to Shepherd’s tonight. It was a long trip. Too long. I’m glad to be in a house that doesn’t feel like I’m intruding. He woke me up at 6 this morning, and I’m surprised he lived to even make it to his house. I’ve never seen such a stickler for being on time, to somewhere we don’t have a set time to get to. My feet are killing me, but this recliner really is something to write home about. This may just be the most comfortable thing I’ve ever sat in. Cody seems happy to be home. Or at least, what I think happy looks like on him. I wasn’t expecting his house to be this nice. And this untouched. Aside from some food taken, it’s almost perfect. There’s a pond behind the house too. I really wouldn’t mind staying here. I could do without the framed photo of him kissing some girl, though.
    Cody and I have been talking about coming back to Valley Station. I miss our friends, and I feel like they deserve some sort of explanation.
    - Octavia graduated from Morehead University in Kentucky.
    - She was a varsity track star.
    - She was valedictorian.
    - She comes from a rich background.
    - She was apart of another group before joining the mall.

    Cody Shepherd - Boyfriend/Best Friend
    He's the reason I'm still alive. Why our baby is still alive. I love him with all of my heart.

    "Moose" McCarthy - Friend
    I wonder how you've been. I'm not ready to tell you about the baby, but I really 'm not gonna be able to hide it once I'm back.

    Lincoln Whittaker - Friend

    I hope you're okay. I think about you a lot. I'm sorry we didn't tell you we were leaving.

    Ivy Lance - Friend

    I think the baby's a girl. And she'll have your name. God, I miss you. It's been so long. I can't wait to tell you everything.

    Sam Thompson - Friend
    Even though you were just some scared kid, I still think about you. I really hope you understand now.

    Clarence Emerson
    - Friend
    I still owe you for saving my life. You're a good man, Clarence.

    Wesley Glover - Acquaintance
    I wonder if you're still alive.

    Lexi Cole - Acquaintance
    I hope your defenses have held up, and you're okay.

    Isaac Castillo
    - Acquaintance

    I'm gonna apologize for what happened. And I know I was wrong now. I had a fucked up way of thinking, but I promise I've changed.

    Heath Fisher - Disliked
    I really needed that fucking gun.

    John "Mac" - Disliked

    Osirus Benette - Unsure
    It's been a while, Russ. I hope you're alive.



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