Robert Astors

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    Robert Astors
    Biographical Information
    Middle NameRichard
    Current OccupationAstoria Police Department
    Hair ColorChestnut Brown
    Body TypeAverage
    Work OutfitPolice Uniform
    Casual OutfitSuit
    Known Information
    Well KnownLived here for 9 years
    Well KnownGot CBOB
    KnownHas a wife and child
    RareLived in Boston
    RareFormer inner city cop

    Physical Description
    Robert isn't a particularly tall, nor threatening man. He stands at a measly 5'9'' and clocks in at just around 150 pounds. He seems well conditioned, mostly from his disciplined workout regime of jogging every night after he gets out from work. He keeps himself clean, well shaven, and well groomed for the most part. Whenever he opens his mouth it's for a sharp wisecrack from this Bostonian.


    • Ronnie's past isn't too well known from before Astoria.
    • What is known is that Ronnie lived in Boston before coming to Astoria with his wife.
    • Wife is a townie of Astoria, being raised there and now lives there.
    • He worked in Boston for over a decade as inner-city police.
    • Earned the Congressional Badge of Bravery


    To be determined.

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