Rafael García

Discussion in 'Character Biographies' started by Alex12, Apr 21, 2018.

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  1. Alex12

    Alex12 New Member

    Apr 5, 2017
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    Rafael García
    General Information
    Full name:José Rafael García Torres
    Height:5.74 ft (1.75 m)
    Weight:158.8 lb (72.5 kg)
    Blood type:O+
    Languages:Spanish and english
    Personal Information
    Date of birth:born 7/14/1997
    Former occupation:Student
    Actual occupation:Scout
    Group Affiliation:The Compound // Pathfinder Unit
    Civil Status:Single

    Appearance and other information:
    A young hispanic man in his early twenties, he is a little taller than the average mexican, standing at 5.74 ft. Has brown eyes. His body is a little slim compare to others. He keeps his black hair short, and tries to be clean shaven. He can be seen wearing a military uniform, along with a kevlar armor covering his torso and arms completely, and carrying a worn down backpack, the only real distinction from the other uniforms is his lastname written on the side of his left sleeve: "García".
    His accent when speaking english has evolved over time, could be confused as an American, with little mistakes in general. He still keeps his mexican accent when speaking spanish.
    His upper left arm has an old scar from a scratch.(Healed, hard to spot)
    Both forearms have scars from deep cuts along his veins. Both start from the wrist to half his forearm, his right arm has a longer scar(left: 4 cm long, right 5.7 cm long).
    A healed cut in his right palm. A small scar is all that's left
    Scars from a scratch in his chest.
    Bandages in his right shoulder. Got shot.

    A patient man by nature, willing to help those he trust. A little distant, but quite friendly once he feels comfortable with new people. He sees things from a rather cold and rational way, trying to not get carried away by his or others emotions. Altough he usually cares about others emotions and general well-beign, he tends to give it less weight compare to experience(both his and others experience).
    He starts to show signs of alcoholism, yet he seems to be able to run without booze for now.
    So far, he can spent days without alcohol. No signs of dependence.
    The man can be seen speaking about dead as if it was nothing. Joking about getting kill, giving the impression that he might have suicidal tendencies... Even when this is actually his way to cope with the stress.
    Nora's recent suicide has taken a toll on him. While still able to be cool headed in most situations, he might come across as cold. So far has recovered, still a long way off. It's time to move on
    After the last mission in King's Mill, he's overall more optimistic... Still, some gallows humor won't hurt anyone.

    Recent events:
    After a long journey from Chicago to Hartsdale, and from there to Fairhaven, he joined the group of the coumpound(and almost got kill in the process, twice), where he found the closest thing to a home, or at least a safe place. After a while he joined in the plan to escape by helicopter.

    After getting shot down by the army, and fortunately(for him) getting out of the crash with a few cuts, bruises and a headache, he ended up in quarantine... Or as he put it "a cage". Which he planned to escape, biding his time for the right moment. The idea for him was less about freedom, and more about getting answers.

    Few days later, after a breach in security. Adamson came with them, and give him an offer too good to turn down: in exchange for risking his life once more, and with luck, cheat death in the process, he will get out for a time, to King's Mill, also known as the Dead Zone... And of course he accepted this death sentence: Pathfinder.
    Once they arrived, problems in the area started to be clear: Mongols are stronger than before, robbers were around, some infected mutated in horrible and inhuman forms. And a "friend" from King and Frankie showed up: Jake Rouge.

    Having seen the man before, and knowing a little bit that the man could be dangerous. He was catious, aiming at the man once he saw Jake near the base, but let him go in peace. Next morning, the guy showed up, aiming him, Frankie and Hammer with a Benelli.

    After Jake lost his posture; giving him time to take out his pistol, and after he mentioned Ember's name while explaining from where he knew him to Hammer(Jon Walsh), he surrendered, droping his gun. Saving him from the posibility of getting shot, and having to shoot the man. After an interrogation with he man, and the attack from a horde, he was sent to the Dam. Not without making Rafael feel suspicious of the man's intentions, and past deeds.

    After these incidents. More faces showed up: a woman called Juvia Carter, a journalist who came from a bunker, and with no idea of what's going on until now. Also, a woman with a familiar name: Rivka Pekarsky, previously part of the compund, his only conection with her was the few posters in the old bunker. She's now part of Pathfinder as the new medic.

    After a talk with Nora, that went pretty badly, they pretty much stay out of each other business. At first, while he tried to push Nora to give him answers and talk everything, he at the end found it to be a losing battle, so he decided to give up and just let her be.

    After the Mongols came with a peace offer that offered him a moment of relief, the woman accused him to be a unstable man at the edge of suicide if front of Hammer. While he has faith that Hammer won't believe such lie, specially when he has shown to be honest and open about what's going on. He wonders the reason of why Nora did such thing.
    After weeks of doing nothing worth mentioning. Things started to move in the base. As he for the first time had to kill a man. And with Nora's suicide, things had changed for the man. Thankfully for him, Jonathan Walsh, aka Hammer supported him during this times. While he feels that some people around don't really care about her dead (not that he holds any grudge for that, as he understands the reason why). He's still thankful about the support he has received from his teammates and friends.

    With no answer from the Dam in the last weeks, he feels that soon the question of King's Mill will be answered: either they have been abandoned by the Dam, or soon they'll be deployed.

    At the end, an answer came... A team o the best possible fighters: Hammerhead, Timofei, Rondney, David, Locke and him where sent to King's Mill. They were sent to hell... Under a deep, green fog and rain, they moved forward. Looking for their prey: Baez, or rather, whatever Baez mutated into.

    After a search, they got to fight the beast. A thing that was able to kill any of them with ease. Thankfully for him it didn't. After a couple of short fights, they ended in a nest. First time Raf had the opportunity to see one, definitely Tim wasn't telling fairy tales. Here, they fought Baez one last time, David getting hurt in the process, and some of them almost dying a couple of times. But they didn't. And we're able to incapacitate Baez.

    After a moment of respite. Another mutant showed up, this one, was worse than Baez. As the thing drew nigh. They shooted at it. Not even slowing it down.they retreared shortly after, as he carried David, to hand the man to someone else, as he tried to fill the thing with lead. After almost dying in extraction, they flew away. Living to tell the tale. To Hell, and back.

    1.0 : post made.
    1.1 : Added relations.
    1.2 : Same
    1.3 : Opinions added. Affiliation and current occupation added.

    1.3.1 : Nothing really, changed the color of the relations and opinions, made it less like a rainbow(easier to read... For me at least). Also, changelog added.
    1.4.1 : Relations re-orginized; members of Pathfinder were moved to Pathfinder section, regardless of previous location. Colors changed to more darker ones for easier read in spoiler section.
    1.5.1 : Mini update, relations
    1.6.1 : Same, relations and a few corrections
    1.7.1 : Relations and age updated, recent story and events added
    1.7.2 : Expansion of Juvia, few details here and there in relations, grammar.
    1.7.3 : 'Others' hide in spoiler tab. Recent events re orginized. Added a few
    1.8.3 : Relationships//opinions updated, appearance updated, personality updated(added just a few notes)
    1.8.4 : Relationships updated
    1.9.4 : Relations and recent events updated. Organized everything in a way that you don't have to see a wall of text right away.
    1.10.4 : Yet another general update.
    Plans: Add some quotes from the narrator from Darkest Dungeon in relations and opinions.
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  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    The Compound: "- Good people in general. I'm with them now... Who would say I would end up joining the group that put a gun in head first."
    Compound People:
    Ember: "- Has been a long time since I last thought of you... I hope you're ok now."

    Arthur: “- A good man, gave me a few answers about Kingsmill and what happened there. Still, I know little about him.”

    Hannah: “- Austrian if I remember correctly, the girl is completely terrified. Or that’s the impression she gives me. Seems like a good girl, if somewhat easy to make mad, not that I care a lot for that, but I rather avoid fights for now.”

    Helo: “- Good woman, seems the ‘like it or not that’s the truth idiot’ type. I can deal with that, and in some respects I like that... So far, my names are: Miguel, Jose and Jorge."

    The Research Facility :

    “- Gone."

    RF people:

    “The crazy gentleman”(Dean Adamson): "- This is how it will end: an empty case in the ground, and one of us bleeding out in the floor."

    Beaker: “- He’s always uneasy when he gets inside, might be just the nerves of being with us in a contaminated place. But still, seems out of place if we take into account the other woman.
    - The guy just came here, for information. In helicopter. Drawing the attention of anyone around. I don't need to explain what's fucking wrong with his superiors... The good thing: he brought a few gameboys, which I really appreciate... The bad thing is that he didn't gave much thought about the battery”

    Rhonda: “- She’s friendly... Sort of, and she is one of the people who is taking care of the injured, for what I know she was treating Tim and Ember personally, once at least. And she has giving me updates about their recovery. I’m grateful for that.
    - She end up with us last time I was in the cage. No idea of her actual state.”

    Peterson: "- You got us out, I appreciate it. Once this ends, I'll get you a drink. A good drink"


    Pathfinder, aka the Shtrafbat: " - We survived King's Mill... But at what cost?"

    Pathfinder Members:
    Charlie (Pilot): "- A hell of a trip huh?... Hope Adamson pays you well for this shit. Thank you for coming either way.
    - You're the real fucking MVP here."

    Hammer (Pathfinder's Commander)(KIA): "- See you in the other side Commander... I guess this means you won't be paying our drinks any time soon. It was an honor to be with you, amigo mio."

    Frankie(KIA): "- You didn't have to leave the helicopter Frankie..."

    Nilda(KIA): "- Never got to know each other... Thank you for helping me I guess."

    Timofei(Tsar Nikolai // Nikolai): “- To hell and back... God's sure watching us."

    Locke: "- Well, we survived so far."

    Rodney King: "- Glad to have you in the team... Also, thank you for the Harmonica, maybe one night I'll have time to play."

    Nora(KIA): "- I guess I have a guardian angel up there..."

    David(KIA): "- So it ends David... To think we could be up there together a few months ago. Hope you find peace."


    Jake Rouge:
    "- Funny guy for what it seems. I knew the horde attack was odd, if what King and Locke told me is true, there's a good chance he drag them with his gun to lay siege to this place. Wouldn't be the first time he does that. Saw a few empty shells a few days before I even went target shooting, along with a couple of slugs that weren't fired... We have rather weak evidence, but something inside me tells me to be wary of the man."

    Bob: "- Saw the man inside, thought it was Jake 2.0 or a thief so I pointed at him. Turns out I was wrong, it was that Bob, Frankie's friend. Quite heartwarming to see them together again. For what I'm corncerned, if Frankie and the rest say he is a good man, he's a good man for me. Until I get to know him, then we'll see."

    Juvia: "- The girl was sit on the lobby first time I saw her, no guns, no weapons... Suspicious if you ask me, at first I thought it was another thief, or a Mongol spy. Either way, she is not. Quite nice, came from a bunker, maybe played Fallout before. Jokes aside, she is pretty nice, a journalist, I don't mind her asking questions, nor writing them down, just worried of what can happen if someone else takes the notes."

    Cass: "- Can't say I hate you, I'm glad I missed the shot actually. But next time we see each other. Won't be in a friendly manner... Hope you survived either way."
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