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    PZ is a game that has been "in development" for an incredibly long time and has a development speed that is somewhere between molasses and pine sap. However, the game is kept alive by the communities that play it as well as the modding community. Popular mods like Hydrocraft and ORGM add things to the game that it is sorely lacking. Communities like New Dawn add a true RP element to it while servers like Redboid add a true PVP/PVE experience.

    The introduction of vehicles was a huge step in the game, seeing a bit of a revitalization in the playerbase. However, there are many things that players have been asking to be added for years, such as animations that simply have not been added yet.

    This is the type of game that if you plan on playing online and on an established server, I would recommend it for sure. However, if you plan on playing this alone, be prepared for a very lonely time being the only survivor you will ever see unless you use the survivors mod. Even then, the game is basically just full of running around, fighting zombies and trying not to die. There is no real greater purpose to the game other than to not die which can be a huge turn off for many players, though attracting to the niche set of players who enjoy games that are like "Subsistence" where you just want to survive and have no real story to go off of.
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