Legion Phones and phone numbers.

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    The title really says it all. People have phones now, they had phones in the 90s. Given, much less cellular, and no smart.

    My idea is for people to have phones and phone numbers. Phones would be walkie-talkies (any kind, except for the toy variations, I think). And these walkies would represent landline phones that you place down on one of the shelves/counters/tables of your living area (or have a cell phone and carry that around, you rich, rich bastard). Anyway, easy peasy.

    Now, for phone numbers. As we all know, phone numbers are broken into three segments;
    The first three numbers are the area code, which, for Maine, is 207. That means everyones first three numbers for their IC number should be 207.
    The next three numbers are vital for the system I had in mind. On mechanical walkie-talkies, you have different frequencies you can tune into, all marked with numbers. As long as your walkie can go up to 100, you should be good for the system. Okay, so, back on track, the three numbers in the center would be the number you tune into on your walkie (your own number if it's your own, or someone elses). For example, if your number is 207-881-2345, you would keep your walkie set on 88.1. And people trying to call you would keep theirs on 88.1 as they try to call you. By putting it in this two-number and then a decimal system, we should have a lot of numbers to use, which most everyone can use as well, so long as their phones can go up to 100.
    Now, in order not to limit anything, your mechanical walkie/phone number should be between 10.1 and 99.9. Any numbers below ten would just be two numbers. Though I guess you could, if you want.
    At the last four numbers can be whatever.

    You should always keep your phone on when you're online, or at least while you're in your place of residence.

    As a final note, since everybody needs a different phone number, we should have a thread in which we claim numbers for ourselves, that way we don't end up with two people with the exact same phone number.

    Okay, I hope this all made sense! I think it's a neat idea, I'm going to be using it, and wanted to share it. Hopefully other people will see this as helpful.
    And hey, you could also order pizzas, right?

    By the by I've got the number (207)-598-0173, mechanically 59.8 in use.
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    one problem - keeping your phone either in your hands or placed down near you at all times would be damn hard. besides that i like this plan
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    Place it in your house and turn it on. Idk how long an IG day is because I haven't joined the server, but batteries last for a long time, especially with 12 hours days