Octavia Benette

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    As her life faded, and her last words spewed from her lips like daggers, Octavia's pain would stop. The world would go dark, and she would reemerge as the perfect form of herself in an ocean of white. The lights flood her senses. One by one those who she loved would appear, ready to greet her into the gates of heaven.
    First, her parents. They wore smiles and wore gowns of white. Following out, as if it were a parade. Clarence, then Ivy, and finally Moose.
    The group would part ways as the tall blonde man approached her, his hands holding that of a little girl. She had long brown hair and blue eyes. Seeming to be a perfect mix between Moose and Octavia.
    Her eyes move to Moose, and back to the little girl.
    "Madalynn Ivy."
    No further words were needed to be shed, though Octavia would take one last look behind her as she left the mortal world. She knew she'd be seeing her brother, and Cody soon enough.