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    Samantha Thompson
    Biographical Information
    D.O.B.July 16, 1998
    BirthplaceShively, Kentucky
    Weight145 lbs.
    Hair ColorDirty Blonde
    Eye ColorBrown
    OccupationFormer Student
    Story Information
    First AppearanceSeason 1 Episode 1
    Series Lifespan"Days Gone" to Present


    Sam has short, dirty blonde hair that reaches her chin. Her eyes are a dark brown, with shadows standing out below them. A light speckling of freckles covers her face. She stands at a height of about 5’5’’, though she's still growing. Her attire tends to be comfortable and functional, ranging from washed-out jeans and t-shirts to her favorite Hawaiian shirts and a pair of jorts. A scar is left on her stomach, right above her belly button, from where she was scratched by one of the Red Eyes.


    The end of the world has hardened Sam. She realizes now that she can't always be as carefree and childish as she'd like. Although she is one of the youngest of the mall survivors, she has lost more than most. Being one of the only members of the Highway Group left alive, Sam is working hard every day to grow stronger so that she can protect the friends she has left. She is somewhat standoffish, although she tries her best to be friendly and accommodating to those around her. She enjoys losing herself in her pastimes, finding solace in the moments where she is free from the fear of dying.

    Positive Neutral Negative Trust Platonic Romantic


    Jonathan Thompson (✞)

    "Dad... You always encouraged me to keep doing my very best. You better keep watching me from up there, because I'm not going to let myself die."

    Lauren Thompson (✞)

    "I'm sorry, Mom... At least you and Dad are together."

    Danielle Stenton (?)

    "I don't think this is what you meant when you said you never wanted the break to end... Please be safe, Dani."

    Stella Takeuchi (?)

    "Bet you couldn't have predicted this one... If you're still alive, I hope you're alright, Stella."


    Clarence Emerson (✞)

    "I'm sorry you couldn't find your daughter. I'm sorry it had to end like that. I'm sorry it was all a lie. I'm going to try and survive, Clarence... For you, for Ivy, for everyone..."

    Devlin Reign (✞)

    "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry...."

    Isaac Castillo

    "Jill told me you're alive, and at a farm. It's probably Alyssa's, right...? I'm gonna try to get over there. I'll do whatever it takes, I just want to see you again."

    "Ivy" (✞)

    "I'm so sorry I couldn't stop you. I'm sorry I couldn't do anything. I knew you'd die, and yet I couldn't do anything at all. You deserved so much better, Ivy. I'm so sorry."

    "Moose" (✞)

    "I'm so sorry, Moose."



    "You're always here to cuddle when I'm feeling down, Bert. You're like big ball of love. I love you!"


    "I'm sorry I wasn't the nicest when you were alive... I know you meant a lot to Heaven. I just don't know why you broke your promise..."

    Heaven Adkins
    "I'm so glad we're talking again. You don't even know how much happier I feel. Having you in my life again already makes things seem so much better. You're always gonna be my best friend."


    "Your cooking is always, like, the best! No offense to the other people cooking here. You're a really great friend, Locke!"

    Maggie Cooper (❤)

    "I really can't believe we're engaged. It's so surreal. But I'm so excited to spend the rest of my life with you. I 'dunno what we're gonna end up going through down the line, but... At least we'll have each other, right? We're always gonna be a team. I love you, Maggie."



    "I know stuff's been rough on you, but it'll be alright.You and Heaven are good for each other. It really looks like you make her happy."


    "Where have you been lately? I miss hanging out with you. You should stop by again some time and we can try to jam out! Even if I still can't play. Like, at all."


    "Why are you... Like that."

    Charlotte Emerson

    "I'm real sorry about your dad... But you seem super nice. You've gotta be real strong if you've made it through everything so far."


    "I know that I'm stubborn. And I know that you're only looking out for my best interests. Everything's just... Hard. But I guess you know that, too. Thank you for always being here for me regardless, though."


    "Chelsea says you're not a real doctor, and I honestly don't know what to think, but... You seem alright? You've been nothing but kind to me."


    "You're really intimidating, but... I know you'll keep us all safe."


    "You're a really scary driver, but thank you so much for getting us back safe. And for the towel. And, like, everything else..."


    "...Nope, still intimidating."


    "We don't talk much, but you seem nice."


    "I'm super glad I finally worked up the courage to talk to you! You're super nice. And stargazing is really, really cool! I never would have expected that. I hope we can hang out more!"


    "I'm gonna find out where that painting went, and then I'll show you! You're gonna love it. And be safe coming to and from the mall. I wouldn't want you getting thrown out again."

    Cody Shepherd ()


    Elliot St. Clair

    "Are you alright? I really hope you are. I tried my best to get you some help... And I'm really, really sorry about your friend."

    "You seem really kind. Be safe out there, alright? I'll try to stop by some time. Living out there all on your own has gotta be tough..."


    "We haven't seen each other in forever, so I'm glad to see you're alright. I can't imagine living in the woods though..."

    Octavia Benette (✞)

    "I'm sorry about your friend..."



    - Sam's full name is Samantha, but she prefers to go by Sam.
    - Sam is a lesbian. She has grown much more confident in herself and her sexuality over the months, though she is still hesitant when it comes to coming out to new people.
    - Sam is Jewish, although it's not something she brings up often.
    - Sam has a huge passion for art. Her favorite things to sketch and paint are landscapes and backgrounds. Her dream is to be a concept artist when she gets older (though that may be difficult to achieve now.)
    - She keeps a sketchbook on her at all times which is filled with various doodles. It's like a journal for her.
    - Sam is autistic. It's not something she ever speaks about.
    - She played a lot of Minecraft before the apocalypse.

    - She's still a picky eater, despite the circumstances.

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