Octavia Benette

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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Octavia Benette, R.N

    Known Information
    Name: Octavia Elizabeth Benette

    Age: 24

    Occupation: Registered Nurse

    Birth Place: Corbin, KY

    Marital Status: Previously engaged, separated at the beginning of the breakout. Currently dating Cody Shepherd.

    Family: Mother(Deceased, Suicide)
    Father (Presumed Deceased, Estranged)
    Step-Father (Deceased, Suicide)

    Osirus Benette - Half-Brother (Presumed Alive)
    Fiance (Presumed Deceased)
    Unborn child (Deceased)

    Biography: Octavia was born and raised in Corbin, Kentucky. Her father was a sergeant in the United States Army and his deployment eventually led to the divorce of her parents. Octavia's mother then raised her on her own. Eventually, her mother remarried to a rich man. Octavia's life was one of privilege. This marriage would give her a younger brother. However, she held on the lessons her father taught her how to be a good woman in the storm. Octavia went to private schools and graduated top of her class. She attended Morehead University to get her degree in nursing. She was set to be married to her college sweetheart and was expecting a child of her own. That was until everything went to hell, and she was separated from her fiance. Octavia was apart of a group of survivors before reaching the mall. She is the only surviving member.

    Personality: Octavia displays affection and genuine concern for her patients. She puts the needs of others, over the needs of herself. She is incredibly smart and tends to help when help is needed. Octavia is very level headed and seems to be one of the calmer members of the mall.

    Notes On Octavia
    - Octavia was set to graduate from Morehead University in Kentucky.
    - She was a track star.
    - She was valedictorian.
    - She comes from a rich background.

    - She was apart of another group before joining the mall.

    Cody Shepherd - Boyfriend/Close Friend
    He loves me, and he'd do anything to protect me and our group.

    "Moose" McCarthy - Friend
    Moose really has been there for me when I needed him. We crossed a line we can not come back from.

    Lincoln Whittaker
    - Friend

    Whit is injured, and my patient. The amount I worry for him could put both of us in danger.

    Ivy Lance
    - Friend

    Ivy seems to actually care about me and has comforted me in my most trying times. Plus, her innocence is a little funny.

    Clarence Emerson - Friend
    He's respectful, but something is off.
    He saved my life when the mall went to shit, I owe him.

    Lexi Cole - Acquaintance
    Lexi is a smart woman and seems to know what she's gotten herself into. She invited us to her home, even if we haven't taken up on it.

    Isaac Castillo
    - Acquaintance

    He's a little out there, and scatter-brained but, he's a good man nonetheless.

    Abigail Baker - Acquaintance
    She worried me when she went out looking for her house but, she seemed to know what she was doing.

    John "Mac" - Disliked
    John seems trigger-happy. His reckless, aggressive behavior is going to get someone killed. He seems to place blame on others when uncontrollable things happen.
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