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Discussion in 'F.A.Q's/Guides' started by Nolan, Nov 1, 2015.

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  1. Nolan

    Nolan Guest


    We now have a page where you can look up all the information on any Item, weapon, craft, recipe on Project Zomboid including anything added from the Hydrocraft Mod!

    From the list of items or crafts click on any item or recipe name to see all the info on it.

    The Item page will show all the info, attributes and values of the item. And below that it will show any Recopies
    that require the item as an ingredient. And any Recopies / Crafts that can create said Item.

    The Recipe page will show all the info, required ingredients, skills and tools for any recipe. And even what book must be read to learn that recipe if needed.

    The whole Dev Team helped to build this for you guys! So enjoy!

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  2. Nolan

    Nolan Guest

    I updated the Hydrocraft wiki to show what items can be foraged and mined for. And Soon I will try to add info on what items can be found in what kind of containers / rooms and at what rarity etc.

    none-Hydrocraft / Vanilla items and crafts are also in the wiki for those who dont use HC.


    foragable item example: http://www.aggressivegaming.org/newdawn/wiki/item.php?Name=HCAcorn

    mineable item example: http://www.aggressivegaming.org/newdawn/wiki/item.php?Name=HCRedclay
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    Sep 29, 2015
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    thanks for raising this thread from the dead! Also i am fairly certain you need a box cutter to open it.
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  4. Thanks, I'll try that XD can't believe I didn't think of that, lol! Yup, that worked! Thank you!
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