Patton's Lucky Few

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    Fort Knox stood as a high value military base in Hardin County, Kentucky. . .

    Which leaves no question as to why so many people made headway for it in the surrounding areas during the beginning of the Red Eye outbreak. Fort Knox took early onset action committing resources to developing a quarantine zone inside of the General George Patton Museum of Leadership, which later extended to the parking lots and subsequent grasses of the museum. In three days the Patton Quarantine was hosting upwards of ten thousand people, the number grew exponentially as events dragged onward and general panic consumed the minds of Americans across the globe.

    Nuclear families invaded the already overburdened Patton Quarantine. Exaggerated reports of security, fresh food, restroom and washing utilities at hand flooded the media. Prompting some individuals to arrive with little more than the clothes on their backs. The stark reality of the situation was refugees survived off of bare bones MRE rations. Restroom facilities were sparse, and washing utilities were absent whatsoever. Refugees were being treated as second class citizens, and those inside the of Fort Knox sat comfortably in their ivory tower.

    Major cities across the globe erupted into flames overnight, and Patton Quarantine was no different. Demands were made as an interlinked force of refugees demanded to be let into the innermost part of Fort Knox’s walls. All requests of asylum were denied which only seemed to fuel the aggression toward the military personnel. Fort Knox was now tasked with balancing keeping the discontented citizens at bay and keeping the Red Eye at bay. Suffice to say, their juggling act had come to a short end.

    All it had taken was a singular Red Eye infected individual to enter the quarantine zone. No semblance of hygiene was taken inside Patton Quarantine. All traces of law had left the shanty town streets. National Guardsmen deserted their posts on the daily, the risk not worth the potential payoffs as staying in a dying nation’s army. The Patton Quarantine refugees had effectively bitten the hand that fed them, and they’d pay the price. The infection spread like wildfire, and the fields were covered with blood. Havoc reigned throughout the Patton Quarantine.

    The lucky managed to flee from Fort Knox and headed north, south, east, or west through the deserted highways with vehicles, some without. Others who stuck around and demanded entry wouldn’t live long enough to realize the severity of their mistakes. The Patton Quarantine became the hosting ground for the Siege on Fort Knox. Red Eyes numbers more than doubled those of military personnel. Any civilian that managed to avoid infection and still resided in the sullied fields were gunned down indiscriminately. Anything that still held it’s head way high was to be shot to try and beat back the Red Eyes. It was all for naught.

    Those walls that kept the residents of Fort Knox safe and contented were now closing in on them. What once was chain link that kept them in was replaced with bodies who’s eyes lit a sanguinary red. Snarling and gnashing teeth closed in on Fort Knox. The First Army Division East had been evacuated from Godman Army Airfield, alongside training and airborne divisions to be flown out west. Rumors say not a single man escaped through those gates with their lives unless they were flown out. That the ivory tower crushed all of them as they figured out it’s hypocritical nature.

    Few escaped the jaws of Fort Knox. The bastion of hope swallowed up every life it could as it fell. Those that escaped the carnage were blessed in more ways than one. These people, would later be known as “Patton’s Lucky Few”. Made up of ex-military and civilians, spread out miles apart without a common identity, they are interconnected by the experiences they shared in Fort Knox. Memories that will never fade. Blood that will never dry.
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